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Thoughts on Hannibal season 2: Leonard Brauer

[This is more a personal thought than an analysis of Hassun]

Leonard Brauer -Will’s lawyer- is the exact example of the kind of lawyer that I want to be someday, let me tell you why:

  • He is sassy, but not the kind of sassy that can make of him a total jerk.
  • He was prepared for the trial; this is a very important thing to do before, study your case, have the knowledge of the evidence, have on mind who the witnesses are and know their soft points, -what he did with Freddie-, and be ready for whatever the prosecutor can ask.
  • Leonard was quite harsh with Alana, yes, but he was right. The romantic feelings that Alana feels for Will would make her an unreliable witness, I mean, we all know how professional she is, but the jury would arguee that her personal beliefs make of her a fool.
  • As well, the “exercise” that he made with Alana and Will, was a good way to prepare her. Obviously, with the high-profile of the case, the prosecutor is someone who can not be fooled very easy, she would get Alana to confess, one way or another, that she cares about Will (in many ways more than Friends).[[I don’t understand why he didn’t talk with Hannibal, though.]]
  • Leonard was focused in an objective: Get a “not guilty” verdict. At first, he wanted to sell the idea of “my client is unstable, he can be guilty.” but after the admirer of Will, he wanted to prove “my client is not guilty, someone else is out there killing people." which is valid, too. As long as he doesn’t cross the line between "I’ll help my client to get out of jail” and “I’ll do everything to get you out”, his strategy is fine.
  • His lack of interest…. Well, honestly, I can’t see myself in a situation like this and just thinking “Yeah it’s fine, I’ll help you and I’ll be famous” because I would try to help my client, to understand what he did or what he didn’t, if my client says “Someone framed me” I wouldn’t be like “nah son, you are sick, it’s okay.” I’d talk to him, I’d try to gain his trust. In a relationship lawyer-client, without trust, you have nothing. [[I hope we can see a more deeply relationship between these two, which I doubt but well….]]

[[Some teachers tell us not to try to be friends with your client, because once you involve feelings, your judgment is blinded. Yeah it’s true, but if you let aside your feelings, then why do you try to save a life? I think it’s quite selfish if a lawyer says “Sorry son, the date of execution is in three weeks.” I’d be crying, but, Idk man, I’ve never gotten a job, so…]]

  • The conversation that he had with Will….. Whoa!

L.B: “-Innocence isn’t a verdict, Mr. Graham, but "not guilty” is. This isn’t law, it’s advertising.“
W.G: ”-Advertising trivializes, it manipulates, it’s vulgar. “
L.B: ”-Boo-hoo so is the law. We have to create desire to find you “not guilty”, which is nonexistent in this courtroom right now. We’re manipulating people into buying something they don’t need. They don’t want you innocence…If I take the moral high ground with you, I’ll get you killed.“

[[As someone who is studying Law, I couldn’t agree more with the way they see the Legal System, and not only in the U. S., but in my country, I swear my inner lawyer literally screamed in that scene!]]

Okay bbs, that’s all, I just wanted to express my love for Leonard Brauer. Thank you for reading.