i think i just died

You call him a traitor. You call him selfish. Have you ever stopped for a moment to think. Think why he chose to leave? He spend 7 years of his life. No one and I mean no one would work under harsh schedules for 7 years just to drop it and leave it like no problem. Before you pinpoint him and call him names take a step back and think carefully. Unless you know his story don't start things. You may not realise but keep note that he is watching us all from afar.

​i hate those for calling him this and that without having a thought about how he must feel

tbh i don’t really care about clarke and bellamy having some grand romance that eclipses everything else in the show with it’s passion and heartbreak

all i want is clarke and bellamy building their society, protecting and caring for their people, surviving, living, finding stability and purpose, making an impact on those around them and being the backbone of their community and determine their community’s future. i want my king and queen of the sky people, making the rules until the day they don’t have to, sacrificing everything and making the tough choices, becoming the leaders they maybe weren’t born to be, but were destined to become after falling from the sky.

i want the slowest of slow burns, one that lingers in the background of their arcs – both joint and individual. i want it to be so slow that the day bellamy kisses clarke while studying maps or the day when clarke sleepily tells bellamy that she loves him after helping deliver a baby that it isn’t a surprise – it’s an inevitability. the strength in these characters is their developments and their partnership – and that’s what i want to see from them, more than anything.


Class footage! “I’m a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears. Original choreography by Brian Friedman & Wade Robson.

Featuring, from the music video, Brian Friedman, Brooke Lipton, Tiana Brown and Onyx Hotel Tour dancer Anthony Garza.


Dancing Queen

Request:  Can u maybe do a Hayes imagine where yn is a dancer and the dance mom girls hate her because she won the dance competition and are jealous that she’s with Hayes please thanks

a/n; Hayes is so popular in my requests omg


Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled well breathing heavily, I walked over to the center stage, I just got announced as the winner of this dance competition. I laughed to myself as Hayes was cheering the loudest, a small blush covered my cheeks. 

I looked around for Hayes as I came off stage. My eyebrows knitted together in confusion when I saw him surrounded by the other girls. I rolled my eyes at them, knowing that they don’t like me but they “love” Hayes.

“Hey, babe.” I greeted coming up behind the girls. He smiled at me getting out from the group of girls. He hugged me tightly. “You did so great.” He told me pulling back, he kissed my forehead just to annoy the girls who were watching our every move. “Thanks.” I replied. 

“Congrats, Y/N.” One of the very few girls who like me said. “Thank you.” I responded to her as the other girls scowled. I raised my eyebrows as one of them tried to flirt with Hayes. Key word tried, she wasn’t doing a very good job. 

I casually walked over to Hayes, lacing our fingers together as he tugged me closer. Thankfully someone called her away, “Baby you looked great up there.” He mumbled wrapping his arms around my waist. “Thank you.” I hummed in response. He laughed softly, “Those girls are jealous that you’re mine.” I told him smirking into his chest. 

“Don’t need to worry about them,” He paused, “Because you’re my dancing queen.” He finished making my face flush but nonetheless a giant smile covered my face. 

Block B - their children’s first word is ‘appa’


- Say ‘cute’!
- ‘Appa’

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- You really want to steal my heart, right?

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- Supah dancer?
- ‘Appa’
- Good~~ *kisses*

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- Wha–!? *can’t stop smiling*

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- You love me, don’t you~~?

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- Who is your favourite rapper?
- ‘Appa’
- *So proud* *So happy*

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- I’m going to cry-y-y *ugh*

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