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Congratulations!! Truly it is amazing to have followed you for so long, seeing you grow and get to where you are now, I'm a stranger so it can't mean much but I'm rlly proud of you! and so so happy to see that smth good is finally happening, some time ago you were wondering if u were ever gonna get away, and now look at u! A handsome gentle poet boy w. His own apartment! All the good to you !!!

it means a lot to me! thank you so much for your love and support. i can’t believe how far i’ve come either and there’s still so much ahead for me

yes its a sucky graphic but oh well ur lucky i didnt draw it in ms paint y’all know i just wanted to use boob kamui oKAY LETS START i was gonna have longer compliments but that fkin meme on twitter hecked my hand up so thats enough sweetness from me today its under the cut it still tags u rite or else ill kick my own ass NEVER MIND IM TYPING SOME SHIT if u dont read ur thing ur off the list, dot u’ll be the first to go uwu

also this tagging is being a bitch so like oops if nothing works

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