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Logic of FAFSA / US College Financial Aid
  • Me: Okay but I'm not a dependent, my parents haven't claimed me in two years. I claimed myself. I am independent. Why do I need to turn in my parental information or the form saying they don't support me and I don't get shit?
  • FAFSA: Oh that! It's because you're not 24 or married. So you're not an independent.
  • Me: But I pay my own bills. I live separately from my parents. They don't give me anything.
  • FAFSA: Nope. Not an independent. You can give us their tax info and see if you could qualify for more.
  • Me: Okay here it is.
  • FAFSA: Oh...No you don't qualify for any more. Sorry. But hey! Two more years and you'll be independent.
Three of the biggest school districts in America have more officers than counselors.

According to a new investigation, there are more security officers than counselors in three of the five largest school districts in the United States: New York City, Chicago and Miami-Dade. It’s not an entirely shocking statistic, but it should be very alarming.

Oklahoma is trying to ban AP U.S. History … so, these lies will probably remain in schools 

House Bill 1380, written by Republican state legislator Dan Fisher, prohibits “the expenditure of funds on the Advanced Placement United States history course” in Oklahoma public schools. His motivation for the bill: That Advanced Placement U.S. history courses only teach “what is bad about America” and fail to emphasize “American exceptionalism.”

To show how bad this would be for students we collected a list of the most common fallacies taught in American classrooms — a list of truths that, if Oklahoma gets its way, students may never hear.

Lie: Blacks, both free and enslaved, fought for the Confederacy.

U.S. Army Soldiers during the Ranger Course on Fort Benning, GA., April 21, 2015. Soldiers attend Ranger school to learn additional leadership and small unit technical and tactical skills in a physically and mentally demanding, combat simulated environment. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Paul Sale/Released Pending Review)

All 8 Females recycled Darby Phase, though that is the best phase to recycle. Those weekend Passes are nice.