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Hey Kap ! I'm... Ladybird. I just wanted to thank you for the sweetest gif ever ! You made my birthday even better than it already was. Also I really don't deserve my girlfriend, she's way too good to me. Anyway, you're the best, I love your work, your plants, your face and everything ! Thank you for everything ! <3

♥ u 2 r so cute jesus guys can’t u like tone down the cute a little don’t

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when you get anxiety try to go outside and look for colors, when you find green look at everything that's green, same thing for purple, and blue, etc. Helps me calm down, hope it helps you too. also u r 2 cute i hope you never have anxiety ever !!

This is such a cute message thank u anon :) I will definitely try that out, even if I’m not anxious since I enjoy walking

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edd, honey, it can be awkward and it's okay, all dates r quite like this, to be honest. just relax and try to have a good time w/ a person that u like. it's even easier when u know each other for so long. love can take this long. and don't compare urself and matt, u r 2 great and cute but still different persons. just act like u feel u need to, if anything going not quite right, I got ur back, so relax and do what u want to.

Edd: C-can we just not talk about this?

((So I’m only speaking for myself but I personally find that being in a relationship with a person you’ve known for awhile is actually just simpler.  I’ve known my gf for about 3 ½ - 4 years now and I just find that knowing that person for awhile can help the relationship because it just won’t be as awkward I guess.  Once again I’m only speaking for myself, an antisocial bean - Mod M))

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omg tell us about this italian guy?

omg ok so. THANKS TO BAD PLANNING FROM MISS BLANQUERA i was going down to london and catching a FIVE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING train bc she said we weere going on a tour of london at 8 am. anyway turns out that was actually the day after and she wasn’t arriving in the uk until 9am. so here i am in london at 7am, walking down a p much deserted regent street, sitting in pret for an hour w a cup of tea and a phone charger, walking up to trafalgar square and the like.
then i decided to go up to leicester square bc why not i had like 3 hours to kill. and i was sat down listening to hozier and seeing if tiffany had landed yet and this nice italian guy tapped me on the shoulder pointing to a map and i took my headphones out and he asked me where the fuck he was and i like showed him where he was like!!11 leicester square!! and he was really friendly and he was like ‘excuse me you look english’ and i was like well i am so thank u. anyway we continued talking and he told about that he was italian and i was like ..’nice’ but inside i was like ‘what is happening u r 2 cute 4 me’ and he told me to guess how old he was and i was like ‘uhhhhh 21′ and he was like ‘no 19!’ and he talked abt how he was going to university in milan next week and it was his first time in london but he wanted to come bc it is his dream to go to LSE and he wanted to imporove his english and i explained that i too am going to uni this month and i am from a tiny lil place in the countryside and it was nice:) then he asked me what i was doing in london and i said i was waiting for tiffany and i was like ‘WOAH FRIEND ON INTERNET SO COOL!!’ and so i talked to him about tiffany and he suggested that we could walk around a bit whilst waiting for her and i was like… yes pls ok.

so we went up to the national art gallery and looked at all the paintings and it was v nice and aesthetic but i was still lowkey like what is happening omg is this the real life. anyway we walked around and took selfies and talked and sat my the thames and talks and he was so so nice and we really got along and he kept saying ‘sorry for my bad english’ even though he was like fluent i was like its okkk. we were sat on a bench by the thames and it was q chilly with the wind and he put his arm around me for warmth and that was nice and :).

then we walked over the bridge and to houses of parliament/big ben etc and then he was like ‘lets go to a park’ so we went to st james’ park and sat on a bench like lowkey cuddling and then he asked me what music i was listening to when ini leicester sq and i was like ‘ummm hozier?’ and he was like ‘???’ and i was like ‘take me to church?’ and he was like ‘OHH! yes i know it!! play it for me’ so we shared headphones and i played the song and he kept asking me what the words were and so i replayed the song and then stopped after every line and relayed the words back to him bc he said it was hardest to understand songs and i was like maybe hozier isnt the best thing to listen to them and yh anyway. more cute stuff and then i like looked up at him and he kissed me and that was v nice rip.
 then we like continued walking and he took some pics with squirrels and then tiffany texted saying that she was there so he came w and we went on the tube and tried to find her hotel and we finally found it and i was rly happy and i hugged tiffany and then we all went for the cheekiest of nandos and then chilled the rest of the day. and the the next day i went on the bus tour w tiffany and it was cold but rly cute and happy and historical and :) !! then i saw him again just before i left and we went to st james’ again and rip i missed my train but it was nice and he kissed me good bye and he said ‘i will remember u’ and i was like rip and yh anyway…. this is long but… nice time in london yh