Health and Fitness

The above two words have tended to be on my mind quite a lot lately.  I think it all stems from looking at myself in the mirror with my glasses on!  It was a sad sight, I can tell you.  So, onwards and upwards, as some wise sage said (though who I have no idea) and I decided it was time to do something about it.

Gym subscriptions are out of the question for me at present and I knew that somewhere in the house I had some exercise dvd’s - or so I thought.  When I eventually found them, however, I discovered they were videos.  What a pain!  I no longer have a video player because everything these days seems to be on dvd, so I now have four perfectly good exercise tapes that I can’t play.  Even if I did have a video, I have no idea how to connect it to the TV and I haven’t the room to put a video player near the TV anyway.

Well, I used to be the one to wander around saying there were no such things as problems, only opportunities.  Having got to grumpy old woman stage, I couldn’t resist saying to myself, what a load of cods wallop.

I’ve managed to stop ‘grumping’ now and have at least started going on regular walks with an offshoot of the U3A group I belong to.  There are twelve of us altogether who decided we needed to start with just a couple of miles at a time, rather than the five miles or so undertaken by the regular walking group.

The remainder of my exercise regime seems to be running up and down stairs, purely because I get upstairs and realise I’ve left stuff downstairs that I really need, or vice versa.  Oh well, I suppose there’s more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes…

The final #UoS Diversity event for this year was organised by the #U3A group. It was a cultural presentation by students from various countries. We started from Poland then “flew” to Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bulgaria and finally Lithuania. I was proud to virtually bring them around Malaysia via my vivid presentation. The ladies were super lovely and provided tea and refreshments. #malaysia #represent #proudtobemalaysian #malaysiatrulyasia #diversity #student #celebration #culture (at Bangladeshi Community Centre)

Down Street Underground Station

Opened in 1907 on the Piccadilly Line (then known as the Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway) the station closed in 1932. Its fate was sealed by the lack of passengers and the closeness of the adjoining stations at Green Park and Hyde Park Corner. However, its moment of fame arrived with the commencement of WW2, when the station was used by Churchill as an underground shelter until the Cabinet War Rooms were ready. 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWDR8Oq-u3A)

First Meeting of the London History Group


The first meeting of the London History Group will be on Thursday, 17th May, starting at 2pm and on the 3rd Thursday of the month thereafter, except August. Contact the Group Leader for more information.


“The Museum of London tells the story of one of the world’s greatest cities and its people. It cares for more than two million objects in its collections and attracts over 400,000 visitors per year. It holds the largest archaeological archive in Europe. The Museum has entered a new era with the launch of our £20million Galleries of Modern London in May 2010.

The London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre (LAARC) and the Centre for Human Bioarchaeology form part of the Museum of London’s Department of Archives and Archaeological Collections.”