Coleraine: gli sparano, fugge, lo inseguono e gli sparano di nuovo

Coleraine: gli sparano, fugge, lo inseguono e gli sparano di nuovo

Un ventenne è stato ferito a gambe e braccia a Coleraine

Il giovane è stato attaccato da quattro uomini a volto coperto che sono penentrati in un’abitazione di Maple Drive nelle prime ore di giovedì.

Dopo essere stato ferito, la vittima ha cercato di fuggire ma è stato inseguito dagli uomini armati che lo hanno preso e gli hanno sparato nuovamente.

Il ventenne è stato portato in ospedale con…

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Ant & Dec scale dizzy heights for Takeaway challenge

Ant and Dec had to scale each wall in order to hit a buzzer which was placed at the top and the first presenter to hit four buzzers would win this first round of the competition. The Geordie duo have both said in the past that they are not particularly [Read More]

Call for ADHD support after son's death

One in 10 children in Northern Ireland are affected by ADHD - and the number has been significantly on the rise in recent years.

Michael Napier’s life was at times a long lonely journey.

After a 25-year struggle with attention deficit disorder his battle came to an end in 2009, when he died en route to France on a family holiday.

Drink and drugs had taken their toll.

Michael’s parents Moira and James told UTV his story is a tragedy of a child who never got the help he cried out for.

"His speech became quite stuttered, he found it difficult to enunciate clearly and there were worrying aspects like that," said Moira.

"Although his motor coordination was superb - he was a marvelous footballer, cricketer, anything like that - he couldn’t seem to grapple with things that required close attention."

The warning signs were spotted by Michael’s parents when he was two months old, but no diagnoses was offered until he was 16.

Moira continued: “Things really began to go downhill when he was about 14 or 15. He really didn’t enjoy school and I don’t think some of his teachers enjoyed having him there. He was outspoken because he couldn’t see the cause and effect of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, he was liable to get into scraps and scrapes and he became increasingly disillusioned.”

ADD is just one branch of the condition ADHD, which affects around 30,000 children in NI - about 10% of the school population

Symptoms can include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour.

The Napier family’s experiences have now been captured in a book James has written, and they are keen to keep Michael’s memory alive while equipping other families to deal with their struggles.

James said: “I certainly remember him without the ADD label - there are certain times when it comes back, but I remember him without that.”

Moira added: “I remember his smile”.

Belfast: lanci di bottiglie a San Patrizio, ferita dodicenne

Belfast: lanci di bottiglie a San Patrizio, ferita dodicenne

Una ragazza è rimasta ferita nei disordini avvenuti nel centro di Belfast a San Patrizio

La polizia afferma che la dodicenne è stata colpita da una bottiglia lanciata da una piccola folla radunatasi in Castle Junction nel pomeriggio di martedì.

La giovane è stata portata al Royal Victoria Hospital.

La polizia ha detto di aver chiuso temporaneamente Donegall Square North per problemi di ordine…

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A Edward Daly le Chiavi della Città di Derry

A Edward Daly le Chiavi della Città di Derry

Il vescovo cattolico, divenuto icona del Bloody Sunday nella foto in cui sventola un fazzoletto insanguinato, ha ricevuto le

chiavi della città di Derry

Edward Daly divenne suo malgrado protagonista di una delle più forti immagini dell’intero conflitto nordirlandese, brandendo e sventolando uno straccio intriso di sangue per mettere in salvo una delle vittime del Bloody Sunday.

Il 30 gennaio…

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Shock exit for Emmerdale’s Charity

"It’s been a gargantuan journey for my character this year, said Emma. “It’s been a wonderful year for me as an actress, but also for my character and hopefully the audience have enjoyed seeing Charity go over lots of lumps and bumps and make so many … [Read More]

City Link staff told of redundancies

"Staff arrived here at City Link this morning fearing the worst, 23 people are employed here but it’s estimated dozens more are subcontracted,” she said. “On their way into talk to administrators, several expressed anger that they’d only heard that the [Read More]

BGT illusionist Darcy fronts own show

His one-off show, Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality makes three promises - to show viewers “some things you have never seen before, some things you will never see again, and some things you will have to see to believe”. Darcy added: “I’ve spent every waking … [Read More]