all jokes aside, it really hurts my heart as a black girl that when asked what she would do differently if she had another chance inside the house, dominique said she would keep her mouth shut. last season da’vonne said, if not the exact same thing, something very similar.

yall, big brother is just some shitty reality show. but this just goes to show the sad truth in our society: black women are constantly narrowed down to a single stereotype and are generally not respected as people. whether it be the angry black women or the strong black women trope (both limit our ability as women to emote, as if the only emotion we can express is anger and our only quality is strength), there’s no denying that these negative traits are pinned on black women as a means of oppression and to undermine the way we feel. dominique – who was aware of how her (completely valid) emotions could be stereotyped – fell victim to a multitude of microaggressions that black women endure everyday in the real world. if dominique was white, would she have had the same experience as she did this past week? hell no.

point blank: black women in life and in big brother can’t voice their opinions without being stuffed into a stereotype by their white counterparts, or in this case, being evicted 


matty: blue……
blue: there was. this guy. and. i thought-
matty: hey stop u dont have to say. its ok
blue: how could i ever think that id be a better person without u?
blue: i. am my best self when im with u…………how could i……………………………
blue: im sorry im sorry im sorry will u take me back… maybe i dont deserve u… and maybe i ruined everything by leaving…im soroy ims odriysordiysr
matty: its ok blue. ur ok its ok

i really appreciate that it looks like lance’s emotional side will be explored outside of ‘oh he feels like a third wheel and he’s super flirty’ if u get me??? like, him being able to reassure and comfort people and his very instinct to do so is a character trait that i think defines him a lot, and every time i see it actually explored !!! i get super happy!!! he’s a lot more than a guy whose importance is fanon overdone angst!!!! he’s also just…. a guy who cares!! a guy who’s soft sometimes and isn’t ashamed of that!!! he’s the heart of the team!!!! not a device used to throw around for people’s pleasure !!


Do you really think it’s wise to get pissed in full view of any of your men that may stumble in here just before they’re about to embark on the most dangerous journey of their lives? Wise? Probably not. But then there was 36 hours before castoff, so I thought why not live dangerously?

i hate to be that guy but can u lms if u dont find me annoying im paranoid also dont feel obligated to stay in a mutual w me u can unfollow whenever i dont confront over that omg

  • things i want to see adena doing bc im writing kadena stories and im desperate come talk to me abt adena and her relationship w islam yall
  • casually doing her namaz/salah in her own workplace! saying different surats, reveling in her private time with Allah!
    • namaz/salah means prayer its just two different ways of saying it
    • surats are the verses in the quran
    • Allah is God,,,,and while i have ur attention Allah isnt just “muslims God” it literally means just got in arabic. so like christian arabs call God Allah as well lmfao
  • the adhan going off on her phone in the morning, middle of the day, evening, night etc.
    • adhan is the call to prayer and it comes 5 times
  • messing around with her hijab in the beginning of her day depending on the weather and her outfit eruheahu i want to see her hiding the 300 pins we all do okay
  • seeing her leaving and entering the masjid with food for some event or without because shes jut there to do her namaz and go
    • masgid is what we call the mosque
  • saying ‘astaghfirullah’ whenever the slightest thing goes wrong eriuheah
    • astaghfirullah is just a term that means disapproval
  • reading the quran at some point
  • i wanna know her fave surats from the quran 
  • getting with muslim friends and laughing and joking around in the #MuslimWay erheuah
  • making duas, for her friends, her family, strangers who are suffering, for everyone and then finally herself
  • having serious talks abt islam, with other muslims, with kat etc. everyone getting along trying to understand each others perspective
  • i want to see adena exist shes a muslim and these are aspects of our lives N I WANNA SEE THEM come talk to me abt her eirheauh