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Before I tell the story there’s a system in our school that involves colours

Blue student- very good kid
Green student- good kid
Yellow student-needs a little work kid
Red student- gOD AWFUL KIDDO

Also in our school we do a thing called “morning salute” which is basically announcements with the u.s pledge and our school pledge

So our principal was ragging on the eighth grade (my grade) about how were god awful children and is ashamed of us and stuff.


So me being the green student I am sat in my little seat and watched as kids filed our auditorium

When they were done leaving

There were only like thirty of us left


The principal then quietly stated

“Y'all are the only ones who will be aloud to go to the end of the year field trip”


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School!AU NCT Dream

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Anonymous said: Hello, this is probably a weird request ( you don’t have to do it) But being the only girl in dream would include??? If you do it thank you. Love your work

Anonymous said: Being the only girl in dream would include??? Thank you.

A/N: ok so this is probably not what u guys meant but gjrhgjrhgjhzjg see me and my friend were discussing this and we thought ‘,,damn i dont think s.m would rlly have a reason to randomly put a girl in nct dream’ and this is actually a v weird request BUT there’s always smth for everything rite and so i decided to make this kind of a school au??agjrhgjh it’s going to be based on the anime ouran high school host club and i rlly rlly hope u enjoy this!!!!<3

  • ok so basically
  • ur a new girl at school and it’s not j u s t a school its a school for rlly rich kids
  • and honestly u have no idea how u got into that school but apparently one of ur aunts worked there and she thought that u would like to go to that school!!!
  • she’s a rlly cool and chill aunt
  • and she even showed u around the school and gave u ur uniform for FREE bc it actually cost like probs smth around 100 dollars but lol do u think i would pay that
  • anways
  • mind u it’s a school day
  • and there r students walking around and they’re all pretty much staring at u and ur like ‘,,,haha’ bc pls 
  • so ur aunt tells u to change ur clothes in the bathroom so u can try out a day at school and if u don’t like it u won’t have to go ahjfehjhe
  • ofc u change ur clothes quickly
  • but when u leave the bathroom u see that ur aunt isn’t there anymore and ur like “shit.”
  • obviously you’ll have to look for her and it’s :”)) bc u don’t KNOW where she could be
  • suddenly tho!!
  • ping ping
  • a message from ur aunt!!
  • she texted u saying that the principal called her and she had to go back to her office and if u were done that u could just go to her office
  • problem is
  • you don’t know where the office is
  • yikes
  • so you’re there, in a huge ass school that look like a castle and somehow you’re aunt expects you to find your way to her office 
  • gr8
  • u end up knocking on each door and opening them which is kind of embarrassing sometimes seeing that there are classes :))
  • okay but there was this one door that kind of gave u weird vibes???
  • but still u knocked lmao bc why not 
  • no one answered????
  • but for some reason the door opened???
  • ofc u open it a bit more and walk in
  • probably expecting to find ur aunt b u t
  • it’s not ur aunt
  • when u open the door, instead of finding ur lovely aunt u find 7 boys and literally you’re so confused like bois dont u have class
  • ok but lbr tho
  • you’d probably stare at them for a good minute bc like
  • shit they’re all so cute????what the???
  • obviously they’re staring at u too bc like ??what’s a girl doing here??
  • ajhjghjehg there r two bois tho, jeno and jaemin and they both walk over to u and they’re like “hello there~”
  • ur still a bit shook but u say hello too
  • still highkey confused as to what the fuck’s happening
  • and u ask them who they are and they’re like “we’re a music club!!we’re the dream team ^^“
  • and their leader mark lee, presents u to all of them 
  • afhjehrjgh and basically u end up staying w these 7 bois the whole day
  • and they’re like “y/n!!!!we’re ur friends now right??”
  • ofc ur like “yes??”
  • and that’s the start to ur friendship w the dream team
  • everyone at school refers to u as ‘the girl in the dream team’
  • ahfjrhg ur not actually in the team but ur a friend of them who just hangs out w them all the time??
  • like ur not in their music team but ur still one of their best friends
  • tbh they’d always go to u for advice w girls
  • or advice on their clothing
  • if ur on ur period tho
  • do not worry
  • bc they will be so careful ajfehjfh AND they’ll buy u every food u want
  • nana and jeno would call u princess afjhefjejf
  • ur donghyuck’s n.1 target tho for pranks rip
  • and jisung and chenle’s pranks
  • basically u always get pranked
  • its ok bc renjun will scold them 
  • also u can always go to renjun when you’ve got any problems w schoolwork
  • ajhefhef mark is also always taking care of u
  • basically ur like super loved within the whole group
  • but who knows
  • maybe one of them fell in love w u
  • ;)

“I listen attentively to my teachers, and I tend to be deeply influenced by what they say. But when I told the teachers who usually said good job to me that I wanted to apply to a U.S. high school, they said it wouldn’t work. They said that the Korean and American education systems were too different, so they wouldn’t really choose me when there are kids who learned that way all along. I was upset, and I wondered if they were saying those things because they’d already seen my limits. So I was afraid even while I was asking for recommendation letters. No matter how well they might write, in the end, it will be painted with a certain nuance. I became afraid that, if the teacher had even the slightest doubt about my path, it might come out in the writing.”
“Is there also a person who helped you?”
“The person who helped me was also a teacher. This teacher supported me from the very beginning. I let all my worries flood out and said, ‘I don’t know how many schools I should apply to.’ The others said it wouldn’t work, but my teacher told me, ‘No matter how many you apply to, you’ll get all of them.’”

“전 선생님들을 잘 따르고, 선생님들 말에 영향을 많이 받는 편이에요. 그런데 평소에 저한테 잘한다고 해주던 선생님들이, 미국 고등학교에 입학원서를 넣고 싶다고 했더니 안 된다고 말씀하시더라고요. 한국의 교육방식과 미국의 교육방식은 너무 다르고, 그대로 배워왔던 애들이 있는데 굳이 저를 뽑으려하겠냐고 하셨어요. 속상하기도 했고, 제 한계를 벌써 보셔서 그러시나 하는 생각도 들었어요. 그러니까 추천서를 부탁드리면서도 두려웠어요. 아무리 잘 적어주시더라도 결국 쓰는 사람의 말의 뉘앙스가 묻어나잖아요. 그 선생님이 조금이라도 제 진로에 대해 의문이 든다면 그게 글에서 드러나지는 않을까 싶어서 조마조마하게 되더라고요.”
“힘이 되었던 사람도 있나요?”
“힘이 되었던 분도 선생님이었어요. 처음부터 저를 응원해주신 선생님이요. 제가 '몇 개의 학교에 지원을 해야 될 지 잘 모르겠어요'라고 한 분께 고민을 털어놨더니 '너는 몇개를 지원해도 다 붙을 거야'라고 말씀해주셨어요. 다들 안 될 거라고 하셨는데…”

empiricalformulaso4  asked:

Do you have a list of schools where to study 2D animation (international, not just US). And can you even survive in this industry these days without doing 3D? I have a lot of fun doing 2D, but I tried 3D a couple of times and just feels entirely different ... tedious even. If I really try to pursue a career in animation I'm scared I might end up just doing 3D for the rest of my life and that's really not what I want.

Hi there! I will say that I do not have a full list of schools (both in the U.S. and abroad), but I can provide you some that I do know of that study hand drawn animation. Now, most animation schools will have you to learn hand drawn animation before getting into other animation media (3D, 2D like cut puppets, stop motion, motion design), so this is something to keep in mind when considering a school:


CalArts (Character Animation) - please know that you have to compete to get into the program before taking a class there. Ask for portfolio requirements and deadlines before considering (and I am referring to the bachelor’s program). 

SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) - I would suggest the Savannah location, more professors and students available in creating hand drawn animation compared to the Atlanta campus (from my experience).

Academy of Art University - I’m not too familiar with their program, I do know they offer a hand drawn animation program there. 

SVA (School of Visual Arts) - Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, and Dana Terrace all attended at this school. Proof that you don’t need to graduate/attend CalArts to get your own show (put in the work for others to see, lol). 


Gobelins (France) - just seeing short films from their students alone is worth knowing they care about hand drawn animation.

Sheridan College (Canada) - there is a portfolio submission to get into the animation program at Sheridan (fyi). 

Studio Technique (Canada) - the courses here are offered online by Samantha Youssef, so you do not have to head to Canada to take them. She graduated from Sheridan College, and is very skilled in teaching hand drawn animation.

Vancouver Film School (Canada) - my friend/mentor attended this school years ago, I don’t know how consistent their program is. They seem to still have a hand drawn animation program there. 


Now, these are some that I am familiar with, I suggest looking at other animation schools, and the films the students produce there to get a better idea if they value hand drawn as much as 3D/CGI practices. If so, then there’s another school you could add to the list. 

As for question about the industry: Most hand drawn animation projects (studio wise) are overseas (where they do the animation). There are some over here in the States, but some resort to cut puppet (2D), as networks are demanding for that now. What I would encourage you is to get very strong in your skills as a hand drawn animation animator, and add another skill with it (character design, storyboarding, layout, etc.) so that you can be considered valuable for your skills and experience. I like that you’re asking, continue to find professional animators who do hand drawn animation, and ask for their advice and experience - some will answer to you back. 

Also, more work is being done freelance online, as hand drawn animators are coming together to work on projects for big name clients (Studio Yotta being an example). The opportunities are there for hand drawn - the thing is, how hungry are you to sacrifice other things and being willing to focus on it, so you can have what you desire? It may not come right away (or it just might) - but you have to be ready for either direction, depending how dedicated and disciplined you are as an animator. Lastly, show your work online - even if it’s not great, show your progress. People are always looking for new talent everyday. No lie.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope this covers everything for you. I hope this helps you with your decision making and passion. Don’t fear, go animate and make your dreams happen! :) 

Trump’s Education Department nixes Obama-era grant program for school diversity
Advocates say the decision symbolizes a lack of interest in school diversity, a charge the administration denies.

It’s like Devos and Sessions are racing to find out who can do the most racist things with their departments before the 100 days are over.

Though I have to point out something, from the article:

Research has shown that poor children who go to mixed-income schools fare better academically than poor children who go to high-poverty schools and that such integration doesn’t hurt the performance of affluent students. And yet U.S. public schools have become more segregated by race and class over the past two decades, according to a federal analysis released last year.

The diversity grants, called “Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities,” were announced in December by then-Education Secretary John B. King Jr., who used his year-long tenure at the helm of the agency to bring new attention to the advantages of integrated schools. Many advocates, who had been disappointed by federal inaction on school diversity issues during much of President Barack Obama’s time in office, cheered the grants as a small but symbolic move.

Poor students who attend economically diverse schools don’t perform better because middle class students sprinkle them with magic fairy dust and middle class work ethic when they walk through the doors, they do better because high poverty schools in high poverty RACIALLY SEGREGATED areas are neglected and disastrously under-resourced. Cherry picking “worthy” poor kids to be air-lifted into a different school allows liberals to pat themselves on the back while leaving a huge structural issue largely unresolved. People in education tend to laud themselves for innovating new band-aids for huge gaping societal issues.

With that being said, it’s not going to be helpfull AT ALL when Devos decides to find each and every liberal band-aid and rip them off one-by-one.

And This Is How It Starts | Larry One Shot | Tłumaczenie

Tytuł: And This Is How It Starts

Autorka: sinfularry

Tłumaczka: sherriane

Banner: Mini 

Zgoda: melduję, iż jest!

Gatunek: fluff (serio!!), smut

Opis: Bad boy Harry sprawia Louisowi przyjemność na tyłach ich klasy od angielskiego, podczas gdy obaj słuchają The 1975. W roli także: Nick Grimshaw jako opryskliwy nauczyciel.

Od tłumaczki: halo halo stop - to nie tak jak myślisz, kotku! Ja wiem, że opis. Że niby smut tylko. I tak, smut. Ale fluff! Nie będę kłamać - 80% tego one shota to fluff, 20% - smut. Jeśli przyszliście tylko po tę dwudziestkę, to zapraszam na sam koniec tekstu :D Ale przy okazji ominie Was… a może lepiej zobaczcie tagi.


Po tym, jak wcisnął przycisk „drzemka” tak o trzy razy za dużo, Louis jęknął, i westchnął, i ziewnął, i niemal nie wpadł w szał, kiedy zaczął wlec się w stronę łazienki, żeby wziąć prysznic. Włączył 8tracks, mając nadzieję, że muzyka, która akurat leciała, była akceptowalna. Rozebrał się oraz wszedł do brodzika, śpiewając nieprzytomnie piosenkę, która wydobywała się akurat z głośników. Gdy kołysał się na palcach w przód i w tył w rytm utworu, starał się przypomnieć sobie, w jaki dzień tygodnia właśnie się obudził. Zajęło mu to chwilę, ale uśmiechnął się, kiedy zrozumiał, że to środa. Czyli Club Day. Dzień, w którym lekcje są krótsze, a jego wolny czas spędzany z Harrym dłuższy. Zakręcił wodę, po czym nałożył odżywkę na swoje włosy – ponieważ je zapuszczał – i owinął ręcznik wokół pasa.

Podszedł do lustra, biorąc do ręki swoje małe opakowanie kremu nawilżającego z pobliskiej szafki. Przeglądnął się. Louis nie był zarozumiały ani nic. Był tylko… trochę pewny siebie. Mógł być naprawdę nieśmiały i okazjonalnie znajdował się jakiś dupek w szkole, który by się z niego śmiał, bo był gejem, ale szatyn tak naprawdę nie przejmował się tym tak długo, jak tylko był z siebie zadowolony. Był naprawdę dobrym dzieckiem, zawsze zachowywał się zgodnie z zasadami, ale zawsze też był nieco inny. Ale to „inny” nigdy źle nie działało. Miał dobrą rodzinę i dobrą grupkę przyjaciół na collegu.

Kiedy skończył nakładać krem, podszedł na palcach do swojej komody, nie dlatego, że musiał być cicho, tylko dlatego, że czasem lubił być nieco wyższy. Był całkiem drobny, ale energiczny i wyróżniający się z tłumu. Harry często mówił mu, że był skrzatem, a Louis udawał, że mu to przeszkadzało, chociaż tak naprawdę zawsze dostawał wtedy łaskotek na całym ciele.

Zaczął przekopywać szafkę, dopóki nie znalazł ulubionych spodni, tych, dzięki którym jego tyłek wyglądał fenomenalnie, a także pary slipów i całkiem białego t-shirtu. Nie do końca widział sens w tym, żeby wystrajać się do szkoły w Club Day, bo zazwyczaj były to tylko pełne leniuchowania wolne dni, które opierały się na jak najmniejszej ilości notatek i filmach.

Wrócił do lustra i sięgnął po korektor z półki, zakrywając kilka ledwo widocznych pryszczy, a następnie rozpylając puder oraz upewniając się, że oczyścił swój mały kolczyk w nosie, żeby się błyszczał. Potem sięgnął po swój tusz do rzęs – grzeczniej mówiąc, swojej siostry Lottie – i pochylił się bardziej przed lustrem, opierając o nie rękę, żeby utrzymać równowagę, po czym otworzył szeroko oczy, a jego usta ułożyły się w kształt litery „o”. Mrugnął kilka razy, czarny kosmetyk pokrył jego długie rzęsy, sprawiając, że niebieski kolor jego oczu był jeszcze bardziej intensywny. Louis próbował być pewnym, że makijaż nie był tak naprawdę mocny, tylko poprawiał jego wygląd i go ulepszał. Lubił myśleć, że dobrze sobie z nim radził.

W drodze do drzwi sięgnął po bluzę z kapturem i beanie, zanim skierował się do samochodu i zorientował, że zapomniał kluczyków.


Z miejsca, w którym siedział, Louis mógł zobaczyć go niemal perfekcyjnie. Opierał się o ścianę i uśmiechał prosto do dziewczyny, która wyglądała na absolutnie zauroczoną i która najwidoczniej nie była tak ważna dla Louisa, bo ten nawet nie znał jej imienia.

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