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Can you write a blurb about modern day prince! Calum sneaking out of the palace every so often to meet up with a girl he likes (bonus points if she doesnt know hes a prince and it doesnt matter to her)

You pressed the home button on your phone once more to illuminate the dark screen. 12:25 p.m. He was late. Sure he wasn’t ridiculously late, and you weren’t the kind of girl to get mad at a guy for showing up at 12:00:03 when he was supposed to show up at 12:00:00, but it still irked you. He was never late. Except for that one time he texted you apologizing profusely because he was going to be at least five minutes late. Maybe this was his way of ending things with you, not that you were really anything to begin with. You’d both been sneaking out of your house to meet each other once a week for three months now. There had been plenty of flirtatious glances and words that eventually led to some innocent yet electric hand holding, which eventually led to some less than innocent but even more electric stolen kisses, but you weren’t anything yet. Neither of you liked labels and you knew that you couldn’t really be a thing when sneaking out at the dead of night was the only time you ever saw each other. You knew your parents wouldn’t completely approve as he was your typical dark and mysterious guy. His dark eyes glistened with danger and rebellion, but his toothy smile was honest and sweet and made your heart melt. He didn’t talk much about his parents, always saying they weren’t worth his breath, so you’d always assumed they also didn’t approve of his rebellious ways.

You’d often approach your meeting spot to him blowing soft puffs of gray smoke as a result of the cigarette dangling between his fingers. When he finally noticed you he’d smile widely, his eyes creasing gently at the corners, and he’d drop the cigarette to the ground, stomping it out with his shoe. “You’re late.” He’d say playfuly as you walked into his arms, your head resting on his chest a moment, breathing in the faint smell of aftershave and nicotine. “Barely.” You’d reply softly rolling your eyes as you pulled yourself from him. He’d smile again before slowly dropping his head to bring his lips to yours, and you’d relax into him forgetting any worries or troubles you had felt the past week. 

But he was never late. 

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immagines ryebro bringing a friend over, half of the girls think its a special soneone and go full grill threaten if u hurt our brother mode, the other half is squee OMG ur so cute yes date our bro the latter is scarier. Vagabro also detest shopping days he becomes the literal packmule for ALL his sis

Oh my god, I love this. 
Ngl wont be half and half I think all of them are protective of big brother vagabro <3 (I make him sound like a dudebro ngl) 
But they love teasing him about accidentally flirting with people so if he brings someone over its like ‘Hahahaha ur cute omg’ but then again its also like ‘hurt him and you’ll loose all your skin one layer at a time haha’ 

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I just recently became mutuals w you and I didn't kno you were so popular omg... but I love that everyone loves u, so cute and pure !

omg im not popular…. i dont think… but ily

imagine ashton tracing calum’s tattoos whenever he gets upset or anxious about something. and most of the time he doesn’t even notice he does it, but calum knows that something’s wrong when ashton’s unusually quiet during an interview and he starts tracing over the alive tattoo on calum’s arm, eyes glued to the floor. as soon as the interview’s over calum pulls ashton aside, telling the other boys they’ll be there in a minute. “what’s wrong?” he asks. “are you okay?” and ashton looks up at him with eyes full of shock and confusion and he says “i thought you couldn’t tell.” calum bites his lip and he’s like “ashton, babe, you were tracing my tattoos again. you can tell me anything, you know? what’s up?” and so ashton starts pouring out his soul, about how he’s been really stressed lately about the tour and the interviews and constant to-do list, and he just wants to get away and have some time to himself. calum wraps him in his arms and runs his fingers through ashton’s curls, whispering reassurances into his ear. “let’s go to hawaii,” calum says. “on our break, you know? let’s just…go to hawaii.” and ashton smiles and laughs a little shakily and he’s like “okay. yeah, hawaii. i love you, you know that, right?” and calum just nods and all he can think about is how lucky he is to be in ashton’s arms.