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Gard3n Witch Giveaway Time!

*This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Tumblr.*

Alright, lovelies, this giveaway contains things useful for the green witch just beginning her journey, or the well-seasoned witch simply looking for some fun trinkets from the PNW! Everything shown in picture #2 has been collected from my own property up here in chilly Western Washington. Anyway, the contents of the giveaway are broken down below by picture. The winner gets everything here (plus any little surprises I feel like including)!

Picture #1:

  • 1 Greenhouse seed starter tray.
  • 5 Seed packets (lavender, eggplant, chamomile, mixed garden bean, a really cool geometric broccoli)
  • 3 Self contained seed starter kits (tomato, strawberry, watermelon).

Picture #2:

  • 2 dried roses with leaves (light pink & dark red).
  • 1 vile of apple blossoms from last years apple crop.
  • A bundle of baby pine cones from an Alder tree!
  • A bundle of dried sage & rosemary.
  • Pale green moss.
  • 1 Cockatiel feather.
  • A mix of dried herbs from my garden (English thyme, sweet marjoram, pineapple mint).
  • A dried, pressed periwinkle flower.
  • Small bundle of dried dill blooms.
  • 4 dried daisy buds.


  • 1 Small pouch of Mugwart.
  • 1 Small pouch of Kava Kava.
  • 1 Small vile of activated charcoal.

Picture #4:

  • 1 Lemon Lavender candle.
  • 1 Small white candle with rune of your choice carved into it (I have Raidho carved into the one shown, but if you win, you can pick whatever rune you like).
  • 2 Boxes of cone incense (Lavender & Patchouli).

Picture #5 & 6:

  • 1 Jar of a lovely floral/herb mix! This mix contains lavender, pink rose, hibiscus, marjoram, tulip petals, rose hips, and a bay leaf. It has not been infused with intent, so it can be used for whatever purpose you see fit.


- Must be 18+.

- Must be a resident of the U.S. (I cannot ship internationally, due to the nature of the items I am shipping).

- Obviously, you’re gonna have to fork up your address for shipping purposes if you win.

- You CAN NOT re-blog this to any giveaway blogs! If you do, you’ll be barred from the contest. This is for the witchy community only! :)


- Re-blog to enter for your chance to win! Just ‘likes’ will not count. It must be re-blogged. And hey…I might even pick a runner up to send a mystery surprise to!

- You must be following me @thegard3nwitch to be eligible.

- Only one entry per person! Re-blogging this a million times will not get you a million entries, it will still only get you one entry (I do this just so that people don’t end up spamming their followers, because that’s not very nice :P)

- The giveaway will end at midnight on April 30th! I will be using an automated random generator app to select the winner, so everyone has a fair shot. The winner will be announced within a week of the giveaway’s conclusion.

- The winner will have 24 hours to respond once notified.

Alright guys, have fun!

**None of the dried herbs included are meant for ingestion. Even if they are edible, they have not been cleaned & processed up to health code regulations. Don’t eat them! I am not liable for you stomach aches if you do! Stay safe!

anonymous asked:

what are the best websites that offer cute plus size clothes? clothes like what betty bones have not that boxyshaped, ill-fitting stuff that so many stores do.

  • Asos curve: Up to Size US 24, ships worldwide. 
  • Boohoo: Up to Size 20, ships worldwide.
  • City chic: Up to Size 22, ships worldwide.
  • Deb shops: Up to Size 24/3X,  ships worldwide.
  • Eloquii: Up to Size 24, ships worldwide.
  • Fashion to figure Up to Size 26, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Forever 21+: Up to Size 4X , ships worldwide.  
  • Gslovesme: Up to Size 22, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • H&M: Up to Size 4X   ships worldwide.
  • Modcloth: Up to Size 4X, retro and modern, ships worldwide.  
  • New look: Up to Size 24,  ships worldwide.
  • Pink clove: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.
  • Rainbowshops: Up to Size 22,  Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.
  • Sammydress: Up to Size 9Xl, Affordable, ships worldwide.  
  • Simply be: Up to Size US 28, ships to UK, europe, and US. 
  • Torrid: Up to Size 30/5X ships worldwide.
  • Spreepicky.: Up to Size 7X, kawaii clothes, ships worldwide.  
  • Yours clothing: Up to Size US 28, ships worldwide.  
  • A’gaci:  Up to Size 3X, Ships U.S. and U.S. territories only.  
  • Tunnelvision: Up to Size 4X, mostly vintage options, ships worldwide.
  • HipsAndCurves: Up to Size 6X, mostly lingerie, ships worldwide. 
  • UniqueVintage: Up to Size 5X, vintage and retro, ships worldwide.
  • Amiclubwear: Up to Size 6X, cheap sexy clothes, ships worldwide.

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Spirit Adoptee: Tessa

Race: Human spirit; Oracle

Gender: Nonbinary

Experience Level: Beginner+

Personality:Tessa is a very kind and quiet spirit, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear them very much. While they may be a bit shy, they will make their presence well known. They are very well adept with divinatory practices, as well as overall hedge magic.

Vessel Type: Rose quartz and cat’s eye pendulum

Vessel Price: $29.99 + shipping (U.S. and Canada only)

Additional Notes:Tessa is perfect for beginners and those who require a more gentle nature

Spirit Adoption Application

*please email this application to me at catieanderson63@gmail.com if you are interested in any of the spirits currently looking for homes. It may take anywhere from 5-15 business days before a final decision is made. If the spirit has chosen you, I will send you an email letting you know and we will discuss payment for the vessel and journal (I am open to payment plans for any vessels. The spirit and vessel will be reserved until you are able to pay off the entire listing, but I will only reserve for a maximum of 3 months. I will have the vessel and journal shipped the business day after your final payment). I DO NOT allow “collectors” to adopt spirits. I want these spirits to find meaningful homes, not to be treated as objects with no feelings/emotions. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, the more information I have, the easier it is to make a decision. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these questions, send me a quick message on here and we will work something out.

Basic Information

Your Legal name (this is necessary if you are paying through Paypal, so I know it is you who has paid, and not someone trying to claim someone else’s):

Your name you would like to be addressed by (what you would like me to call you when messaging/emailing, etc. Be sure to include your pronouns!):

How you would like your package addressed (in case you go by a different name than those in your home know):

Are you located in the U.S.? (Due to extreme shipping costs, I currently ship only to U.S and Canada):

Would you like discreet packaging?

Your birthday (some spirits are not available to those under the age of 18):

A brief description of your personality (interests/hobbies, how you act around others, etc):

Any disabilities or mental illnesses? (Not necessary to answer, I just want to be sure that you aren’t paired with a spirit who may unintentionally trigger you/aggravate any disability you may have):

Spiritual Information

Your go-to means of communication with spirits? (i.e. pendulums, tarot, ouija, astral projection, etc.):

Spiritual practices/occult experience? (Not necessary to answer, just helps pair better!):

Religious beliefs/practices? Are you oath bound/devoted? (Not necessary to answer, just to be sure that you won’t be causing any conflict with deities/other spirits):

Ethics and Morals

Do you have a set of house rules? If so, what are they?:

How do you handle conflict between spirits? Between yourself and the spirit?:

Are there any issues/conflicts you may foresee in the near future? How do you intend to handle them?:

Spirit Companionship Information

How long have you been a spirit worker? A spirit companion?:

If you have other companions, what species are they? (There are many species who do not get along whatsoever, and I would like to make sure that each is in a safe home):

Do you astral travel/project? (this is not necessary, some spirits prefer companions who are able):

What draws you to this spirit? Why do you believe you would be the right companion?:

If the spirit found a home other than yours, how would you feel?:

What are you goals/intentions from working with this spirit?:

How do you intend to help the spirit in return?:

*note: I would prefer if applications were done through Word, or a program similar and then attached to an email, but it is not necessary if you are unable. 

Why Israel is a Problem
  • Question: Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign state with warplanes and artillery and naval gunfire?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What American ally in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies (a practice sometimes called exporting terrorism)?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: In which country in the Middle East have high-ranking military officers admitted publicly that unarmed prisoners of war were executed?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to prosecute its soldiers who have acknowledged executing prisoners of war?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East created 762,000 refugees and refuses to allow them to return to their homes, farms and businesses?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation to people whose land, bank accounts and businesses it confiscated?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: In what country in the Middle East was a high-ranking United Nations diplomat assassinated?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: In what country in the Middle East did the man who ordered the assassination of a high-ranking U.N. diplomat become prime minister?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 and wounding 171 American sailors?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East employed a spy, Jonathan Pollard, to steal classified documents and then gave some of them to the Soviet Union?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country at first denied any official connection to Pollard, then voted to make him a citizen and has continuously demanded that the American president grant Pollard a full pardon?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What Middle East country allows American Jewish murderers to flee to its country to escape punishment in the United States and refuses to extradite them once in their custody?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What Middle East country preaches against hate yet builds a shrine and a memorial for a murderer who killed 29 Palestinians while they prayed in their Mosque.
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country on Planet Earth has the second most powerful lobby in the United States, according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Washington insiders?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East deliberately targeted a U.N. Refugee Camp in Qana, Lebanon and killed 103 innocent men, women, and especially children?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East is in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council resolutions and has been protected from 29 more by U.S. vetoes?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East receives more than one-third of all U.S. aid yet is the 16th richest country in the world?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East receives U.S. weapons for free and then sells the technology to the Republic of China even at the objections of the U.S.?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East routinely insults the American people by having its Prime Minister address the United States Congress and lecturing them like children on why they have no right to reduce foreign aid?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East had its Prime Minister announce to his staff not to worry about what the United States says because "We control America?"
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: What country in the Middle East was cited by Amnesty International for demolishing more than 4000 innocent Palestinian homes as a means of ethnic cleansing.
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East has just recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing 15 civilians including 9 children?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East routinely kills young Palestinian children for no reason other than throwing stones at armored vehicles, bulldozers, or tanks?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East signed the Oslo Accords promising to halt any new Jewish Settlement construction, but instead, has built more than 270 new settlements since the signing?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East has assassinated more than 100 political officials of its opponent in the last 2 years while killing hundreds of civilians in the process, including dozens of children?
  • Answer: Israel
  • Question: Which country in the Middle East regularly violates the Geneva Convention by imposing collective punishment on entire towns, villages, and camps, for the acts of a few, and even goes as far as demolishing entire villages while people are still in their homes?
  • Answer: Israel

I’ve got 10 of these sailor jerry panther sheets available, they’re 8 ½ x 11.

If you’d like one, all you have to do is PayPal $15 to caitiestell@gmail.com, please include your address.

& please choose the option “friends or family”

Add $5 if you’re outside to the U.S. please (international shipping is quite pricy)

If you have any questions than just shoot me an email or message me on here.



Seizure of the SS Mayaguez

U.S. Marines successfully recovered the SS Mayaguez and her crew on May 15, 1975. After his safe return, Captain Charles T. Miller sent a telegram from the ship to the White House thanking President Ford and “all the brave military forces who are fighting and dying to save our lives.”

Major Ray E. Porter and Captain Walt Wood raised a U.S. flag on the SS Mayaguez. One of the ship’s crew members later gave a framed photograph of the moment to President Ford.

Two months later in July 1975 Miller met with President Ford in the Oval Office and presented him with the helm’s wheel from the SS Mayaguez. The captain remarked to President Ford that the “American planes looked like angels coming out of the sky” during the rescue operation. President Ford thanked him and all the naval personnel who were strong and resourceful throughout the crisis.

For Ford, the efforts of the military during the ordeal were in the “best spirit of America.” 

How to make your own Homestuck Shirts

I’m a Homestuck cosplayer who don’t live on the U.S. and find whatpumpkin shipping very expensive!! (also a lot of things that comes from the u.s. has expensive shipping!) So when I need to cosplay my favourite trolls or kids I need to make my own shirts!

So I’m posting how I make my shirts:
You’ll need: a shirt, contact paper, scissors, acrylic/fabric paint, pencil or markers, imagination, patience and love.

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history meme: 04/08 objects or places | the Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is an undefined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The earliest allegation of unusual disappearances appeared in a September 17, 1950 article published in The Miami Herald. Two years later, Fate magazine published a short article covering the loss of several planes and ships, including the loss of Flight 19, a group of five U.S. Navy TBM Avenger bombers on a training mission. Some speculated that unknown and mysterious forces account for the unexplained disappearances, such as extraterrestrials; the influence of the lost continent of Atlantis; and other whimsical ideas.
Some explanations are more grounded in science, if not in evidence. The majority of Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes pass through the Bermuda Triangle. Also, the Gulf Stream can cause rapid, sometimes violent, changes in weather. Additionally, the large number of islands in the Caribbean Sea creates many areas of shallow water that can be treacherous to ship navigation.
The U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard contend that there are no supernatural explanations for disasters at sea.  Their experience suggests that the combined forces of nature and human fallibility outdo even the most incredulous science fiction.
The ocean has always been a mysterious place to humans, and when foul weather or poor navigation is involved, it can be a very deadly place. This is true all over the world.  There is no evidence that mysterious disappearances occur with any greater frequency in the Bermuda Triangle than in any other large, well-traveled area of the ocean. [more]

GOT7 T-Shirt Group Order


You will have to fill out a different forum if you live in Europe, Canada, South America Australia, Africa or Asia

THE OFFICIAL SELLER IS: @ sevengasm on twitter




U.S.A GROUP ORDER FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TZEUxC-2pE3cNI-ZMcV_iNGBmFw0uvrdJr4O6gHCGQs/viewform 

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TXdIjTMR8f5HsSOWkmprkWsKl84N0-Gd_jDOHMK7Xbc/viewform?c=0&w=1 

SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_LfIc8f5CqMMFZS4jBH18ryOz0X7OfYRvDBJeJ4ejhI/viewform?c=0&w=1 

U.S.A GROUP ORDER FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TZEUxC-2pE3cNI-ZMcV_iNGBmFw0uvrdJr4O6gHCGQs/viewform 

WORLDWIDE SHIPPING FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TXdIjTMR8f5HsSOWkmprkWsKl84N0-Gd_jDOHMK7Xbc/viewform?c=0&w=1 

SINGAPORE GROUP ORDER FORUM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1_LfIc8f5CqMMFZS4jBH18ryOz0X7OfYRvDBJeJ4ejhI/viewform?c=0&w=1