there was a post about musical star trek where spock is the one guy who doesn’t understand how everyone is singing and harmonizing but i say no

bones as the one guy who doesn’t understand why everyone is singing and what the hell is this choreography. because i want you to imagine this: bones getting very confused and going to ask spock what the hell is going on and spock turns around and starts singing too


an au of an au, and it’s based off an avril lavigne song… yeah i feel it

(souda dragged hinata there bc souda promised sonia he’d come and he didn’t wanna go by himself)

You call him a traitor. You call him selfish. Have you ever stopped for a moment to think. Think why he chose to leave? He spend 7 years of his life. No one and I mean no one would work under harsh schedules for 7 years just to drop it and leave it like no problem. Before you pinpoint him and call him names take a step back and think carefully. Unless you know his story don't start things. You may not realise but keep note that he is watching us all from afar.

​i hate those for calling him this and that without having a thought about how he must feel

Q: do i regret drawing this?

A: no


you’re lying if you’re not slightly turned on by this ok

for castielshalo's free drabble prompt: “yooooooo okay so like can u write a dancer auwhere their partners in a recital or smthn and theyre like dig nerd babies andwont tell eachother they like eachother but they end up together in the end(like idc if its fluff or smut lol) i just rly love the idea of dean and cas doing these rly complicated dance moves and at the end their breathless and chest to chest and then they kiss and the crowd cheers rip me” <3 and here it is on ao3

Ballet isn’t gay.

Plenty of people do ballet, even guys, it’s completely normal.

What was gay was the way Dean kept looking over at his shorter partner, the one with the messy hair and the clear blue eyes. The one that was actually trying to talk to him right now, eyebrows furrowed and a frown on his face.

Dean! Are you even listening to me?”

He fumbled for words, hoping that it wasn’t obvious that he was ripped out of a fantasy world. “Uh, sorry man, what’d you say?”

The anger dissipated, fading into a soft concern. The other’s mood swings were definitely out of control, going from having the wrath of the gods to crying his heart out. But, that was Cas, and that was another thing that Dean loved about him, as annoying as it could be. “Are you okay, Dean?” His voice was gentle, worried, and it made his heart ache a little.

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Can't Help Falling in Love
read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1DwOnDR

by AwkwardNonsense

Dumb ballet dancer!au where they are huge dorks and have a happy ending.

Based on a friend’s prompt: “can u write a dancer au where their partners in a recital or smthn… but they end up together in the end” (And Ingrid Michaelson for inspiration lol)

Words: 1277, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1DwOnDR

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Okay then post a video of u dancing in those dancer thights so we can see a bit of a shape of that ass

I won’t hear anymore of this sir.

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thanks hon

- I’m a dancer
- I can pop my arms out of their sockets on command (idk man)
- I’m really flexible
- I’m in forensics at my school
- I mainly use tumblr on mobile 😏

- I’m not sending this to anyone because I love all my followers ❤️ everyone can answer if they want 😘