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One Man’s Hell: Part 1

“this is a carjacking, right?
“i confess - i was seduced. it’s a sexy car.”
“you guys really should learn how to break into cars when the driver’s not in them.”
“i need help with something and i think you’re my best choice. it will require some travel. danger level is uncertain.”
“i smell something in the air. i smell success. i smell the future. i smell money!”
“no need to panic, folks!”
“i was nothing once. a loser. no prospects.”
“give me a break.”
“all that matters is the green.”
“i thought you might enjoy getting out for dinner.”
“you have other plans? a date, maybe?”
“i think i’m in love.”
“i’m going to like this job.”
“all of your expenses are covered.”
“what’s not to like?”
“i’ve “borrowed” some space on the u.s. military’s gps stationary satellites.”
“he’s a notorious ladies’ man.”
“hope i’m not out of line if i say your life lacks direction right now.”
“i hope i got your size right.”
“are these your personal taste?”
“i’ll try not to take that the wrong way.”
“so, what’s my next move?”
“i do have an idea on how to make a splash.”
“don’t tell me you’re a banker looking to invest in overseas interests.”
“i’m here with some friends and they seem to have drifted off.”
“this is strictly business for them.”
“it seems the more money a man gathers, the more self-absorbed he becomes.”
“i’ve never allowed cash to dull my other appetites.”
“i have to come with you. an incredibly tedious man who was bothering me earlier is circling in for the kill.”