Sports Arghhhhh!

The daughters team is playing in the final four soccer playoffs today. They have had a fantastic season winning their division and are now playing the best u14 team in New England. My kid is the goalie and they are projected to get killed today. Luckily 25 min into the first half there still isn’t any score and she’s been playing great. Wow talk about stressful I’d rather be in combat lol.


I have never been so happy for somebody at the worlds! Sylvia is a super little trooper. After losing her father late last year, she was so determined to do well at worlds. Not only did she dance amazing, she placed 2nd in the u14 girls competition at the glasgow worlds. She has made everybody so proud, especially her father and family. I am so happy for her and her hard work. She was so determined, committed and excited. Congrats Sylvia! You are what an inspiration should be!

photo credit to feisphotos


Aleix Vidal (21 August 1989) has joined FC Barcelona from Sevilla. Born in the town of Valls in Catalonia, he now returns to his homeland, where he already spent one season at Barça playing for the U14 B team in 2001/02, as part of the same squad as Jordi Alba, who he now joins in the first team. He, who is the team’s latest addition, signed a contract with the club until 2020. Welcome back, Aleix! #FCBlive