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hi guys!! i recently found this website and it’s really been helping me lately, it’s an interactive guide to getting stuff done and self caring and it’s p easy to complete and caters specifically to people with mental illnesses! it also has some stuff to relieve anxiety/paranoia, tips on what to do if you’re feeling depressed, and a section to calm yourself down if you’re feeling triggered! it’s been very helpful to me the past few days and i just wanted to share it with you, i hope it helps some people out!! i love you! <3

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this is kinda embarrassing, but i love stuffing scenarios where someone can't control the noises their body makes- like, their stomach starts groaning really loud because they ate so much. or they drank so much their gut actually makes gurgling noises when they move. even being unable to stifle their burps and hiccups and getting kinda gassy are really nice :')

Unff you and me both anon 😳😳😳i always wanna add like 300x more of this in fics but it always seems so self indulgent lmao… i mean i know that’s the name of the game here but lol

But like imagine Stiles stuffing his gut alllll day long until his shirt rolls up because it’s so bloated and his stomach is groaning and grumbling and he never wants to get up again. But then Scott knocks on his door and is shouting at him from the other side so Stiles groans and pushes up against the weight of his belly, forcing out a burp. He waddles over to the door, gingerly cradling his stomach. 

Scott bursts in, excitedly telling Stiles about how Kira is gonna be at some party and she sort of invited him and how Stiles had to come along as moral support. So Scott pretty much drags Stiles along (he’d maybe had to change his shirt first since it was barely covering his belly anymore and was slightly food stained). 

And Scott, of course, pretty much runs to hang out with Kira as soon as they get there. She’s a cool girl and Stiles likes her but there’s only so much awkward almost-flirting he can take as the designated third wheel so he sets off in search of the keg. As he’s downing his beer he finds Allison, and he’s like thank god, a familiar face, so he sticks by her for awhile. 

And Stiles is kind of matching Allison drink for drink even though she has a way higher tolerance, but all the food in his gut is just making it so he’s not too drunk but really really bloated. His stomach feels huge and kind of sloshes around when he walks. And the fizziness of the beer is kind of a mistake, probably, because he has to close his mouth to try and swallow down the sounds of the burps that desperately want to come out. It doesn’t always work out, especially since Stiles cannot seem to make himself shut the fuck up, so when he’s rambling sometimes the burps and hiccups and gurgles just sort of… slip out mid-sentence. 

But it makes Allison laugh at his expense so he guesses it’s okay. They hook up with Boyd, Erica, and Isaac on the back porch and they’re passing around a joint. It’s quieter out here and sure, Stiles fills a lot of the silence, but especially when he’s too busy trying to hold smoke in his lungs, his stomach is loud. Like really loud. It gets like this sometimes, but usually not when he’s around so many people, sloshing audibly when he leans forward to pass the joint off to Erica, groaning when he sits back against the railing. At some point, though, he’s a bit too stoned to care that much. 

He starts to get that phantom hunger where he knows rationally that he’s actually probably still full of the food from earlier and the beer he’d been drinking, but the ache is completely gone. Since there’s no food around, he chugs the last of his beer to fill himself up just that much more. Stiles’s belly protests with a loud gurgle and he has to cover his mouth with his hand try to cover the burp that comes out. 

Erica pokes at his belly playfully, giggling, saying “A little too much beer, Stiles?” and he burps again from even just that tiny amount of pressure. Stiles goes to push her hand away and opens his mouth to protest, but instead, an overstuffed hiccup bursts out of his mouth. 

Stiles lays his hand on his belly, breathing heavily past the fullness inside, and he grins. “Nah, I could use another, actually. Or, oh! Waffles. I’m starving.” 

Wracked by munchies, the group isn’t hard to convince. They all agree to bail on the party and get food. Stiles struggles for a minute to get off the floor, belly sloshing and, despite what he said, probably too full of beer. He texts Scott and they push through the herd inside and out the front door. 

And with Stiles’s arm wrapped around Allison’s shoulders and her hand grasping firmly at his hips, Erica, Boyd and Isaac trailing them, they wander over to Denny’s for some much-needed post-party middle-of-the-night breakfast. 

The booth is tighter than Stiles remembers the last time he came here, but Stiles is firmly squashed between Isaac and Allison and he’s kinda drunk and pretty high so he doesn’t think too much about it. He’s debating between all the different foods he could get and is super tempted by the all you can eat pancakes. Stiles feels along the swollen edge of his belly, and he can still hear it gurgling faintly, but he feels like he could eat an /infinite amount of pancakes, still. 

So he gets it, with a side of hashbrowns and sausage and when the waiter sets the first stack in front of him, he inhales it. He’s kind of impressed with himself. But then gets the hiccups for a couple minutes from eating too quickly and has to clamp his mouth shut. Belly jiggling with the force of each and every one, Stiles feels immensely fat and bloated and he should be full, but he isn’t

Well he is, but it doesn’t matter because the next stack comes and then the next and Stiles keeps eating, licking syrup and butter off his lips, and on his third stack, Allison slips a delicate hand to pat the top of his belly and says, “Jesus, Stiles, how much can you fit in there?” 

Stiles hears his stomach gurgle heavily as he rests back in his seat. He feels vastly overfull, though thanks to the weed it isn’t painful. He knows he shouldn’t but, yeah, he thinks, he could definitely eat more. 

“You’d be surprised,” Stiles says, cocky.

Erica gives him a look up and down from across the table. “Yeah, I really don’t think I would.”

“I donno,” Boyd chimes in, “I don’t think you could possibly take on another stack.” 

Stiles does not turn down that kind of challenge. “I’m.” Stiles burps into his fist. “I’m capable of that and more, Boyd. Watch and learn.” 

In the haze of gluttony Stiles devours a fourth stack of pancakes and Allison’s offer of leftovers, but on the last bite he admits defeat. His fork clanks onto the plate and he groans, pitifully. He’s so stuffed he can hardly breathe and he thinks he’s gonna be stuck in the booth forever but Allison yanks him out despite his protests. The rest of them split off to go back to their dorms so Stiles is left to stagger to his own, to the soundtrack of his groaning belly, barely able to make it a few steps without burping from too much motion. 

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i just wanted to say that you seem like such a ball of sunshine irl and your typing makes you seem so cute

literally,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thankyou ,

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THE INSTANCE was just so sudden no one could have seen it coming– especially Mark. This KIND of a soul was the last person someone would think who’d be held up on the streets of LA. Even if the city did get it’s bad reputation– it wasn’t all BAD. Mark just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time while no one was out close to NIGHT

THE MAN took a few steps forward as Mark step back to counter– repeatedly asking for all the VALUABLES he owned on him at gun point. All Mark could do was try to calm down the pursuer && keep this going until a car or SOMEONE past by but he didn’t see anyone for a few blocks. Just his luck too … All he had on him was his phone, his wallet, keys and headphones but even then– it was quite some to lose everything in his WALLET.

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