My Bias
  • Teacher:Okay class, Today we will be learning about Korea.
  • Me:My boyfriend lives in South Korea.
  • Teacher:That's interesting, so you met him when you went to Korea?
  • Me:I've never been to Korea.
  • Teacher:Oh, then you met him online?
  • Me:No.
  • did you meet him?
  • Me:I haven't.
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher:
  • Me:*smiles*
Showing kpop dance moves to your friends~



then.. they judge you..

Me: *Realizing that …


Dance to kpop..*


So I just keep dancing~~


Gifs aren’t mine~

Credit  to the rightful owner of the gifs~~


If people saw boy groups like girl groups

“while being cute is annoying, being sexy is slutty. while being popular is overrated, being new is annoying. while doing a similar concept is being a wannabe, doing a different one is ridiculous. when you go through a scandal, they tell you that you should disband and when you have no scandals, they ask “who are these nobodies?” female idols deal with hate on a powerful level because part of the kpop fandom won’t be satisfied with them. as comebacks keep happening, the dislike towards girl groups spreads like a fire set by misogynists.”

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