Sometimes you see people going “Oh, i am against animal-testing but i still lift shit from Mac or other brands who test on animals. It’s okay because i don’t give them money”

You still do. Don’t be naive. You are contributing to there products flying off the shelves, being high-demand. The one paying for the items you took is the distributor, wether it is U17A or S3ph°r@. They are the only one absorbing the loss, the productor already got payed, and is gonna get payed again when the mall has to rebuy some of their products to replace the ones you took.

You don’t want to endorse brands who don’t share your ethics ? Leave their stuff alone altogether.

I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone to find one to post to Instagram and came across this one. Does anyone know if her dress is made out of patent leather? It looks like it could be, but I am not entirely sure. Any ideas?

**Update: The dress is not patent leather, but is actually a super shiny black satin. I think a dress like this in patent would be really cool, even if it is slightly impractical, but I love the effect this fabric gives off. 

Maura Connorton of the Young School. 42nd place in the U17A competition. 

Photo by Shannon Cohoon