My name is Wade, I’m a 22 year old transguy living in Ohio :P I’d like to meet some friends that I could relate to in regards to transitioning. Being surrounded by cornfields and attending a small, private university was not the best decision I’ve ever made. Save me from my lonesomeness?! Please and thank you :) 

dear people outside of Malaysia, i will stand by my country and defend it.

dear people outside of Malaysia, i will stand by my country and defend it.

i know, it may not concern you in any way, but i want you to know that 239 people.227 passengers and 12 crew members could not be traced. The flight which is known as MH370 could not be traced. I refuse to use the word lost or gone,because i still believe they are alive right now. right this instance.

Yes, i am aware that 4 days has passed since the flight went off radar. yes, i do know that as time pass by the chances of survival decreases. But we, malaysian and also the family members of the 239 people in the flight still hope.pray and have faith. That they will comeback.

The KLIA airport that usually is filled by tourist or crew members is now filled by the family members, ministers,counselors,volunteers and members of the media.My country is surrounded by war ships, air crafts, submarines that was sent by countries all over the world in hope to FIND MH370. 48 air crafts, 57 ships and 11 satellites to be exact.

Do you know over 20 million fishermen are out in sea looking for them day and night? Now let me remind you that, my country’s fishermen may not have sophisticated equipments like the ones you may have in your country. BUT. They have been going to sea to find them. Not only them but also the fishermen from neighboring countries such as vietnam, indonesia, thailand and the philiphines. i don’t think, all the soldiers whether navy or air force would know how thankful we are of them. Not to mention the FBI’s and the interpol. They have done so much for our country.     

Temples, churches, mosque and every other holy ground in my country is filled with prayers 24/7 and other holy rituals in hope to ease the search, since the day of the incident. You may say that is expected but have you seen our pavements, road sides or even our sky ? they are filled with wishes, candles, lanterns and posters.

do you still think, this is a joke?

do you think

this is a joke?

please be considerate. that is all i ask. i do not want your sympathy, all i ask is, for you, to be considerate. To think before you speak in this times of sorrow. Yes, you may not be involved, heck maybe even your country is not involved in helping us. But please watch what you say. Do not make fun of this issue. These are people’s lives we are talking about here. if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Because every word you toss, not only disrespect the passengers, the family members of the passengers, we (malaysian) but also the countries who are involved in helping us. China, Australia, U.S.A, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Brunei, India, japan, south korea and so many more other countries

if possible pray for them, if not spread the news. if you can’t even do that, then it’s ok. we are not mad at you, but when you speak ill of my country and of those people. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO KEEP QUIET.


 please help me to spread this

a U.S. court once debated whether the X-Men are human or not, because “dolls”- which represent human beings - are tariffed at twice the rate of “toys” - which represent something other than human (monsters, robots, etc.). The court decided that X-men are not human.