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U.S. women’s soccer wins higher pay, improved support with five-year labor deal
The U.S. women’s soccer players’ union and the sport’s governing body have agreed to a five-year collective bargaining agreement, improving standards for the national team and pro league and ensuring labor harmony through the next World Cup and Olympics.
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“In a joint statement, the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association and U.S. Soccer Federation said they have “ratified a new collective bargaining agreement which will continue to build the women’s program in the U.S., grow the game of soccer worldwide and improve the professional lives of players on and off the field. We are proud of the hard work and commitment to thoughtful dialogue reflected through this process, and look forward to strengthening our partnership moving forward.”

In recent years, the players have raised issues about compensation and working conditions compared to their male counterparts, casting a shadow over the efforts of the most successful women’s team in soccer history and pitting the federation against wildly popular athletes, such as Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

In March 2016, the players  filed a federal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, charging the USSF with wage discrimination. The case remains active.

Financial specifics were not immediately available, but people with knowledge of the pact said it includes:

  • Increase in direct compensation
  • Increase in bonus compensation
  • Enhanced benefits related to travel and hotels
  • Per diem equal to the U.S. men’s team
  • Greater financial support for players who are pregnant
  • Financial support for players adopting a child

Also, in a key gain, the players’ association will now control group likeness rights for licensing and nonexclusive rights in sponsorship categories where USSF does not have an agreement.”  

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The U.S. women's soccer star who has gone largely unnoticed
Becky Sauerbrunn and the U.S. women defeated South Africa in a July 9 friendly. (AP Photo)

“I don’t think I’m where I’m going to end up with my career. I think I have places I can reach as far as being a player. And so that’s kind of my motivation.”

“What matters to me is that my team respects me and my coaching staff respects me and they want me on the team and they want me playing,” she says. “At the end of the day, that’s all that’s really important to me.”

It seems they do. Sauerbrunn was recently made co-captain.

Plus, she says, “I would rather be underrated than overrated.”

Sauerbrunn showed up to her interview clutching a book. She is prone to tweeting and Instagramming about her #nerdsquad on the national team. They’re a group of self-proclaimed nerds who like to explore, read and see movies when they’re on the road. “It’s dwindling right now,” she says. It’s just her, Heather O’Reilly, Klingenbergh and Hope Solo.

#USWNT fan shows support for U.S. players in East Hartford, Conn. (Jessica Hill/Associated Press)

As the USWNT thrashed Colombia in a Olympic qualifying match, there were reports that chants of “EQUAL PLAY” were ringing in the stadium. 

Young girls are supporting their sheroes and also understanding what wage gap means. 

Supporter of the women’s team rallies behind these athletes and their right to proper renumeration.

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