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Can u make like a really cute pastel planner and school supplies to match that!? And can u make a store in mn becuase I love your stuff!!!! Plz

Hi @soccerisworthliving! Haha I’ll put in a good word for ya ^.^ But in the meantime, you can look at the pastel school supplies we DO have! And not gonna lie, they look pretty good together:

-Piyo Study Planner: We’ve seen some studyblrs use this & it’s awesome! It comes in lovely pastel colors & it’s specifically designed for students so if you’re into that…here you go. ^.~

-Pastel Animal Shadow Scheduler: This one has a more simple layout, but look! It’s pastel & there are cute animal silhouettes on the front!

-La Petite Fille Diary Scheduler: A girly & detailed planner. I like this one personally because the illustrator made unique drawings for each of the pages! That is dedication, my friend.

-Simple Journal PlannerDaily Planner (2nd Edition): If you like more minimal & classy planners, these are perfect. I love all of the products in this series!

-Day and Night Pastel Mini Notebook: The covers on these are kind of loud, but the pages inside are so beautiful. There are 3 milky pastel colors to choose from & they’re so calming to the eyes.

-Simple Pastel Notebook: As the name suggests - a simple pastel notebook haha. It’s half lined & half plain paper inside!

Now to the fun part! Pens!!

-Twin Highlighter Pen Set: This is just a delicious looking set of pens. And highlighting is actually really useful in school or when looking at adulting documents haha.

-Pastel Dual Deco Pen Set: Go & look at the colors. Look at them!! Super sweet, love ‘em.

-Ardium Pastel Pen: Just a cute pen to write with! I feel sooo good when I’m writing with a writing utensil that I enjoy! Am I the only one? >.>

A random pastel pen case to keep your pens in.

-Tassel Leather Pen Case: I cooed over this so much when we first brought it in haha. It’s really cute & it has a tassel detail on the zipper! :D

Okay! There you go! Here are some of our adorable pastel planners & school supplies to hold you over! :) We’ll definitely try to bring in more pastel products so thank you for the love!! ^.^ Also, we don’t currently have any physical stores so sorry about that - but we do ship worldwide! I hope this helps & have a wonderful day~

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MN is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Also happy Fathers day FT, you are the second most beautiful man.

MN: !!! ´//u//`

FT: ah why thank you!!