Dancing Queen

Request:  Can u maybe do a Hayes imagine where yn is a dancer and the dance mom girls hate her because she won the dance competition and are jealous that she’s with Hayes please thanks

a/n; Hayes is so popular in my requests omg


Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled well breathing heavily, I walked over to the center stage, I just got announced as the winner of this dance competition. I laughed to myself as Hayes was cheering the loudest, a small blush covered my cheeks. 

I looked around for Hayes as I came off stage. My eyebrows knitted together in confusion when I saw him surrounded by the other girls. I rolled my eyes at them, knowing that they don’t like me but they “love” Hayes.

“Hey, babe.” I greeted coming up behind the girls. He smiled at me getting out from the group of girls. He hugged me tightly. “You did so great.” He told me pulling back, he kissed my forehead just to annoy the girls who were watching our every move. “Thanks.” I replied. 

“Congrats, Y/N.” One of the very few girls who like me said. “Thank you.” I responded to her as the other girls scowled. I raised my eyebrows as one of them tried to flirt with Hayes. Key word tried, she wasn’t doing a very good job. 

I casually walked over to Hayes, lacing our fingers together as he tugged me closer. Thankfully someone called her away, “Baby you looked great up there.” He mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist. “Thank you.” I hummed in response. He laughed softly, “Those girls are jealous that you’re mine.” I told him smirking into his chest. 

“Don’t need to worry about them,” He paused, “Because you’re my dancing queen.” He finished making my face flush but nonetheless a giant smile covered my face. 

Block B - their children’s first word is ‘appa’


- Say ‘cute’!
- ‘Appa’

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- You really want to steal my heart, right?

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- Supah dancer?
- ‘Appa’
- Good~~ *kisses*

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- Wha–!? *can’t stop smiling*

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- You love me, don’t you~~?

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- Who is your favourite rapper?
- ‘Appa’
- *So proud* *So happy*

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- I’m going to cry-y-y *ugh*

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tbh i don’t really care about clarke and bellamy having some grand romance that eclipses everything else in the show with it’s passion and heartbreak

all i want is clarke and bellamy building their society, protecting and caring for their people, surviving, living, finding stability and purpose, making an impact on those around them and being the backbone of their community and determine their community’s future. i want my king and queen of the sky people, making the rules until the day they don’t have to, sacrificing everything and making the tough choices, becoming the leaders they maybe weren’t born to be, but were destined to become after falling from the sky.

i want the slowest of slow burns, one that lingers in the background of their arcs – both joint and individual. i want it to be so slow that the day bellamy kisses clarke while studying maps or the day when clarke sleepily tells bellamy that she loves him after helping deliver a baby that it isn’t a surprise – it’s an inevitability. the strength in these characters is their developments and their partnership – and that’s what i want to see from them, more than anything.

Dance Partner. (Josh x Reader)

Anonymous said: Can u write a joshxreader where the reader is a contemp/lyrical dancer and she’s got a male partner for one of the songs and josh gets jealous bc they do a dance to a love song? 😀

Okay, so, it was really hard to write this like as an outsider looking in if that makes sense, so! (x) this is the dance that the reader is doing with her partner! 

“I’m so excited for the talent show!” 

Your body was vibrating with excitement as you stood with your friends Jess and Ashley who were nodding their head as you went on and on about the dance.

“Me and Rob have been practicing for so long and I think I’ve got it down to a T, just need to perfect it and…”

Your voice stopped as you felt a hand on your shoulder and your turned to see your boyfriend Josh stood beside you, that dopey grin on his face and a gleam in his eye. You practically melted as you saw him.

“Hey boyfriend!” You stood on your tippy toes and planted a soft kiss on his lips.

“Hey yourself.” He rested his chin on your head and gave a quick greeting to Jess and Ash who smiled at him. “You coming over tonight?” He asked you, his chin vibrating on your head as he spoke.

Shaking you head, you swatted his face out of the way and looked up at him. “No, dance practice for the talent show, I have to be good.” You sighed wistfully and fidgeted with the book in your hand. You knew you were a good dancer and to your friends the talent show wasn’t much of a big deal, but you had never danced in front of people before. It needed to be good. Better than good. Your dance instructor had basically thrown you and Rob together and gave you a piece of music to dance to so it had taken a while to get some moves to go with it.

“How about I stay back with you and then I can drive you home?”

You bit down hard on your lip, wanting to reject his offer, nervous for him to see you. But, Josh would never make fun of you right? It was a long shot, but you nodded in agreement before the bell rang.

“Oh shoot, gotta go, I’ve got English, can’t be late.” You kissed Josh’s cheek and waved your friends goodbye before practically sprinting off, calling back to Josh. “Meet me in the auditorium, okay?”

Finally class was over and you and Josh had met up with Rob in the auditorium, where you had now set yourselves up on the stage.

“You ready?” Rob asked as he walked off the stage into his position as you lay down centre stage in yours. Biting on your lip, feeling extremely nervous you heard the music and began your dance.

As the music came to a close, you finished in your embrace and held it for a second before breaking apart, both you and Rob smiling and high fiving each other. 

“That was perfect! Did that feel perfect to you? I feel like it went well!” You gushed, feeling proud of yourself as you grabbed for your bottle of water and took a long gulp, wiping your sweaty brow.

Josh was sat with his arms folded and his brows furrowed slightly but you didn’t notice, too happy that you had finally nailed the dance.

“One more practice tomorrow, yeah?” Rob asked you as you nodded and grabbed your things, running up the steps to Josh and practically diving on him in happiness.

“I did it! I’m so happy, oh my gosh, I thought it would take forever but…it’s perfect!” Your words were pouring out of your mouth as Josh stood up and you both walked out of the building and headed towards the car park. “What did you think?”

Josh merely shrugged and opened the car door for you, letting you sit down in the car seat. Frowning, you sat down and closed the car door and waited for Josh to sit in beside you. Did he not think it was good? Did you look sloppy and uncoordinated? Biting down hard on your lip, you turned to Josh as he sat in the car and put your hand on his.

“Was I bad?” Your eyes were wide as you waited for his answer as he turned his head to look at you, his facade breaking slightly as he saw how scared you looked.

“No, you weren’t bad. Your dancing was great, really great…I could feel the tension in all the right places.” His words weren’t harsh, just had a hint of bitterness to them.

You raised your eyebrow at him as he started the car and you slumped back down into your seat. “Wait wait wait, are you jealous Joshua Washington?” You tried to stop the laugh that was threatening to escape your mouth. You couldn’t help it. It was ridiculous him thinking there was anything between you and Rob.

Josh scrunched his face up as you laughed at him and he started to get irritated. “What’s so funny?” He demanded, his hands gripping tightly onto the steering wheel of the car.

“You do know that Rob is gay right?”

Josh shot a look at you and his raised his eyebrow. “What?”

“Rob is gay. He likes dick.” You said it so matter of factly that Josh couldn’t help but let out a small laugh himself, shaking his head.

“So there’s nothing going on between you two? Because you couldn’t have picked a more romantic song and picked the most…touchy dance moves.”

You smirked over at him and rested your head against the car seat dramatically. “What can I say? I’m an artist!”

“Yeah you’re something alright.”

You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “There’s only one guy for me.” You breathed against his skin.

“Oh yeah and who’s that?”

You shrugged your shoulders and smirked over at him as you moved back into your seat. “Guess you’ll just have to wait and see when we get home Mr Washington.”