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do you maybe know of somewhere i can get a miles morales reading list of either 'heres personal favorites and the current run' or 'heres everything leading up to him being introduced so you aren't super confused and then after'? i'm interested in his character but i'm new to marvel and i have no idea where to start. basically ultimate marvel is super confusing heLP


ok so!! a bit of background on ultimates first. ultimate marvel was introduced in 2000 as marvel’s version of rebooting their franchise without totally erasing their established continuity. it was their attempt to start over, with less history and shit for new readers to slog through in order to understand what the hell was happening, because comics are confusing and intimidating. some of it was successful, some…less so.

what you need to know is that ultimate marvel takes place in a completely different universe than the main continuity of marvel comics. they’re both part of the greater multiverse, but the main comics all take place on earth-616, and ultimates takes place on earth-1610. the marvel cinematic universe is also another world, designated earth-199999, by the way. the multiverse is great like that. 1610’s version of the avengers are called the ultimates, hence the name of the universe and book titles. this is also the universe with black nick fury, by the way, and is the reason samuel l. jackson plays fury in the films.

ultimate spider-man, written by brian michael bendis, was one of the more successful ults titles. it was peter parker back in high school, not dealing with all the shit he had gone through in 616, and was more in line with the raimi spider-man films at the time. that title chugged along for about 10 years until 2011, when bendis wrote the death of spider-man storyline, during which, you guess it, peter parker died. and in ultimates, death is a bit more permanent than the rest of the comics world, so peter has stayed dead.

and then bendis decided to mix it up, by introducing miles morales later that year, causing a bit of a kerfuffle because black spider-man!!! woah-ho!!!! etc etc. but his book has been successful and pretty much everyone loves miles. and because he’s a relatively new character, it’s easier to read his stuff!

so I recommend starting with:

for a while those were the only 2 books for miles, but recently it’s gotten a bit…trickier? the ultimates universe was just shaken up by a rather big event called catalclysm, which ended several titles, including ultimate spider-man, and relaunched with a new line up of books. you don’t have to read the whole event, but I recommend reading cataclysm: spider-man, because a few really important things happen to miles there. (the full cataclysm reading order here if you really want to check it out, but it’s not crucial and not that friendly to new readers).

but basically the new titles with miles in them are now:

both these books are only a few issues in and easy to catch up on. hope this helps and isn’t too much information to throw at you?