oh my g o d 

thank you to all my precious bab friends for throwing probably the best (early)bday party of my life?????? and for my 21st too, dang (the surprise aspect of it probs took a year off my life though)

massive thanks to meitopia, soapycrossing, and audreydraws for organizing this <3 <3 i’m very bad at crying about things but trust me i am internally sobbing

ALSO TO remnisc, starbbit, luneandcompany, kappasuit, tanteicrossing, chimeriacrossing, c2oh, komorebitown, sleppu, laocoon-crossing, iamdrsloth, ktchew, mpreghorse, toasterthemudkip, fuuuranz, mieuki, and craneleaf all of the drawings and letters were so sweet this is the nicest thing thank you guys so much <3

anonymous asked:

hi darling just dropping in to say you're perfect and i love seeing you on my dash and i hope you are having the best day yet <3


hello cute anon!!!  you’re so sweet ahh ;y; this ask means a lot to me, thank you so much!!! <333  you are so very sweet and nice seriously <333  words can not describe how happy i am now ;y;  

i mean i already was having a very good day holla at cute girlfriend bringing me coffee because she loves me   but this ask has made it even better so thank you so much anon!!! <333


<3 <3 <3