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aaaaaaaaa i wrote again

this is gonna be one of my first big works and i’m super duper excited!!

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vixrotre  asked:

I have to say I'm straight up in love with Finding Marley. I wasn't expecting it at first, as these "I have to find my soulmate" stories usually are so shallow and cliché, but yours feels honest, true. Every character feels like a person with a personality, who makes mistakes, who doesn't know everything, who isn't perfect. They're relatable, authentic. It's not something I'd expect from a Simblr. And you're only 18! Honestly, you should be a writer, you're a genius. ♥

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Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Aren’t you just the sweetest? Thank you so much, really, this has just made my day :) Those are some truly wonderful comments. I’m just so happy that you’re enjoying the story, even if you weren’t expecting to :) I know this type of story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ve really captured what I’m going for :) I’m glad I surprised you! But honestly, there are a ton of wonderful sim stories floating around tumblr, by people of all ages :)

Wow thank you, aha! But I’m certainly no genius :’) or a particularly talented writer I’m just a student who spends too much time playing the sims !!

Thank you again, this was a wonderful ask to wake up to :) 

anonymous asked:

listen i know this comes out of the blue but i absolutely adore your writing, i must've reread your stuff a thousand times and i'm infinitely thankful that i get to live here and now so i can reread it Again

“out of the blue” listen, buddy, i will always love gettin messages like this they never stop makin me smile i am a big :’) right now

where a supervillain is proprietary over the hero due the huge crush they have on said hero but can never string the right words together to ask them out, which is why they became a villain in the first place 

“you look pretty”


“uh, i said i am going to take over the city”