Peterick vs Ryden #53
  • Pete: Patrick Vaughn Martin Stump, will you marry me?
  • Patrick: *in tears* Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes i will marry you! i love you so much Pete❤
  • Pete: i love you too babe❤
  • vs
  • Brendon: Ryan Ross, will u marry me?
  • Ryan: lol no u can’t even remember my full name 5head boi
  • Elizabeth I: ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod-
  • England: um, Eli?
  • Elizabeth I: eep! U-Uh, I mean... y-yes, England...?
  • England: d-did... you mean what you said in your speech today... about marrying me...?
  • Elizabeth I: u-u-u... okay, I can't lie to you... I... I really meant it. I want to protect you, England, with every fiber of my being! I don't want to see you in pain because of what my family did to you! My father, Mary, they all hurt you! I want to make you happy! I want to see you smile again! I don't want to- E-England?? Are you okay?? You're crying...
  • England: o-oh... I'm sorry... I... haven't felt like this in a while...
  • Elizabeth I: ...happy?
  • England: no... loved.

sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

tbh its kinda a small thing but it actually bothers me ?????? so much ?????? that in gr8 comet they basically leave you to assume that andrey’s away because of the war ??????? and he wasnt ????? he was literally gone bc his father old fartass bolkonsky was like u gotta make sure u Rlly Love natasha b4 u marry so u gotta leave for like ½ a year and if u still love her when u get back then u can marry her ??????? idk Why this bothers me sm but honestly Just Kno that there Is a war goin on and andrey Isnt there but these things r Not Rlly Related


hello friends finals are almost over so here are some cruddy artemis fowl sketches colored very cruddily in krita (im so glad to have my laptop back sobs)

i haven’t reread the books in ages and i’ve nEVER drawn these guys before so i’m sorry if they look off but here’s what they’ve always looked like in my head??

y’all if you haven’t read these books go read them they’re so good…. so good