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Listen,, that 307 kiss f u c k s me up because literally no one who does kissing scenes, let alone f/f kissing scenes (with the exception of like, hetero sex scenes) kisses open mouthed like that. They literally made out you can see their tongues and even if we couldn't no one kisses that open mouthed if they aren't using tongue, it'd be weird and unnecessary they were so in the zone they just let everything go I can't even believe them,,, legends only

Yeah, I agree. I mean- I’m not saying that they sucked on each other’s tongue, but there’s def some tongue action here.

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Were they just teasing each other? Maybe, who knows. But still, this is one of the best kiss of tv history and every argument is invalid. 

i don’t write hard angst, but if i did, i’d write traitor!mic who doesn’t know that aizawa is in love with him.

when aizawa finally finds out, mic tries to get aizawa to join him, but he honestly expects aizawa to side with his students. instead, though, aizawa says he’ll join – on one condition.

“pretend you love me,” aizawa chokes out, his voice so soft mic can barely hear him.

mic freezes for a moment, caught off guard, but then he brings a hand up to cup aizawa’s cheek gently, running his thumb over the scar under aizawa’s eye.

“of course i love you, shōta,” he replies. he’s always been good at playing pretend.

Tony Blair’s blues

The downcast former British prime minister— and close friend of the Clintons — fears that their shared brand of centrism may be dead.


Tony Blair isn’t sure the center can hold – hell, he isn’t even certain that centrists like Hillary Clinton or himself have a viable future in Western politics.

“It’s a very open question whether the type of politics I represent really has had its day or not,” said the 63-year-old former Labour prime minister, speaking to me on Monday in his London office for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast.

“There were times when I was growing up in politics and when I was prime minister when I had complete confidence in my own ability, just as a professional, to predict the course of politics. The last few years have caused me to question [that],” he added – referring to the rise of hard-left upstarts Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K. and Bernie Sanders in the U.S.

This is not the boyish, optimistic “Bambi” who walked, doe-eyed, into 10 Downing St. 19 years ago – a polished politician whose popularity reached an astounding 93 percent after he anointed the late Diana the “People’s Princess.” The last few years have been trying times for a deft maestro of the middle, a man who dominated British politics from 1997 to 2007 – but crashed after joining in lockstep with George W. Bush to advocate the invasion of Iraq.

The past six months in particular have brought four shocks that undermine Blair’s legacy and agenda: The rise of the crusty Corbyn to the apex of a militantly leftist Labour, a Brexit vote he viewed as a disaster, a scathing Parliamentary commission report that faulted his presentation of unsubstantiated intelligence as a justification attacking Iraq – and the rise of Donald Trump, which he views as a global harbinger of something sinister.

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