And then I get like really happy because David Tennant got to meet his favorite doctor in character on the show that’s so freaking cool you have no idea oh my gosh like wow.

We just got an email sent to the whole building that said “a set of Toyota keys have been found in the hall. There is a Bath and Body Works membership card and a flower keychain attached to the key”…etc.
5 minutes later, I hear a very deep man’s voice from across the office belt out “MY KEYS!!!”

my little brother just walked in my room and asked for a calculator for his homework so i handed him like a TI-84 type thing or w/e and he just looked at it and said “this is too extreme for me.”

i HATe those posts that make fun of people who feel very dependant on other people. i hated myself for being emotionally reliant on others for such a long time because of it.i didnt even realize my mental illness could do that. i didnt know for the longest time that it was OK to be attached to people. comments like “don’t rely on people” “be independant” and such really hurt. im sure im not the only person who feels this way too