u.s. men's team

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The only reason the U.S. men's team haven't won the World Cup is because the men's World Cup is much harder to win. If the men's US team played in the women's World Cup they would win it with ease everytime.

I’m just going to sit here and let the stupidity of that comment sink in. Congrats on sounding like a very ignorant asshat.

“Landing boats pouring soldiers and their equipment onto the beach at Massacre Bay, Attu Island, Alaska. This is the southern landing force on May 11, 1943. The American and Canadian troops took control of Attu within two weeks, after fierce fighting with the Japanese occupying forces. Of the allied troops, 549 were killed and 1,148 wounded – of the Japanese troops, only 29 men survived. U.S. burial teams counted 2,351 Japanese dead, and presumed hundreds more were unaccounted for.”