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Cocky (Jungkook College AU) Part 3

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Jungkook x Reader AU

a/n: HEYA wowoow okayyyyy so I have been extremely busy for a long time now and gave myself a social media break!!!!! but now my schedule is okay and i’m back! I should have given some kind of pre-warning I guess but I forgot to and I’m really sorry :c

genre: university/college au, S M U T (this is legit filthy i h8 myself i need to bathe in holy water AND SO DO U) fLufFy at the end !!

word count: 2.1k

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Masterlist

“That’s it? You’re fucking joking, right. You’re kidding.”

His lips twitched at your use of swear word, but he kept his devilish grin. “Yep. Ask her, if you have to.”

You shuddered thinking about Jungkook and your teacher in the same compromising position you’d been in just moments ago. “No thanks.”

“Anyway.” He unfolded his arms and slinked back into where he had been before, his lips just centimetres from yours. “I believe this is where we left off?”

The inside of your mouth went dry. The sexual tension that had built between the two of you over the past couple of hours had grown so thick, neither of you moved, a silent conversation sparking. His grip on your waist tightened as he watched your bottom lip catch in your teeth, fighting your inner battle as to not give into him so easily. You let it go and swiped your tongue across your parched lips, staring at his own that were oh-so close to yours.

You let out a shaky breath. “Jungk-”

He cut you off as he lunged forwards, smashing his lips against yours forcefully. The sudden movement of his lips on yours made your nerves cry out, but you ignored it, the passion sparking you on. You let out a quiet mewl as his hands ghosted down your lower back and grabbed your ass harshly, your core rubbing against the rough material of his jeans.

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anonymous asked:

Issa!! what's your Instagram? :0

Anon!! It’s @/silvercatarts! 

(So now you know who to tag when you see a repost)

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As someone who has been a prominent world wise member of the caryl fandom since forever (along with ari) please can you tell me why TWD sky bound twitter is literally tweeting caryl stuff every day did this ever happen before? Are they just worried about ratings or what?

Caryl media surge 🗣🗣🗣 no jokes

Seriously, they are extra af. But it’s uncommon for sure, for them to keep tweeting and RT tons of Caryl content. Makes me think they realized caryl is what’s up in this show u.u

i make jokes about posting too many selfies / about what i post in general bc #insecure but really…. what else is social media for

ur literally just documenting ur life for ur own gratification / public consumption in a bizarrely wonderful way

i know i personally wanna see all the selfies, all the whiny/ranting/sometimes-positive-but-lol-what’s-that personal text posts, all the dogs, all the memes

that’s the best shit

hope everyone selfies it up today xoxo (tag me if u do) (tag me in anything, also one of the best parts of social media)

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In regards to the Doctor going blind, I immediately thought that they're going to somehow fix the blindness, since that's how disabilities are always treated in media-as something to be fixed. It would be so great to see them use assistive technology and show how he realistically might have to adapt, but I don't have much hope. What do you think?

i also have very little hope it’s gonna last longer than like, two episodes at most, but i’m also going to ignore the ~fix~ if it happens tbh, like, y’all made ur bed and im gonna tuck u into it with terrible, terrible blind jokes

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why do u claim rin triggered u so bad and abused u yet you stalk them and their blogs???? and their other social media?? lol ur a joke and u just want attention

Wtf I can’t even take this ask serious, you don’t know anything about me so stop talking shit? Who do you think you are? Are you a troll or something? This is so ridiculous. There isn’t any reason why I should stalk this person after everything she’s done to me. I think you’re the one who wants attention by sending me such a rude message without even knowing ANYTHING about me or my life or what this person did to me.

(Sorry to everyone who reads this bullshit but I’m just so tired of all this anon hate I’m receiving right now and I’m so done with this whole situation, I’m done being kind to people who hurt me and treat me like shit like this rude anon.)

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hi! not trying to be bothersome so no worries if u don't have this information, but i was rlly interested in the ninja turtles as a parody of all those "white dude learns our Hidden Asian Secrets & saves the world" trope. do u have any extra info on that u might be willing to share? i've loved the ninja turtles since i was a kid & if it's truly a subversion of that trope it would add a really excellent level to the story

i’m not sure it counts as a subversion of the trope tbh but tldr the first issue was a joke comic parodying the x men and miller’s daredevil, and it only accidentally became a smash hit, a cartoon, and a decades long media empire.

at this point the turtles are, complicated.  in most iterations splinter is a japanese expat who was turned into an anthropomorphic rat, and raised up four turtles who are humanoids now.  are the //turtles// japanese?  splinter usually is, but he’s traditionally voiced by a white guy, and the turtles always are.  it, depends on a lot of factors that vary in each iteration.

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Wht do u do when the boy of ur dreams that u were with for 6 months suddenly dumps you. And then you see hes going out with a girl that was his absolute best friend for 6 yrs. And u start looking through his old pictures & realise that they're always next to each other in every one even ones from like 2010 & he was always tagging her in jokes And she's so nice and sweet and beautiful. It's been 2 years & I still well up some days thinking about it. I feel like I'm never going to get over it.

you delete/block him on social media if you haven’t already, and you stop torturing yourself by looking at what he’s doing on there. you acknowledge that the other girl isn’t your competition and that she’s just living her life and wouldn’t want to upset you. sometimes it can take years to fully get over heartbreak but it will improve/go away, even if falling for someone else is what it takes to fully rid you of those feelings. it’s normal to stay sad about these things because it’s never easy to lose someone but really you need to respect yourself and put yourself first and realise that things didn’t work out and no amount of fretting is going to reverse that. time will pass and it will get easier, you’ve made it this far so you can definitely make it further !!! take care 💝

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Lindsay is kinda an idiot bc she is like "OmG I tOtALlY dOn'T cARe AbOuT WhAT u ThInK" but then she rant about that and try to make jokes about it 😂, like she created a # #LindslayIsOverParty and #unfollowlindsay the only thing she is proving is that she cares too much bc she is just waiting us to start something and get mad about it and be immature in social media

I know omg. She constantly tweets about the hate she gets and tries to make light of it so it’ll look like she doesn’t care, but she doesn’t realize that by doing that’s she’s actually just showing everyone how much it truly bothers her. She’s like….


Like, just chill and ignore it if you really want to look like you don’t give a fuck. It obviously gets to you and you’re doing a terrible job at trying to cover that up, but only because of your overdramatic reaction. You’re just fueling the fire. 

You’d think she’d know how to handle this a little bit better after being an “internet influencer” for so long, but I guess she hasn’t learned yet. She’s so insecure that it’s kind of sad. I feel bad for her at times tbh.

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Cry about K.J Apa being "fatphobic" but continue to play and support Selena Gomez who wouldn't take sides in BLM..

jokes on u, i dropped selena when she made that dumbass comment and haven’t been able to get into her playing since?? i just use her gifs on here cause i have a bunch,, next. 

her talking with her head up taylor swift’s ass on twitter like half a year ago has no correlation to k.j.’s recent nasty social media activity. she has nothing to do with him ??? her actions don’t make his more or less gross. if u need to bring up someone else’s dirt in attempt to deviate from what ur fav did, even u know he fucked up bad!!! tragic 

go be salty that your fav got caught showing his whole ugly, fatphobic, misogynistic ass somewhere else n don’t ever put fatphobia in quotations in my ask ever again sis

i was dared *u*

so okay since kanina sabi ko sasagutan ko siya, eto na, sasagutan ko na. hahaha ‘di naman ako talkshit haha charat joke lang eto na besty haha andami pala neto

1. What’s your biggest fear? — i’d say the fear of being left alone, pero feeling ko kakayanin ko pa din ‘yun pag wala na talagang choice, so okay birds nalang. takot talaga ko sa birds.

2. What’s your biggest goal in life?  — madami akong goals tbh but to do things i love with people i love, ‘yung walang ikakastress ganern

3. Favourite social media? — Twitter! :-)

4. Favorite song at the moment? — ‘di ko alam pero lss ako sa how deep is your love ng bee gees kasi kinakanta ko ‘yun for a week now.

5. Something you’d love to achieve? — siya. charot. my successful IT career! gusto ko talaga mag-succeed dito kasi syempre eto pinag-aaralan ko e. gusto ko maging leader ng team ko chas haha

6. Favoruite food? — california maki :-)

7. When’s your birthday? — august 5

8. A random fact about yourself? — uhm i enjoy organizing stuff haha gusto ko na maayos ang mga bagay-bagay talaga

9. Lucky number? — 5!

more under the cut! *u*

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Anon: Have you slept with guys that are on the same team? Do you think they know? Do u think the guys talk about their fuck buddys to each other?

Us: Oh my goodness. We’ve learned through our years that we needa keep it ONE PLAYER PER TEAM and even that still bites us in the ass. Then we think maybe one player per league and then laugh because that’s a hilarious joke. They all talk. They will show pics of you. They will talk about your convos. They will talk about what you two have been doing. They will definitely show your social media to them. You may think you’re sleeping with one player on the team, but in all actuality you’re dating the whole team. Now keep in mind this is mostly because of immaturity, so it’s less common in the NHL for sure, but even those hockey boys will mention “their new girl”. Just try not to sleep around or wheel too much or you’ll end up getting snapchats of two of your guys together… or maybe that situation will happen 5 more times to you with all different players… BE CAREFUL 

nijxma replied to your post: the thing is that… atlus suck charas like ryuji…

the fact that there is such a cognitive dissonance with regards to the story line of rebellion and trying to set things right, and yet ‘here’s some problematic stereotypes on gay people, LOL see ya’ is frustrating

if they don’t want to make a game about gay issues, that’d be fine. it’d mean they’re just as bad as every other mainstream piece of media that doesn’t think representing gay people is important, but that’d be a problem with mainstream media as a whole rather than this single game.

the problem is these gay jokes, and the baiting for fujoshis. they dont want to have positive portrayal of gay people in their game but u can flirt and tease boys as a joke because that’ll make the fujoshis make doujins that promo the game and stuff. they wanna have flamboyantly gay background characters kidnap ryuji as a hilarious joke.

i love persona but this stuff is worth looking at critically. &like its not the responsibility of fans who love these characters and ships to justify it, &im not even saying finding the female characters they objectify as sexy is bad either, its just this is part of the game and it sends a message lol

am i the only one whos really bothered by the fact that if someone tries to call out a shitty problematic or offensive “joke” in a kids show they tend to get silenced by being told “calm down! its for kids” 

like what ur basically saying is “who cares if this show encourages hateful bigoted worldviews, its just for young people whos worldviews are still developing!”

like if anything i think kid’s media deserve the most critical analysis out of media because its literally shaping the worldview of the next generation, just because a show keeps ur 5 year old entertained for a few minutes doesnt mean its good for them

also critically analyzing kids media because kids are smart and deserve content thats actually good isnt remotely the same thing as being a whiny entitled fanboy who thinks the show should pander to them or being a fun hating asshole who makes little kids feel bad for liking frozen, stop pretending it is

tdrl: things arent magically exempt from criticism and analysis because of they’re aimed at kids, and kids deserve better media than shitty cartoons that make hurtful dehumanizing jokes

smallspaceplant  asked:

Do u think when Jack was born Bad Bob's teammates started calling him Dad Bob Zimmermann? What if it caught on in the media for a while omg

omg i sure as shit hope so

actually wait no

what if he started calling himself Dad Bob Zimmermann

like Jack must get his dad joke sense of humor from somewhere and can’t u just imagine fucking Bad Bob Zimmermann, Stanley Cup winner, during a press conference or s/t saying, “Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, you’ll have to stop calling me Bad Bob. The good news is, you can start calling me Dad Bob Zimmermann, yes that’s right folks, I have a child on the way, thank you so much for coming.”

and Alicia’s just like, at home or off to the side or in the crowd or something, facepalming while she watches her idiot husband be an idiot on live national television