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Occupy D.C. Members On 'Sleep Strike,' Doctor Calls It 'Distinctly Unhealthy'

[Thomas Reges hails from right here in Muskegon. A shout-out from the folks back at Occupy Muskegon! Don’t lose your head! –Ed.]
Occupy D.C. Members On ‘Sleep Strike,’ Doctor Calls It 'Distinctly Unhealthy’
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed (The Huffington Post News Editors) - 2/3/12 10:49 AM
Why go hungry when you can stay awake?

Yesterday, the Examiner’s Aubrey Whelan took note of two members of Occupy D.C. who, in a protest of the National Park Service’s recent decision to begin enforcing the ban on camping in McPherson Square – which includes a prohibition on slumbering in the park – decided to go on a “sleep strike.”

That’s right. Since about noon on Monday, when the enforcement regime officially went into effect, two demonstrators, Thomas Reges and Ricky Lehner decided that the best way to prove to NPS and U.S. Park Police that sleeping in public spaces is a vital and expressive part of the Occupy Wall Street movement was to forego sleep entirely.