u20 2005

kun is so in love with leo and he just likes to take advantage of it i mean kun sometimes looks like he’s his house-elf

  • he has to go to the bathroom in his tiptoes to stop the phone from vibrating so it doesn’t wake leo up
  • he has to turn off the tv because leo can’t sleep with the tv on
  • they used to get calls from the nt’s fitness coach to wake them up and they had to guess the song and leo would force kun to answer the phone and guess because he wanted to sleep
  • they had a drawing competition before the U20 World Cup in 2005 and leo couldn’t think of anything to draw and he asked kun for help AND KUN ENDED UP DRAWING THE ENTIRE THING  leo didn’t win but imagine if he did lol
The signs as Lionel Messi’s best moments

Aries: Winning the Champions League 4 times
Taurus: Playing 100 caps for Argentina
Gemini: Scoring his first hat-trick at 19 years old vs Real Madrid
Cancer: Winning the 2005 U20 World Cup
Leo: Scoring 286 goals for Barcelona
Virgo: Receiving the European Golden Shoe 3 times
Libra: Winning the Ballon d'Or for the 4th time
Scorpio: Winning 7 La Liga titles
Sagittarius: Receiving the 2014 Golden Ball
Capricorn: Winning an Olympic gold medal
Aquarius: His first goal for Barcelona at 17 years old vs Albacete
Pisces: Scoring 46 goals for Argentina