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Some people just like to watch the world burn ;)

okay but here’s the thing: i want to watch the world burn

—and then i want someone broken and scarred to take a deep breath, look at the mess, and start building something new with all those ashes

bringing a character back from the dead is easy. it’s cheap. it’s the same old same old same old ‘true love conquers all (even death)’ and usually that’s not even the point of the story, so writers don’t go out of their way to make it interesting.

i love ‘starting again’ stories with all my heart, and the possibility of watching characters i’ve already been made to care about hit rock bottom and then claw their way back up just makes me so happy.

BTS Reaction To You Pretending Not To Understand What They’re Saying When You Get Into A Fight


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“Oh jagi…you don’t honestly think you can pull that one with me,” he commented, rolling his eyes as he stepped closer to you. 

You furrowed your eyebrows, feigning innocence and ignorance. Jin placed his thumb against the middle area in between your eyebrows, and brushed it over your left brow and down your cheek, causing your act to soften, almost turning timid. 

He leaned forward, pressing his lips against your ear lobe. Jin began to murmur, “Surely you’ll at least understand this.” He paused, now looking you dead in the eyes, irritation still present in his eyes, but now darker, a mix of agitation and desire, before lacing his fingers around your wrist and dragging you to the bedroom. 


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His head head tilted to the side quizzically as you started to speak in English, as you pretended to have difficulty understanding what he was saying. He would have dropped it, waiting until both of your’s tempers had cooled and you were willing to actually face the matter instead of pretending you don’t understand what he was saying.

But you were stubborn and he just as much. Seeing as you refused to drop the matter, continuing on with your little act even as he started to walk away, he now refused to drop the matter as well. 

Turning back to face you, his strides started out small before getting longer and faster and finally forcefully pushing you into the wall behind you. 

“Oh Y/N, you should really be more careful when playing these little “games” with me.” His lips were inches from your. He let out a low growl along with a trail of harsh curses. “You know I can’t stand losing,” he murmured, before crashing his lips to yours.


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Unsure of whether you were serious, joking, or simply acting, a sheepish, uncertain grin would form on his face as he mumbled out, “Are you serious?” 

He knew your Korean wasn’t perfect, but for your understanding to be lacking now of all times, when you just so happened to be having a bit of a quarrel, seemed suspicious to say the least. You tried your best to suppress the light chuckle ready to escape your lips, but it was no use. 

Hoseok’s head snapped towards you, his unsure, confused persona immediately melting. His gaze turning dark, he ran his tongue across the entirety of the inside of his mouth, trying his best to stay calm.

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Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. Y/N is too sly, too cunning for it to be just that, he thought to himself. Briefly closing his eyes to maintain his composure, he stepped towards you. You had played this card before, he had just never realized it until now. 

Hoseok dramatically sighed, pursing his lips together, making small tsking noises with the roof of his mouth as if he were getting ready to scold a child. 

Just how many times had you played this card before? Just how many times had you gotten away with it? Just how many times did he have to punish you tonight…

Rap Monster

At first his expression was slightly flustered. Your Korean was nearly flawless, why now were you messing up of all times? His expression was completely and utterly puzzled, that is, until he realized exactly what you were doing.

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A sly grin formed on his face. You knew exactly what he had said earlier. You weren’t struggling with your Korean skills, you were just trying to dodge the situation. Oh, but he wouldn’t let you, far from it. He would have to “correct” this little act of yours with a helping hand.

Placing a strong hand on the inside of your thigh he squeezed lightly, patronizing you with both his touch and his words.

“Oh, sweetheart, you know your little tricks won’t work with me. Even if you can’t understand me, I can understand you perfectly,” he continued to speak in Korean; why bother putting in the extra effort to use English when he already knew you understood completely? You mentally cursed, realizing just how dumb it had been of you to attempt this method with Namjoon. How could you have been so stupid as to forget Namjoon was fluent in English.

Gently rubbing up and down your thigh, you let out a small whimper. His smirk widened. He had you exactly where he wanted you.

“Good, now why don’t we continue this little discussion of ours in the bedroom, hmm?”


You knew you were in the wrong. You knew you were at fault in this situation. You knew you should have apologized or given in earlier, when you still had a chance. But you were stubborn and refused to admit that you were at fault instead of Jimin for once.

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“Y/Nnnn….Jagiii…” Jimin teasingly whined, dragging out the last syllables in a sing-song lilt. “Just admit you were wrong for once.” He bit his lip, no doubt imagining exactly what he was going to do to you tonight. “Just admit you were wrong…” he paused for effect, “and I’ll go easy on you tonight.” His hot breath trickled down your ear and against your throat. “I won’t punish you… at least not as much as I should…" 

God he was so close, already pressing his chest to yours and your back against the wall. You let out a shaky breath, barely being able to respond to him.


Oh, but what a mistake you had made. You had responded in English. A weakness Jimin had always had, a weakness you knew would only encourage Jimin in his endeavors, in his endeavors of teasing. Oh, what a mistake it was indeed…

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Jimin tilted his head to one side, his already wide smile turning into a Cheshire grin, a mischievous glint building in his eyes. 

He tucked a loose strand from your ponytail behind your ear, his nose now centimeters from your own. "Fine by me. I wasn’t really in the mood for immediate cooperation anyways,“ he breathed.

And with that, Jimin threw you over his shoulder, thrusted the bedroom door open and tossed you onto the mattress, ready to have you in every possible way he wanted tonight.


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His expression was blank as it always was whenever the two of you had a fight. He looked at you with near indifference. The only sign of his anger was the darkening of his eyes that were once a soft hazel brown, but were now black with a flame ablaze behind them.

He didn’t speak. He stayed completely silent as you mumbled forced apologies, even though it wasn’t your fault. Actually, the whole reason you fighting was completely unreasonable. Both of you had been, and were, being utterly irrational.

The reason you were fighting was irrelevant, Tae’s agitation was becoming frightening, and you weren’t particularly fond of conflict in the first place. That’s why originally you mumbled out small apologies, hoping to avoid any further battles.

Ah, but you couldn’t take it any longer. His silence was deafening. He wouldn’t look at you. You were trying to smooth things over and prevent conflict and here he was, refusing to even look you in the eye, even look in your general direction.

Your soft murmurs slowly grew in volume. As your "I’m sorry’s” grew in volume so did your agitation, so did the amount of English you used. It was a continuous loop, the louder you got, the sharper cut your words were and the more you started to slip back into using English. 

Your tone became agitated, contradicting your original purpose of avoiding further conflict.  Ah, your voice just kept getting louder and louder until you were full out screaming at him in English. And now you were the one who couldn’t look him in the eyes.

Abruptly you stopped yelling, realizing it wasn’t going to change the situation. You bet he still had that blank look on his face as he avoided looking at you, as you were now doing to him.

You turned to leave the room. You’d deal with damage control tomorrow, you were too mentally exhausted to deal with anything of the sort right now. You looked towards the ground and started to walk out of the room, unable to keep your chin high after screaming at Tae like that, only to be met with strong arms slithering around your waist, preventing you from taking another step.

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“Please don’t be angry, darling.” Tae’s bottom lip jutted out as he bent down slightly to place his chin on your shoulder and began to pout. You tightly closed your eyes. He was knowingly using his puppy dog eyes against you. He knew you couldn’t resist him, especially with such a look of innocence in his face. “Please, oh please, don’t be mad at me." 

You let out a short groan as Tae’s lips had found their way to your upper jaw, his tongue now lightly tracing your jawline. 

"I promise… I’ll make it up to you.” And then you gave in, opening your eyes, whirling around to face him, wrapping your arms around Taehyung’s neck, and allowing him to do as he pleased with you. 


In all honesty, it wasn’t a fight. It was never a fight. It was always just a one sided screaming match caused by Jungkook’s idiocy. 

He was an adult, for Christ’s sake. He was an adult with the logic of a four year old. God, you were younger than him and here you were scolding him, or attempting to, like a mother.

As if having to scold him wasn’t enough, he wouldn’t listen. Whenever you yelled, he didn’t even flinch. Only a playful expression would be present on his face, like he was amused by your vexation, like he had acted like an utter imbecile just to see that agitated expression on your face. For fuck’s sake, couldn’t he feel at least a little bad for making you worry?!

“Goddamn it, Jungkook,” you gritted out, your voice rasping and raising the longer you spoke. “Can’t you think of the possible consequences…for once in your life?!” 

Your breath hitched a bit as you continued to speak, saying anything and everything in an attempt to make him realize how idiotic he had been, how much he had made you worry.

You found yourself becoming more flustered as you continued to speak, gradually switching to English, unable to think clear enough to use Korean any longer.

You turned your head sharply to look him in the eyes. You had been so engrossed in everything you were saying, you hadn’t even bothered to look at him. Oh, and what a mistake looking at him was… 

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A look you only ever saw when he was in one of his moods was etched into his features. The type of mood that would make you scream, but not out of anger like just seconds ago. 

Jungkook’s usual mischievous glint and playful eye roll was now replaced with a sharp look and a lazy grin. It just now hit you. 

You swore. You had swore. You never swore, at least not out loud, at least not around him.

He took a step towards you and you instinctively took one back. He did it again only for you to follow suit. Oh, he was toying with you, and he was enjoying it, his grin widening with every second that passed. 

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“Oh baby girl, don’t be like that. Don’t be so angry with little ol’ me…” His voice trailed off as he gently caressed your cheek with the back side of his hand.

“You scold me as if you’re my noona, as if I’m the only one the wrong here.” Jungkook’s gentle caresses began trailing down your neck, your chest, your waist, your entire body.

“Don’t forget, my darling, I am your oppa, and you are in need of punishment yourself.”

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gmw band au album information + we are mad dogs (band picks)

t r i v i a // mad dogs’ first compilation album. released a year after their final tour and official break-up, the album serves as a surprise to fans for sticking with them and enjoying their music. the concept was pitched by zay before they left on their last world tour, and completed upon returning home. each band member selected the five tracks of all their songs that meant the most to them and then offered commentary / trivia in pre-tracks for a richer, more intriguing listening experience. it serves as the last “band chat” i.e., all the bandmates talking to the fans together through an album.

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l u c a s ’ s  p i c k s  +  c o m m e n t a r y:

“choose you”mad dogs. lyrics by lucas friar and riley matthews.

LF: “So, this is … a little weird just because I feel like you all are probably wondering why we’re already on Mad Dogs and I haven’t like, spoken yet. So, first of all, hi, I guess. I hope you’re enjoying yourselves. Drink some water. They say you need eight cups a day. Anyway, the reason I haven’t shown up until now is because I didn’t pick any songs from Semi-Formal or Game Night. It’s not because I didn’t like those albums, and I certainly put out my fair share of effort on them considering how many songs I wrote for both. I just sort of felt like all those songs were kind of a different part of me, like a completely different phase of my life, so I don’t really feel as connected to them anymore as I do the later albums. I mean, I’m definitely proud of them, and the sheer volume that I wrote in such a short amount of time kind of speaks louder than words about where I was with my songwriting at that point. I can remember I cranked out about … three of the Game Night songs in one night. It was a really creative time, but it wasn’t as personal and free-spirited as our later albums. It wasn’t until Mad Dogs that I think we all felt like we were making music that we liked. I know Farkle felt that way, at least. [ Laughs ]. So, okay, I normally don’t talk all that much but I am just rambling and wasting so much time. Choose You. Okay. So I don’t think it surprises anybody that this is one of my top choices just considering how important it is to me as far as a milestone in my life. Things were kind of uncertain and off-kilter at this point when this song was being written, because we hadn’t decided if we were officially going to do another album or just bite the dust, and everything was kind of up in the air. Literally everything. And this was probably, if I’m remembering correctly, the first song that was completed for the new album. Because at that point, we’d decided we were going to do it. Things were turning around, in all aspects. And … of course, as you guys probably know, I wrote this with Riley. It was the first song we wrote together, and it wouldn’t exist if Maya, Farkle, and Zay didn’t force us together to work on it. We were at a weird place at that point and sort of avoiding one another because there was … confusion, let’s say. But they forced us together and in that process we were able to figure everything out and well, the song was born. And everything worked out for the best. And I think it goes without saying, those of you who are Maya Hart fans especially should know, but Riley is an amazing songwriter. She’s just amazing. Like honestly, everything good about this song, everything you love about it, it’s probably because of her. Just all of it. Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.”

“nothing”flaws. lyrics by lucas friar and farkle minkus.

LF: “This was a tough one to write, and to be honest it’s probably going to be a tough one to talk about, too. To really get into it I first have to sort of paint a picture of the way the band was at this point in time, during the Flaws album production. I mean, the group of us was still solid, still going strong. There wasn’t really a time I can think of where we, the guys, were ever falling apart. Like even if everything else had gone to shit – oh, fuck, are we cursing on this? Oh, fuck. I mean – fuck! OKAY WAIT A MINUTE! [ Pause ]. Well, if I wasn’t supposed to do that I’m sure Zay will just bleep me out or whatever. Okay. Anyway. Even if everything else was going badly, the four of us were always there for one another and always strong, and I really feel like that’s the only reason we survived. I’m really grateful for these guys, I don’t think I could ever eloquently express that enough. So even though we were all okay as a unit, at the time that we were working on Flaws, everything else was just … I mean, just awful. Our interactions with fans had gotten strained, especially some of the more rowdy ones. The music was starting to weigh us down in a way it hadn’t before, and we were really fed up with the industry and the media and the continual hoops we kept having to jump through. Farkle was lashing out at reporters, critics weren’t digging whatever we put out, it really just felt like a no-win situation. And it sort of coincided with this build up of negative energy for both me and Farkle, we were both going through this thing where all of the anxiety and tension and stress of the last few years was catching up to us. Being in the media so often had really taken a toll on me mentally, it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t even look at pictures or video of myself without feeling disturbed. I was drumming a lot more late into the night, but not in a good, therapeutic way and more in a relentless, self-destructive way because I didn’t know how else to deal with it. I just felt terrible, all the time, and when Riley and Smackle both helped Farkle and I try to tackle it we realized that we were going through some of the same things. It was Farkle, really, who came up with the crux of the song and kind of encapsulated exactly what we were both feeling. It was this draining feeling of like … no matter how much we did, or who we managed to please, it would never really be enough. There would always be something else to prove. And even though we had all these fans and all this following and arguably successful careers, at our cores we still both just felt empty. We felt nothing. It was very much a mental health issue, and I’m glad to be able to talk about it now having gotten to a better place and figured out a way to handle it. And please, if you’re ever feeling that way, if you find yourself feeling like nothing, talk to someone who cares about you that you trust. Because you can find your way out of the rabbit hole, but you have to realize you’re trapped in it first. It’s worth it to claw your way out, I promise. Anyway, without further ado.”

“forget about her (i will never)”flaws. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “As I mentioned with Nothing, the album Flaws was a really tough era of time for us as a band. Farkle and I had our whole mental health jam, but another huge factor was how ridiculously strained our relationship with fans had become. Now before I lament over it for a few minutes here, I do wanna clarify that I, of course, am not referring to every Mad Dogs fan out there when I rehash this experience. It says a lot that for every negative encounter I had with an alleged fan, there are three or four great memories I can recount that make up for it. There are so many of you that are kind, and enthusiastic, and it’s you guys that we love sharing music with and sharing the experiences with. So thank you, to those fans and those of you who are probably listening to this album right now, loyal as you are. You guys are what make it worthwhile. But this other type of fan … it was a rough time. People were being intrusive, people were being rude – there’s something about a social media presence that gives you a faux sense of superiority. I mean, people on the internet are just vicious. It’s like the screen gives them 500 EXP and suddenly they’ve leveled up and they’re this God awful monster, but if they met us in person I’m sure they wouldn’t say half of the mean-spirited stuff they put out on the internet. Anyway, social media was bad at that point, and the press tended to echo whatever popular sentiment was being thrown around within the fan circles. Fandom. Fandom? That’s the term, right? In regards to this track in particular, a rather big tabloid had put out a short column on the band and our relationships. They had chosen to echo the then misguided, rude, but popular sentiment that I could do better than Riley. There was all sorts of weird stuff being said about our relationship: that she was just bouncing back and forth between band members, that I was secretly in love with Maya and shouldn’t drag her along, that I could simply do better because I had more star power and shouldn’t waste it. There was all of this advising going on about how I should handle my love life, and it was kind of like … who asked? When did I ask? And I remember I was angry enough to put out some harsh tweets on her behalf – rare, as I don’t really like using social media – but I was just so fed up with it. No one knew, or knows, how my relationship is with Riley except for me. No one has the authority to tell me, or any of the band for that matter, who we should or should not be with. Especially when they have no idea the impact that she’s had on me. That’s what spurred this song. Because everyone was telling me to drop her, to do better, to forget about her … and I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Never. The sentiment hasn’t changed. I’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Riley Matthews. And I don’t have any intention of doing so any time soon.”

“coincidence”legacy. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “This was a super fun song to write and record, and it makes sense considering we’re well into Legacy now. Legacy was such a great album. We knew it was going to be the last one, and I think that colored a lot of the atmosphere in the studio. Things just worked out. The music jammed. We were all in good places. It was sad to think about the band coming to an end and not having these jam sessions every day, but it also was such a relief to think about the amount of freedom we were going to get in a few months. Like, we could leave Los Angeles for a while to travel, we could relax, we could kind of do whatever we wanted to do after we finished this one last thing. And we all also knew that no matter what happened with the capital-B band, we still had one another. That was never going to change. The song itself sort of has this upbeat, rock sound that was a lot like what we sounded like on Game Night, it was almost like an homage to that part of our careers. Very reflective, and it makes sense because Coincidence came out of me sort of reflecting upon everything that had happened in the last few years. We knew things were ending, and I was kind of having this whiplash in remembering how we’d gotten to where we were in the first place. Because for me, I can still vividly remember sitting in my garage while Zay sang covers, and encouraging him to follow his dream if he really wanted it. No matter how ridiculous I thought it was on the inside. Like, coming out here and starting a band seemed crazy – was crazy – but I knew if anyone on this Earth could pull it off, it would be Zay Babineaux. And when he asked me to go along with him, well, it felt a little bit like I didn’t deserve it considering I sort of found the whole notion insane, but I’m glad I went. I’m glad I came along. I have learned so much from this experience and these people, about myself and music and the world, that I would not trade this for anything. Despite all the bad and because of the good. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, so everything that I’ve experienced and gone through with the boys and Riley and you all, I don’t intend to forget about it any time soon. I’m always going to carry it with me. So, thank you.”

“faith in me (feat. riley matthews)”legacy. lyrics by lucas friar.

LF: “I’m going to try my very hardest not to ramble and not to be too sappy in this last one here, like I’m really going to try my best. I didn’t make it easy for myself with my song selection, but it’s whatever. So, Faith In Me. Obviously, this is a really special song for me, but I like to think it was for the rest of the band too. It was the first time we were featuring someone who wasn’t like, a known entity. Like, Maya Hart was a powerhouse in her own right as far as the music scene, and while Riley had written a ton of songs, she’d yet to sing on one. I don’t think she was entirely sold on the idea when I first pitched it to her, but she agreed because she knew how important the concept was to me and she’d read the lyrics so she knew where I was coming from and what the song was about. That, she never had any doubt about. So the band put in this very concerted effort to make the studio as comfortable as possible, keep it low pressure and good vibes, because Riley had hung out many times in-studio with us before but never had she been at the instruments herself. She was admittedly super nervous, despite how often she’d sang it around the apartment in the couple of weeks leading up to the production day. It was really cute, honestly, she’d sing it all the time – while working, in the shower, cleaning up after dinner – and she’d also kind of look to me for approval when she finished, because she always knew I was listening. And I never had any complaints, she does such a great job with it, but she was still very anxious when the actual day to record came around so I’m grateful to the guys for being so accommodating and calming. They’re her friends too, of course, so they knew how to handle the situation. So she did a couple of takes and it was great, I mean, every take was, but Zay could tell her nerves were holding her back and that we hadn’t reached the best version yet. After the fourth take, I sort of pulled her aside and asked her how she was feeling, you know, what could we do to make it more comfortable, etc. But Riley’s not one to complain even when she has every right, so it was hard to get a read on exactly how she was feeling. The only thing I figured I could offer was myself, me as a like, familiar presence so that’s what I told her. I told her if it helped, she should just forget about the rest of the studio and focus on me. Like we were hanging out at the apartment, like she was singing while cleaning up the dishes. And I don’t know if that worked or what but she did one more take, the fifth take, and it was perfect. And she looked at me the same way she did after every time she finished the song, that same look she’d throw me over her shoulder while working on her photo spreads, waiting for approval. I didn’t have any complaints. Zay told her she was going to put him out of a job. This song is my favorite not only because she was involved in the track and it’s all my favorite people coming together to create music, but also because the sentiment behind it is incredibly true. It’s that expression of relief on her face after I assure her that she sang it perfectly well – that knowledge that someone else out there believes in you, and so maybe you can believe in yourself, too.”

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Let's have Kirishima talk about his best friends.

ask my character about anyone in their life! // ACCEPTING.

        My best friends, huh? Man… I dunno where to start. Kirishima absently rubs a calloused palm against the line of his jaw, teeth dragging across his lower lip. As someone who thrives when surrounded with people he cares about, Kirishima has never really been short on friends. That certainly hasn’t changed. Starting at U.A. was a turning point, however. The beginning of a new chapter in his life that was proving to be both exciting and terrifying all at once. They’re barely six months into their first year and already he’s found himself pushed to his limits, his abilities tested, and new friendships formed. It’s been crazy. Unbelievable. One of the best decisions he’s ever made.

        Back when I first started at U.A. I only really knew Mina from middle school, but even then we weren’t that close, y’know? So it was… More or less a fresh start surrounded by people I didn’t even know. It was nice. Kinda intimidating, because everyone had such awesome quirks and I wasn’t sure if I’d fit in… But then I met Kaminari. He was pretty much the first person to talk to me after we got placed in our classes and I guess you could say things sorta led from there. He’s was a really cool dude, started talkin’ to me like we’d been friends for years and we pretty much hit it off right away. Sure, he ain’t exactly the smartest of the bunch, but man— he knows a lot’ve stuff about things I’ve never even paid attention to! And have you seen how strong his quirk is? It’s awesome! He’s been workin’ really hard on it, too. Makes me wanna try even harder! Kirishima’s voice softens as he adds,  He was the first friend I made here. He’s a real bro, y’know? Sounds kinda sappy, I know, but I dunno what I’d do without the guy.

        Well… I guess I can’t not include Bakugou, huh? I wasn’t sure what to think of the guy at first. He was always yelling about stuff and it was kinda scary. But… He’s actually pretty cool once you get past all the anger and screaming. The dude really wants to be a hero. Not just any hero, either! The best. And… If I’m bein’ honest? I think he can do it. Well— I know he can. I’ve never seen anyone so determined before. He’s strong— like, crazy strong! He’s pretty much mastered his quirk and he’s so awesome with it, which inspires me to wanna do better, y’know? If I can keep up with him, I think I could pretty much do anythin’. Kirishima trails off, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips upwards. …It’s not very often y’find a friend who can push you to try harder, I think. And Bakugou’s just that kinda guy. 

        “ Ah! I can’t forget Jirou! She’s been awesome, man. I mean, she’s gonna be teachin’ me how to play guitar, how cool is that? I know she seems kinda distant and stuff, but she’s always been real with me, y’know? She just… Tells it like it is, and I appreciate that. She doesn’t compliment people for the sake of it, or say shit she doesn’t mean. ” Kirishima tilts his head to the side, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he adds in a quieter voice, But between you and me? I think she wants people to think she’s this cold, aloof kind of girl, but beneath all that she’s a lot kinder than you first think. Perhaps even kinder than she thinks she is. She’s always got time for me, y’know? She’s a really important friend. Hopefully she knows that. 

        “ I’ve known Mina since junior high, but we kinda only started getting close at U.A. That’s my fault, I guess, but I’m still glad we’re friends now! She’s, uh… The only person who knows that I like K-dramas, and she’s been really cool with it! Probably because she likes them too, which kinda makes sense. She can be pretty dramatic, but that’s just Mina for ya. That much hasn’t really changed. He laughs, a smile stretching across his mouth for a moment. It fades quickly, shoulders lifting in an awkward shrug. “ Still… She’s the only person who really knows what I went through back in junior high. I convinced myself she might not wanna be friends when we started at U.A. together. I kept her at arms length a lot, y’know? Turns out she’d worried about me. I didn’t really expect that, but… I’m grateful. It’s nice to have someone like her. I’ve still gotta apologise to her, though! 

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Pianist Richard Carpenter and guitarist John Bettis performed music at Coke Corner on Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. during the summer of 1967. Because they routinely deviated from the selections of turn- of-the-century tunes they were asked to perform … the pair were sacked after four months. Richard went on to have great success with his sister Karen - as The Carpenters. Many of their biggest hits were written by Richard and John Bettis.

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Despite having worked with two flashes and poured in countless hours of research just to attempt to understand time travel, HR was always amazed when the Waverider came to visit. It wasn’t often - usually only if they had other obligations in Central City, but it was still something to look forward to. He got on with most of them fairly easily and made quick work of learning each coffee order (or tea, in Martin Stein’s case) and using the power of the beverage to make everyone happy.

Speaking of happy, he’d picked up a brew from Jitters that he deemed would be the perfect drink for the grumpiest of the crew. Most of the people have thinned out, leaving just the pair to talk. 

“Don’t think I forgot about you, Rory,“ he chuckled, waggling his finger towards the man as he used his free one to produce a cup. A mocha redeye filled to the brim and served hot enough to melt off your fingers. “Jitters put out the Heatwave yesterday. I’ve never seen such perfect timing.“ And then he goes back to his own drink, patiently waiting to see if the other man enjoyed the brew.

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What exactly are hamonies? Is it when you mix vocals together?(or something like that) just wanna make sure I got this down

sO LIKE u kno when there’s a main melody but then there’s a second melody that plays the same rhythm as the main but they’re different notes but it all sounds pretty together

that second melody is a harmony

             “ control of emotions is something valued highly among my species, as well. “ spock reclines, regards anakin with muted curiosity. “ if you will pardon any offense, however, it does not always come easily to others. did learning prove difficult for you? “

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Smirk appearing on his lips as he witnessed seeing the blonde once more. " it's seems fate is so unkind to you Lucy~"

                        “ —hiding again, Rogue?… what do you want this time?  “

she got used to his surprising yet annoying, threatening messages coming out of nowhere. how long has it been since then? sure his voice would cause chills to run through her body, yet she was aware of their actual situation. he was hiding in shadows, only able to speak empty promises and false statements.

just where he belongs.

unkind… he wasn’t wrong. he more than anyone knew about such horrid life they both experienced. even when they weren’t exactly from the same era, they did share a similar sight. scars, memories, every trace of the unfortunate events were present on her skin and her mind. but it wasn’t so easy to trigger them anymore. 

          — i could say the same… since you keep hiding
                        instead of showing in front of me. in front of us. 

                  —   … are you scared of fairy tail’s power, rogue cheney? 

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" You worry too much, and you try to worry alone. You can let me help you without feeling bad about it, you know. "

“My sweet waterlily,
you already take on
so much by caring for
your siblings while I
am not there. This is
my own burden to
bear && I do not
wish to stress you out
by sharing them with

BARD WRAPPED Sigrid in a warm hug, pulling back to sweep her hair back, pressing a kiss upon her forehead. A smile filled with absolute adoration and love softened grim countenance, the carved lines of history on his face smoothing.

“But your offer is
so very kind. 
Thank you.”


that’s how much time he gave himself . three day’s to sum up the courage to say something , anything , to the boy at the bar ((   he’d heard his name before , but it was spoke by someone else , so he refuses to acknowledged it . it’ll only be his name when he tells him himself , so for now , the boy at the bar suffices ))

on the second day he almost did it , he’s even been researching drinks online to try . but , much like the first day , his second attempt ended in failure . he’d left as quick as he’d come , and felt an unexplained sadness settle within himself . ara has never been in this kind of situation before   ───  even now , as he sits at the table farthest from the bar , he feels an unsettling fear begin to creep up his back . the thought of running away crosses his mind . 

slowly he’ll get up from his seat , only to sit down again . he’ll repeat this process two more times , before finally getting up . his eyes stay on the floor as he makes his way toward the bar , and toward that boy

   could i get .. a cup of water , please.