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sana👏🏻is👏🏻white👏🏻! The term "poc" doesn't exist outside the u.s!! (and maybe the uk but you being from the uk yourself should know that there is plenty discrimination against eastern europeans in the uk. (or are you gonna pretend that doesn't exist hmmm)

sana: *says herself on the show that she faces racism.*

y'all: “sana is white.”

p.s: that discrimination eastern europeans face has a name, its called xenophobia.
Cosette to Christine Full List

Here is my full list of actresses that have played both Christine and Cosette, doesn’t matter the production, Broadway/London, Professional/Non, Regional/Tour. As long as they played both they are on this list. There may be a couple missing as I accidentally deleted a bit of my list a while ago and some were hard to find in the first place. This is a super long list so the list is all under the “read more” line. (Updated: June 14th 2016)

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