Chris Kyle was a true American Hero.
And not in the cliché sense of “oh that dudes a hero”, he was a living, breathing hero who fought bravely for our country.
And yes. He killed many people, but he killed the enemy. He killed people who are against freedom and who would have otherwise killed him or anyone else he was serving with overseas. It was his job and his duty to fight to keep our country safe so that ordinary people like you and I may live our lives freely day in, and day out.

I will not tolerate people shit talking Chris Kyle for his actions. And you are one HUGE piece of shit to live in this country and disrespect his service, or anyone else’s military service to this country. They are reason you are still here doing things you otherwise would not be able to do in most countries around the globe.
Chris Kyle sacrificed being with his beautiful wife and kids for months at a time to protect the United States of America and the people who live here.

I just wanted to make my point and express my gratitude towards Chris Kyle for his service to this great nation and to everyone else who has fought or keeps fighting for this country.

R.I.P Chris Kyle. American Sniper. 1974-2013


The Evolution of Female Names in America: Bubbled

U.S.A, we need to talk...

List of countries that have had a female President or Prime Minister:

1. Ceylon

2. India

3. Israel

4. Central African Republic

5. United Kingdom

6. Portugal

7. Dominica

8. Norway

9. Yugoslavia

10. Pakistan

11. Lithuania

12. Bangladesh

13. France

14. Poland

15. Turkey 

16. Canada

17. Burundi

18. Rwanda

19. Sri Lanka

20. Bulgaria

21. Haiti

22. Guyana

23. New Zealand

24. Mongolia

25. Sengal

26. South Korea 

27. Finland

28. Peru

29. Mozambique

30. São Tomé and Príncipe

31. Macedonia

32. Ukraine

33. Bahamas 

34. Germany

35. Jamaica

36. Moldova

37. Iceland

38. Croatia

39. Madagascar

40. Trinidad and Tobago

41. Australia 

42. Slovakia 

43. Peru

44. Mali

45. Thailand

46. Denmark 

47. Guinea-Bissua 

48. Slovenia


50. Northern Cyprus

51. Latvia

The point is there are roughly 196 countries in the world so this list accounts for 26% of them. 

Being the ethnocentric people that we are, Americans like to think we are the best…

The most modern, inventive, strongest, forward, free, equal country in the world. 

But I say that’s a load of crap

Look at this list. Do you see the U.S.A? 


Don’t get me wrong I love this country, but the fact is, we can’t be the most modern, inventive, strongest, forward, free, equal place in the world, because we did not make this list.

Let’s change something in 2016


Red Fang - Crows in swine