u looking so hot as always

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✨✨✨Cutie award! Tell five facts about yourself and send to your five favourite blogs✨✨✨

thank u so much :(((( ive done a lot of these i cant think of anything else about myself sdhfdfj ok uhhhh let me think..

1. i sleep w two pillows

2. i always keep my closet doors closed i dnt like when theyre open

3. i cant sleep on my back i need to lay down on my sides

4. i hate hot weather i always turn the ac on when its summer

5. i have a dog, her name’s angel and she’s 13!!

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what would u look for in ur ideal girl??

Ohhh! Firstly, thanks for the ask! Hmm, I currently am in love and think they are damn near perfect so hehe already have a guide! XD Some personality traits would be shy, silly, funny, open about feeling whenever possible, and caring. Girls who are as cute as kittens really get to me! XD Um glasses are hot. A sense of style is always great too! People who have been through things but still try to have sunshine really make the world. Hmm think that’s pretty much it! Thanks anon! Also, we must have spoken as you know I am a lesbian as you said girls, hmmm… *puts on Sherlock hat and coat* XD

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Do you know why usually guys in Kpop shave their legs and/or arm pit hair? I was looking at Jimin's legs and it reminded me I don't know this answer lol

same reason anyone else does probably ahaha them (or the company lol) likes the hairless look? they don’t always do it, like bangtan did it during i need u because they always wore shorts but i don’t think they do all the time because i’ve seen pics of tae with leg hair (and it’s so hot i cry lol) but yeah i mean why else do ppl shave their legs ahah


“moron” is her word (click for captions!)

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Lol I want jb to be in a relationship and I think he is in one, but I also don't know why there r tears down my cheeks lmaooooooo. He's so manly and cold looking but u know he's a smol little dumpling really and that's what is so attractive and the reason for my tears! T-T

i know !!!! if u look up tsundere in the dictionary u will find jb bc he’s so hot nd cold all the time but it’s so appealing lmao. and ik sometimes i think he’s in a rel. bc of the way he talks to fans + he’s always on his phone but would he really divide his attention from his group w a secret relationship esp as the leader ??? idk

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“You’re hot when you’re angry”

Send “You’re hot when you’re angry” for my muse’s reaction to your muse saying this. || x

“Dammit, I’m always hot! You foolish man, don’t you dare try using that as bait distract me from the fact that I’m still mad at you! I saw the way you were looking at her. Calling me hot doesn’t substitute for an apology.”

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“flaming hot cheetos are not for pussies.”

yeah, i KNOW !! i grew up on that shit, pasha . that and those lilsour candies you gotta try and keep in your mouth ‘til you can’t no more. look !! listen, listen —- i always won those contests. so, please … hand those the fuck over. ’


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You are fucking so hot I just love you Instagram your snapchat and your tumblr I'm always looking to see if you updated them! You are my goals

aw thank u

nomadiicc nomadiicc why is this picture so huge.  why am i…

YASSSSSSSSSS. the brighter purple is so hot omfg. but even the faded looks really awesome too. i run into that too when my bright red starts to go auburn and then fade to blonde at the ends. it’s a neat, unintended effect. xD and that is the ONLY way to do eyeliner. lmao!

this cat eye is still the best i’ve ever done but this wing is the fiercest and i’M JUST… WINGS… CAT EYES… ALWAYS…..
I’ve never gone red. Blue, purple, pink (on accident… that was the red attempt…) 
After I refresh this purple, I’m going to probably go to my natural for a while…. 
And then I want green tips. 
how do you like doing your makeup? I’m super fond of dark dramatic lips– purple or brown are my go-to’s. Eyes… are anything dramatic. (reverse smokey eyes are a fave)

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If u could dye your hair what color would it be and why?

Okay, I would either want to dye my hair like a teal colour just because I always see teal-coloured hair and absolutely love it - I honestly don’t think I would suit teal hair though so I’d probably go for a shade of pink, like not hot pink but not cotton candy pink either, kinda somewhere in the middle just because I think I would look okay with pink hair and it looks nice. I’m not planning on dying my hair any time soon though ahahaha 😂


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something that's always /got/ to me is how hairless jeongguk is everywhere and how hairy taehyung is. like he's covered in hair everywhere and jeongguk just looks like he's waxed all his off and that's.. like a really interesting juxtaposition to me idk it's hot for reasons I can't really explain, like the image of them fucking and jeon is so bare and elegant while being ripped and tae is so hairy and mainly while being slender and .. yeah just thought I'd share that with you ^x^

(omg u sent me 4 asks so im just gonna respond using the first one) tbh i’ve never actually thought much about the difference in the hair on their bodies, but like??? dude i’m way into it because it’S TOTALLY HOT for some reason?? i think it’s really the contrast you know, like you said with jeon being all like smooth and ripped and tae being like skinnier but all fucking *masculine* sort of uUGHHHH?? idek but. like. fuck. u right.

…BUT I just also wanted to say that holy shit I loved 8 x 8. like I’m not even remotely into omorashi/piss play but it was just so filthy and hot and the way you wrote it made it so much easier to swallow (pun intended)! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you wrote them as husbands as well like 

tHANK XuX tbh this makes me so happy to hear cos like quite a few ppl told me they weren’t into piss play and stuff but still gave the fic a shot and didn’t find it nasty or even enjoyed it??? aw man that just fills my perv heart with joy AND ALSO YES THEY’RE HUSBANDS I’M;;; idk man i just had too much fun putting that little detail in and i’m glad you liked it!!

…which was ALSO hot in that kind of monogamy-is-lit way, how Tae was just so /down for it/ and I wonder if he would still be if jeon wasn’t and vice versa?

tbh in that fic i think they were both into piss play and it just took them a while (as in years of being married) to come out and make it happen?? and i think tae’s enthusiasm for it was partly fuelled by how into it jk was, cos he likes making jk happy u know

…is jeon into piss play the same was Tae is?? … would jeon like it if Tae drank a fuck ton too and get so desperate during sex on purpose the way jeon did. would jeon let him, idk, fucking piss in his ass or something??


well i mean why not, right? i feel like tae would be really into trying out new things and jk would too, it’s just he needs that sort of “push” from tae to delve into some stuff, so like tae would probably suggest it or jk would lowkey hint at it and BAM it happens piss in ass yep yep yep bYE

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hey hey hey~

1. First impression: you were one of my favorite got7 blogs, i still rmb being excited when u reblogged one of my posts lolol i dont rmb what it was tho.. 
2. Truth is: i was scared of u at first but youre literally the sweetest person (except when ure spilling piping hot tea)
3. How old do you look: 19
4. Have you ever made me laugh: too many times 
5. Have you ever made me mad: no
6. Best feature: i love love ur smile so much u always look so cheery
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: no
8. You’re my: favorite tea spiller
9. Name in my phone: sue
10. Should you post this too? yes!!

mutuals send me a hey!!

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ayo whaddup it's strap-on anon, i just submitted the smut to you my love, i hope you do like it. there's a whole lot in it. i was just writing and it just spun out of control, i put so many things it in. i guess i'm just really kinky or mark is, yeah i'm gonna go with mark being the kinky one, not me lol anyway, hope you like it and i hope others do too ;-* i'm out!

I’m going to show you the feedbacks I received. You be the judge jesus christ  I LOVED IT *^*

  1. well fuck. i knew the strapon smut would be lethal but F U C K. my brain has melted my ult dream was written today, even choking was in there😭 literally my dream scenario n its always either jb or mark😩 IM SCREAMING HELLLPPPPPLLLPPPP
  2. That mark smut! Oh my gosh! It was so hot and I’ll never be able to look at the precious boy the same way again! Oh wow! I just can’t even… Like I’m so done
  3. Fuckity, fuck, fuuuuuck. ‘Shameful’ wrecked me. I needed this in my life, but I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready! It was beautifully debauched. THANK YOU STRAP-ON ANON!
  4. You know, when I asked for a mtl for pegging weeks ago, I never imagined I’d be blessed with a strap-on scenario. I’m not even a Mark stan but DAMN DAMN DAMN that was just too good! Thank you, strap-on anon!!
  5. akirahirano : FUCKING HELL!!!! That strap-on Mark smut needs to be submitted to a fucking museum because it’s actual fucking art! HOLY SHIT! Now that was a ride… Fuck. Did I just cum…? 😨 (Strap-on anon, GREAT work!)

Do I need to add more? 

Lies till the end bitch never learns

So people just seem to think we will accept their lies and be Ignorant to the ways they choose to live , Life of lying isn’t a way of life but a sign of life going nowhere but holding and keeping u down . To always seem like something is coming or going as some look over the shoulder and it hits them in the face , so no one here to tell you bout the lying of a woman had killed a love so deep that it hurt like nothing I d ever felt but as you see the ways of her plays getting it out and find information the thing to say lies as you made came this letter file on a family member close to you maybe her I wiling say till that day to fry u in lies , so hot it may be but pressure of those things cause you to feel good try

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do u like shopping at target? how do u feel about colors, like what is ur fav/least fav colors?

Tbh I love Target, I dunno why, but maybe cuz it’s super cold in there and I love it since it’s always so hot outside. The $1 area is also really cool, I find cute aesthetic things in there.

My favorite color is yellow, but I really like red clothing, cuz it looks nice on my skin tone. My least favorite color is orange, it’s too…idk. I

I really like pastel colors, but they don’t look good with my skin, so I usually go with darker colors to wear and such.