Find the Right Line

Very muchly belated b-day NON-smut for @madnanc - here’s to finding the right line.


It was remarkable, Cosima thought, how there was no avoiding checkout lines in life, not even when you find yourself buying emergency tampons at 2AM. There was surely a pithy aphorism to be gleaned in this somewhere.

What was also remarkable is that at least 4 of the dozen or so checkout counters were manned at this late hour, but only one seemed to be actually helping shoppers. She approached the bank of registers wearily, handles of her basket digging into the crook of her elbow, and eyed the first cashier. The woman was tall and lanky, dark hair cropped short, and was cackling quietly into her phone.

Cosima approached, then halted as the cashier raised a questioning eyebrow in her direction, then shook her head. Cosima glanced at the light above the register which indicated that the line should be open, but only received a jerk of the cashier’s thumb, pointing her to the next register.

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noodleexplosion  asked:

Bitty & Ford for the rare pairs (๑>◡<๑)

“You know what I hate about football?”

Ford and Bitty were huddled around the kitchen table, drinking boxed wine like it was juice and carefully beading the friendship bracelets Ford had insisted on.

“Everything?” Bitty asked, looking too pleased with his lumpy blue and yellow bracelet.

“No,” Ford said, testing the length of her own bracelet against the diameter of her wrist. “The pants. Why do they have to be so tight? Same with baseball. It’s silly, look at basketball, they’re fine in their baggy shorts.”

“This is why us gays and lesbians can never be friends,” Bitty chirped solemnly. “That’s my favorite part of football.”

Please,” Ford said, pulling out a few beads that spelled SMH to go with her red and white thread. “You can spit out stats faster than my brothers–and Marcus plays for U.T.”

“I didn’t say there weren’t other aspects I enjoy–or have been forced to enjoy over the years,” Bitty corrected, grabbing as many heart-shaped beads and he could find. “But Lord if those pants weren’t responsible for my…awakening.”



Ford gave him a sheepish grin. “We put on a production of Orphée aux enfers in high school and everyone wore these ridiculous corsets for the Infernal Gallop–the can-can,” she clarified, much to Bitty’s delight. “And, well. The guys all looked goofy to me, even though everyone said they looked super hot. But the girls…”

“Well, look at us,” Bitty said, grabbing his wine and raising it in a mock toast. “Theater made you gay and now it’s your major. Sports made me gay and I’m captain of an NCAA team.”

“The gay agenda, at its finest,” Ford said, raising her glass to tap against his.

“Does the gay agenda include bungling up friendship bracelets, because I’m pretty sure Jack’s not gonna wear this monstrosity.” Bitty held up a wonky bracelet, and all the heart-shaped beads slid together with a quiet clacking noise.

“Yep,” Ford said with a laugh. “And the lesbian agenda is helping you make it better.”

“Thanks, sugar,” Bitty said, pulling her into a tight hug as she rounded the table. “Now, how do you think Dex and Nursey would feel about matching colors?”

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ary-the-demonius  asked:

Sonamy #12

12. things you said when you thought i was asleep


“Sonic? We’re gonna pick out a movie for tonight did you wanna come?”  When there was no response, Amy walked into Sonic’s home, searching for the blue hedgehog. It didn’t take her long to find him. There he was, fast asleep on his hammock. She never understood how  he could sleep so well on that thing; but he clearly loved it. Trying her best not to disturb him, Amy took a quiet steps toward him. Underneath her weight, the wooden floor groaned and creaked each step she took. Worried Sonic would awake, she hesitated and glanced over his way. There was still no indication that he even knew of her presence.

Sighing in relief, she took a seat on the edge of Sonic’s hammock. The temptation to run her fingers through his fur was strong and she took her chance. However, just as quickly as Amy made this decision… there was a mumble that came from Sonic, and he moved slightly. He went still, again. Watching him, she wondered if he was having a dream right now? “…Does he ever have dreams about me?” She whispered a bit too loud, her cheeks grew hot when realizing this. It was silly to think like this, Amy. She told herself.

Over the past months she had let her guard down and seemed to be far more open about her feelings for Sonic, this was far from her plan to grab his attention. That little mishap with Tails’ Universal Translator (or “U.T” for short) didn’t help hide her true feelings, whatsoever. Sure, U.T was cut off from saying the rest… she knew Sonic wasn’t completely oblivious and could possibly knew what U.T was about to say, afterall. 

“Amy!”  Her thoughts were interrupted by a call from Sticks, who was now waiting outside of Sonic’s home. Ugh, talk about bad timing! Amy got up from the edge of Sonic’s hammock, but refused to leave in a rush. “If only you knew exactly how I felt about you, Sonic…” She shook her head when receiving no response from the hero. Whirling around, she headed to the exit and caught up with Sticks.

Resting on the hammock, Sonic’s lips twitched into a small smile. He heard everything that Amy stated while she was here. Perhaps he should’ve answered her back, but… what was he suppose to say? Sonic blushed when he thought about telling her that he felt the same. He shook his head disapproval of the idea. It was much too soon…


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