colin o'donoghue and the adventure of the ridiculous understatement
  • when hook crosses realms to find emma:'he likes her'
  • when hook and emma are confirmed true love:'pretty sure they're friends now but idk.'
  • when hook and emma are in a committed relationship:'hook thinks she's pretty neat'
  • when hook and emma move in together/marry/have kids:'they definitely don't hate each other'

“This is your copy of Advanced Potion-Making, is it, Potter?”
“Yes,” said Harry, still breathing hard.
“You’re quite sure of that, are you, Potter?”
“Yes,” said Harry, with a touch more defiance.
“This is the copy of Advanced Potion-Making that you purchased from Flourish and Blotts?”
“Yes,” said Harry firmly.
“Then why,” asked Snape, “does it have the name ‘Roonil Wazlib’ written inside the front cover?”
Harry’s heart missed a beat. “That’s my nickname,” he said.”