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[m] = smut

☆ = new fics //  UPDATED | 08.09.17

C h a n y e o l    

J o n g d a e    

B a e k h y u n  

J u n m y e o n

K y u n g s o o

Y i x i n g

S e h u n

M i n s e o k

J o n g i n

smh you can totally see who my biases are in this

for @froggie-fran, the Enabler ™ of Things.

the foxes as things i've tweeted
  • andrew: i like hot chocolate and chain smoking instead of doing things i'm supposed to be doing
  • + bonus andrew: 20 likes and i'll kill my crush
  • aaron: exam self care is eating a pound of chocolate covered coffee beans and astral projecting into a wendy's parking lot to knife fight with god
  • neil: this is just a gentle reminder that i am pretty much permanently Emotionally Unavailable thank u goodbye
  • + bonus neil: kiss me or kill me. or both. lets just get this over with
  • kevin: i'm listening to tchaikovsky and shostakovich and getting drunk. this is the fucking #life don't bother me
  • + bonus kevin: my kink is when my teammates do their fucking jobs
  • allison: do i want to kiss her or steal her look?
  • + bonus allison: i want to look good AND fuck people up
  • seth: i'm a literal wet heap of garbage and i want to die
  • nicky: i'm not here to be reasonable i'm here to be gay and have fun
  • matt: listen to me. every time this girl breathes i want to give her everything i own she deserves the world i love her
  • dan: men are weak and disgusting. except for that one he can stay
  • renee: having good friends is a religious experience and i will protect them with my life
  • additional
  • wymack: [letting my cats outside] you are idiots. i hate you. i know youre going to get hurt. [opening door] i love u go get 'em
  • jean: je don't know, je don't care, je want u to go away
some Baekhyun headcanons
  • Don’t get me wrong I fkin love this kid but he’s such a fuccboi™ sometimes that you wonder how you deal with him on a daily basis jfc 
  •  The teasing and playfulness is nonstop w/ him 
  •  He’ll still flirt w/ you and be cheeky after years of dating and knowing each other ???????
  •  Totally will send you shirtless pics of him after practice w inappropriate emojis 
  •  But yeah he’ll want to check in on you often and sends lots of photos updates w/ him and the boys practicing and eating 
  •  They’ll get annoyed at this tbh bc they’re like ?? You’re literally taking ugly pics of us on purpose so that y/n only keeps an eye for u , u lil sh-
  •  The boys are hella impressed by how quickly he got whipped 
  •  Like…………
  •  So one time you got into a huge fight w/ him over nothing and he stormed out right 
  •  Bc he couldn’t handle crying in front of you and being emo bc he wants you to think of happy and smiley and fluffy baekhyun and not tear-stained, ugly crying, throwing a fit baekhyun 
  •  So he’ll go over to chan’s place and oh my lord 
  •  Chanyeol is like “!!!!! Whoa,..,.,,…no one’s ever made you act like this before so you better get her ass on the phone and talk to her asap boi!!!!!”
  •  “wow you’re not even gonna pretend to be sad for me. I got fake people showing fake lo-“
  •  He’ll be forced by the giant to talk to you and apologize 
  •  And he’ll kinda not say anything and just hold you by the waist really tight ?
  •  But then you’ll hear him murmuring something against your neck and it kinda tickles so you laugh and he looks like he’s just been shot lmao 
  •  “why are you laughing ;(? I said I love you and I’m sorry that I was being a drama queen, but fine I take it back never mind”
  •  “just kiss me u fkin weirdo” 
  •  So needless to say the other members are just shocked by how much of an effect you have on him????
  •  Like he’d literally move the sun and the moon for you if that’d make you happy
  •  I’m not saying he’ll get jealous and pouty often but no that’s exactly what I’m saying 
  •  But you know dang well he can’t live without your constant attention 
  •  No matter how much that would annoy and bother other people, you’ve probably gotten used to it and can’t live without his adorable antics 
  •  Bc I mean it’s not like he’ll get all possessive and get mad when you hang around others 
  •  But totally expect that adorable murderous look to hypothetically kill at least 5 people if they ever made you feel uncomfortable or got your attention for too long 
  •  Calls you so many nicknames that you aren’t even sure if he likes your actual name lmao 
  •  His favorite is probably wifey bc it’s like………..ye I’m being thirsty and obvious but also I’m being low key bc it’s not like I’m saying ‘wife’ which completely has a different meaning, so, way 2 go baek,
  •  OK so like one time he saw you messing around w/ Sehun and play fighting
  •  And he called him your son ????? 
  •  “lol aw look at you two, my wifey and my son :’)”
  •  And yeah it made things hella awkward but hey its Sehun so he understands 
  •  *pats your shoulder* “I’m so sorry u have to put up w/ baek’s bs”
  •  All he wants to do on his free days is to build blanket forts w/ you and cuddle until the sun goes down 
  •  Bc then something else is gonna go down lmao ahsjdkfl I’ll sTop
  •  Yooooooooo he acts like he hasn’t seen you in 28 years when he’s been busy and finally comes to visit 
  •  Will not leave your side and acts like a puppy, literally just following you around 
  •  Pouty kisses OML 
  •  He’d mumble your name in his sleep so often 
  •  Probably the only time he’d actually call you by your real name yikes baek 
  •  Also holds your hand really tight when you’re both sleeping ???? Like omg sometimes he won’t even let go throughout the night and presses it against his lips or against his chest so you could feel his heart beat fuccccccc
  •  So many inside jokes 
  •  Bc he loves having secrets w you!!!!! It feels scandalous but also brings you closer wow the power of gossip 
  •  He’s always teasing you when in public like he just can’t help himself 
  •  You’ll find his fingers just casually  sliding up and down your thighs or even arms 
  •  And first you won’t even think anything of it bc he’s always just touching you in general??
  •  But you’ll get the hint and you’re like…………jfc he really is tryna test me 
  •  He kisses your forehead and the top of your head a lot 
  •  And he’d esp love this if you were shorter than him 
  •  He’s just hella cheesy when you’re both alone tbh 
  •  Also he just loves it when you refer to him as your boyfriend when you introduce him to someone 
  •  Like his eyes start shining and he’ll stare at you in adoration and pure love instead of shaking hands w/ the person lmao 
  •  You’ll know he’s really in love when he’s just sitting there peaceful and quiet by your side, not once shouting any random thoughts in his head bc it’s completely swarming w/ thoughts of you 
  •  When you pick up on this and ask him what’s wrong, he’ll snap out of quickly but keep a warm smile on his cute lips 
  •  “nothing baby, I was just thinking about how cute our future kids will look”
  •  Yeah so there’s that and there goes my sanity 
  •  Like his head is constantly against your chest and he’s spilling out his thoughts and secrets bc he trusts you more than anyone or anything else in his world 
  •  Bc you are his world awwww pls keep this kid safe and loved 🌷

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ur got7 "where would they kiss u" has got me crying n blushing avshsjdh I feel so flustered omg thank u.. if u don't mind could u also do the same prompt for monsta x??? thank u so much u are a real sweetheart !! And thank u for running this blog!!! ik it's not easy so kudos to u !☄☄

aww thank you!!! here’s the monsta x version~

Shownu is so simple when it comes to romance, but it’s so charming because he has really cute, soft habits. One of these is kissing your forehead, but he does it with both hands on your face, smiling down at you before leaning in to kiss your forehead and whisper that he loves you. The kiss is kind of cheesy, even Shownu will admit that, so he only does it when you two are alone like in the morning after you’ve both woken up and the sun is trickling in through the window of Shownu’s warm room.. 

Kihyun likes to play around and is a romantic tease, to put it nicely. He’ll do this thing where you’ll lay next to each other and if you sit up to reach for something on the nightstand, Kihyun will wrap his arm around your hips and nudge up your shirt and kiss the small dip of your back. It always makes a chill run up you’re spine and you’ll call out his name in shock - but Kihyun thinks it’s cute because he can hear your breath hitch.

Hyungwon is a nape of the neck kind of guy. Nape of the neck and the back slope of your shoulder. Especially since he’s the most affectionate when he’s holding you close, while cuddling or whatnot. He always treads his lips lightly over your skin and then stop all of a sudden and you’ll be like “Hyungwon? Are you taking a nap?” and he’ll just reply, talking against your skin and it’ll tickle. 

Minhyuk likes to hold your hand in his and then bring your hand up so he can kiss the top of your palm and you’ll be like oh! and he just smiles against your skin and keeps holding your hand. And then there’s also the kissing of your fingertips when you two are alone, maybe more than just kissing them, or maybe just kissing up your arm until he reaches your lips. Minhyuk just really likes your hands.

Wonho is of course, sensual and soft and so he likes kissing down your jaw and onto your neck. The opposite of Hyungwon though, he kisses from the front and lets you tangle your fingers in his hair. Sometimes he’ll keep going down, other times he’ll go back up. Every now and then he’ll kiss your neck so softly and then just rest his head on your shoulder if it’s been a hard day. 

Jooheon likes your lips, probably writes poems about them he’ll never share with you, but he just likes them. And the idea that he can kiss them???? That he likes even more. Actually kissing you on the lips, is the best though. And you can tell what mood Jooheon is in from his kisses because they go from cutesy little pecks to kisses that knock you off your feet. 

Changkyun/IM is the most intimate, to pick the prettiest word for it, with his kisses. And it comes from a mix of his love for skinship, but also his mischievousness. He does this when you’re in his lap or sitting between his legs and he’ll edge up your shirt and kiss right up your side and across your ribs into the center of your chest, pushing your shirt all the way up and this point. And it’s up to you if you want to let him continue or if you wanna pinch his nose and be like “Hey, we’re watching a movie right now - we can do that later.”

Don’t Be Afraid - Harry Hook x Reader

Requested: I was wondering if I could request a Harry hook X reader imagine where the daughter is the of princess Tiana. Maybe something  about the reader trying to help Harry get over his fear of alligators/crocodiles (they could be playing a game to try and guess each other’s fears) since Captain Hook is obviously terrorfied of the creatures where as Tiana’s and Naveen’s best friend is literally a saxophone playing crocodile. I know it’s very long and specific but I feel like it could be quite cute xxx 

A/N I would like to thank @jugheadismyking for the request I had so much fun writing this and I hope you love it (: 

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Lasciati andare, per una volta.
Vedrai che questa volta non ti succederà niente: non soffrirai, non starai male da fare schifo.
Abbassa questo muro, e fallo entrare.
So che sarà difficile fidarsi, dopo tutte le prese per il culo che hai ricevuto, sarà difficile; ma devi fidarti.
Sai perché? Vi ho visto insieme, fate invidia al mondo intero.
—  Mia