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ok but..... lance is a really bad dancer. a REALLY bad dancer. and the paladins are invited to a fancy ball or something and lance is like 'help'. now shiro knows that keith's dad made him take ballroom dancing or some shit as a kid and volunteers keith, surprisingly, to give lance dancing lessons. chaos ensues. pidge records the whole thing (she says it's to play at their wedding. nobody can figure out if she's serious)

u can pry good dancer lance from my cold dead hands

but dis au,,,cute

hc sunday

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So SHINee is not nominated for any MAMA awards this year? T_T

I didnt rly expect shinee to get nominated bc they didnt do anything this year apart from the japanese album and that doesnt rly count for an award like mama like they were completely inactive this year bUT taemins album fucking SLAYED and he won weekly charts and ace is one of the top 10 best selling albums of the year and its really ridiculous that he didnt get at least nominated for best dance performance for solo male artist. But then again last year gd won best solo male dance for crooked and cmon g dragon isnt exactly what u can call a great dancer right. So yeah i dont exactly trust mnet when it comes to nominating and im praying for melon and the gayos to go better than this.