U.N.L.V Uptown 4 Life (1996) Ca$h Money Records

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On U.N.L.V.’s Uptown For Life (1996), Mannie Fresh created an amazing electronic landscape for the rappers, who turn one track into what is without a doubt one of the greatest songs in rap history, “Drag ‘Em "N” Tha River.“ a rip on Big Boy Records "Mystikal” Of course, cultural watchdogs and other haters hate on anything that doesn’t rely simply on scratchin’ and samplin’, but that’s just haters being haters. Uptown 4 Life sold 200,000 copies and local bounce legend Juvenile decided, after hearing it, to come to Cash Money. This Is indeed a classic Cash Money Album and i think any one who is a fan of CMR should scoup this bad boy up ASAP!

1. Intro
2. Uptown 4 Life
3. Drag 'Em “N” Tha River
4. Pocket Full of Furl
5. Up Town Gun Show 6. 211-187
7. Chill and Hussle
8. Manny Fresh Mix
9. Rape U 4 Your Life
10. Boom Get Chopped
11. Head No Screws 12. Low Down and Dirty
13. Playa Hate'n 14. Jazzy Bitch
15. Black Connection