★ ☆ but look at how cute this jumper looks on me ☆ ★ 

*blows a kiss* for all the snakies I’ve yet to meet.

ok , say what you want about audrey but you can’t deny that the whole kidnap noah to take the suspicion away from herself plan was actually pretty genius and it totally worked (before she revealed it was her) noah totally thought she was innocent that he convinced himself they were both gonna die which made him start confessing random shit ( and ultimately his feelings). i mean yall gotta admit it was a genius plan like audrey is legit a mastermind


hello friends finals are almost over so here are some cruddy artemis fowl sketches colored very cruddily in krita (im so glad to have my laptop back sobs)

i haven’t reread the books in ages and i’ve nEVER drawn these guys before so i’m sorry if they look off but here’s what they’ve always looked like in my head??

y’all if you haven’t read these books go read them they’re so good…. so good

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows