2017 IN KPOP

Spica disbands. The Wonder Girls disband. L.Joe leaves Teen Top. Kevin leaves U-Kiss 😢. Teen Top returns with High Five and it’s kpop fantastic👏. Amber & Henry let us know they have maybe had enough 😯. Nada leaves wa$$up because she can no longer kpop for free. T-ara disbands. History disbands. Sistar disbands…and summer is officially cancelled 😢. T-ara wins first trophy in 5 years with their final song as a group 😭😭😭. Henry starts to get some love from SM….finally 😒 but f(x) is still missing. The rookie group HIGHLIGHT lives!!! iKON finally returns from Japan to turn up. NCT127 win their first trophy 🎉. Lovelyz win their first trophy🎉. OhMyGirl beats personal record with Coloring Book 👌. 24K releases Addiction which is amazing. The kpop hunger games (Produce 101) begins & drags everyone thru the streets and stomps on their souls 😱. G-Dragon tops itunes in 41 countries including the US 👏. Starship trying to get back in everyone’s good graces announces a Boyfriend comeback😀. The Nu'est discography shoots up the charts with a vengeance & get nominated for inkigayo with 2013 song Hello. That’s 💖. In between these events there were a million comebacks. MonstaX, cnblue, VIXX, b.a.p, BtoB, Red Velvet, gugudan, Day6, BraveGirls, Seventeen, Astro, KNK all bringing their A game.

feeling ok again until you hear it. YIXING IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT EXO COMEBACK 😡😢😡😢😡😢

Six more months to go….will we survive the 2017 rollercoaster?


I love these three together 💖😙💖

I find it funny some stans think it’s the biggest injustice ever with their rookie or 2-year-old group not getting their 1st win. Some groups have released quality music for five years and still haven’t won like NU’EST.

U-kiss are legends but it took them seven years to get a win cos this industry is a piece of shit. 

Some groups are still legends but have NEVER WON like orange caramel. And some groups release amazing music their whole careers and NEVER win like Rainbow and then disband

In other words, if I see anyone else complaining about their relatively new or rookie group not winning imma smack you

Underrated K-Pop Groups (Male Edition)

So basically I was thinking about all of the underrated groups and decided to make a small post about them. I will eventually make a female edition of this list!

1. Boyfriend- Bounce, Obsession, Boyfriend, Witch, Glider.

2. Topp Dogg- The Beat, Arario, TOPDOG, Follow Me.

3. Monsta X- All In, Hero, Trespass, Rush.

4. History- Might Just Die, Psycho, What am I to You, Dreamer, Queen.

5. U-Kiss- Stalker 끼부리지마, One Shot One Kill, Believe, Stop Girl, Neverland.

6. B1A4- Sweet Girl, Tried to Walk, Lonely, Beautiful Target, Baby good night, What’s Happening.

7. UP10TION- Attention, So Dangerous, Catch Me

8. Royal Pirates- Run Away, Drawing The Line, Dangerous.

9. UNIQ- EOEO, Best Friend, Falling In Love, Happy New Year, Luv Again

10. Boys Republic- Get Down, The Real One, Video Game, Hello, Party Rock.

11. MADTOWN- Emptiness, OMGT, YOLO, New World.

12. ROMEO- Miro, Nightmare, Target, Lovesick.

And now for some groups who aren’t completely underrated, but still need some more love!

1. VIXX- Dynamite, Chained Up, [hyde], Error, G.R.8.U, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Super Hero.

2. Block B- Toy, Very Good, Her, A Few Years Later, Jackpot, Nillili Mambo,  NalinA

3. B.A.P- Feel So Good, Young, Wild, & Free, One Shot, No Mercy, Where Are You?, 1004 (Angel).

4. Winner- Sentimental, Baby Baby, Empty, I’m Young.

Anyways, feel free to add some groups that are underrated that I didn’t put on the list! I know there are a hell of a lot more.

When a single word triggers a kpop song

Wow- 🎶Fantastic Baby Dance wooo ooo I wanna dance dance🎶
Fire - 🎶Fire Fire. When I wake up in my room🎶 or 🎶My love is on fire🎶
Sorry- 🎶Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry🎶
Call me - 🎶Call me baby Call me Baby🎶
Monster - 🎶You can call me monster. I’m creeping in your heart babe🎶
Dora- 🎶dora Dora Dora… I wanna let you go🎶
Mama- 🎶Careless Careless shoot anonymous anonymous heartless mindless no one who care about me🎶or 🎶Mama just let me be your love🎶
Rain 🎶rainism🎶
Ugly 🎶 I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me just like her I wanna be pretty🎶
Good Luck - 🎶Aoa🎶
Hears a howl or even the word wolf - 🎶Chogiwa🎶
Red light- 🎶fx🎶


We all are. But this is not the end. Let yourself grieve; you’re not silly or stupid. Our weedols were never just a “boy-band”, ever. This shakes us because they brought us the background music of our personal survivals and shared pieces of their own personal lives that helped us weather both our storms.

They are still growing and so will I with them.

I support Soohyun and his continued dream to be a famous singer.

I support Kiseop, because he overcame something we all struggle with; self worth. This was his dream and he’s still making it.

I support Hoon because he’s been passionately composing music and singing since before he even joined our family.

I support Eli because despite the venomous hate he got for sharing his most precious child and love of his life, he took the beating, apologizing for being happy and soldiering on, proving he’s willing to bust ass to make everyone happy.

I support Jun and his dream, for all the hard work he’s put in to be worthy of years of established songs and choreography. He is the embodiment of everything our stan group has stood for. I’m so proud he’s ours.

I will support Kevin, whom will undoubtedly stay in the industry based on his passion, talent, and natural personality for entertainment. I will continue to support him in his endeavors as I have for all previous members. I hope you do to. 

Where are we now: U-KISS is a second generation KPop group that stood the test of time and still does. A standard Kpop contract is around 4-6 years. Only one person was not renewed this year. NH says there is an album ready for release and that the others are not disbanding. Due to his amazing vocal range, Hoon will likely pick up a lot of song parts, as well as Kiseop, now that his musicals have proven he can handle more challenging parts.

Soohyun’s obligatory military enlistment will be soon so I am maintaining, in my heart, that they will at least make it to the ten year mark before he does so. And that would be okay.

KISSme: Families always grow in many directions. This is no different. Love each other, send support. Let Kevin and all the guys know, for all the years they had our backs, we will continue to have theirs.

Soompi translation of Official Daum Fan Cafe Announcement:

Kevin Officially Leaves U-KISS

Bad news for KISSmes worldwide.

It’s be announced today that Kevin will officially leave U-KISS, after having debuted with the group in 2008.

You can find the official company statement in English below:

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If people saw boy groups like girl groups

“while being cute is annoying, being sexy is slutty. while being popular is overrated, being new is annoying. while doing a similar concept is being a wannabe, doing a different one is ridiculous. when you go through a scandal, they tell you that you should disband and when you have no scandals, they ask “who are these nobodies?” female idols deal with hate on a powerful level because part of the kpop fandom won’t be satisfied with them. as comebacks keep happening, the dislike towards girl groups spreads like a fire set by misogynists.”

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Kpop Songs You Should Know

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Playlist link | Total songs: 39 

*NOTE: This playlist was made off the top of my head with some suggestions from @siwontrash. If you want some songs added, politely ask. There will only be one song per group/artist.

  • Big Bang- Fantastic Baby
  • SHINee- Ring Ding Dong
  • Super Junior- Sorry, Sorry
  • SNSD- I Got a Boy
  • Sistar- Touch My Body
  • Ladies’ Code- Kiss Kiss
  • Orange Caramel- Catallena
  • SS501- Love Like This
  • TVXQ- Mirotic
  • JYJ- Back Seat
  • U-Kiss- Neverland
  • B.A.P- One Shot
  • BTS- Dope
  • EXO- Growl
  • Seventeen- Mansae
  • Dalshabet- B.B.B
  • MBLAQ- This is War
  • CLC- Hobgoblin
  • History- Psycho
  • Rain- Rainism
  • 2NE1- I Am The Best
  • CL- The Baddest Female
  • Hyuna- Bubble Pop
  • 4MINUTE- Volume Up
  • WINNER- Baby Baby
  • iKON- Rhythm Ta
  • Girl’s Day- Something
  • AOA- Like a Cat
  • Infinite- Bad
  • VIXX- Voodoo Doll
  • Cross Gene- Play With Me
  • GOT7- Just Right
  • 2PM- Hands Up
  • Wonder Girls- Be My Baby
  • Block B- Very Good
  • 9MUSES- Hurt Locker
  • EXID- Up and Down
  • Sistar19- Ma Boy
  • G-Dragon- Crayon