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Starting Over (Angst/Family Fic) Shiki Kurobane/Ren Shibasaki

Honestly, I have no idea what to call this. So just read on~ For italianwriter! Enjoy! (◕‿◕✿)


There’s no way this happening.. I looked down at the positive pregnancy test and I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. “Shiki and I are not even married.. Oh my god..” I looked at ceiling of the bathroom in the Demon house. This is really bad..

I hesitantly walked out into the hallway, hiding the test in my front hoodie pocket. “Hey Anny! You look a little pale.. You okay?” Meguru peered into my face and I nodded franticly, “Y-Yes!” I quickly walked past him and went into Shiki’s room. That was close…

“Anny?” Shiki slowly sat up from his bed, cocking his head to the side, and adjusted his glasses, “What’s wrong?”

He beckoned me over to the side of his bed and I walked slowly, trying to waste time. I eventually got to the side and sat down, but right at that moment, the pregnancy test fell out onto the floor. Shit!

“Anny.. Is that?” Shiki’s eyes grew wide and he swiped it off the floor before I could. My heart pounded as he read the pregnancy test, “Your pregnant?” He looked back up at me, his heliotrope eyes looking at me in shock.

I didn’t want to lie to him so I just spat out the truth, “Yes..” I felt tears stain my cheeks but I was suddenly pulled into Shiki’s embrace. “I’m so happy Anny! This is one of the most best things that could happen!”

I was surprised at his words, “But.. Shiki we are not married.” Shiki smiled, “So? I would never leave you.” Our lips connected sweetly. Thank god he’s not mad! Things might actually turn for the good!

~The Next Morning~

I woke up alone in bed, the morning sunshine blocked by Shiki’s black curtains, I could just feel something in my gut that something was going to go wrong today. I could just feel it… Or maybe it was my morning sickness.

I got up out of bed and stretched earning cracks and pops from my body in response. Maybe they are all at breakfast..

~Down Stairs~

Everything’s… Gone? Is that possible? There no couch, no kitchen, no dining room table, no nothing.. That must mean the rest of the guys rooms are empty as well! I bet they left Shiki’s bed so I could sleep. That’s when I realized there was a note and a black bag on the floor.

“What’s this..” I picked the note up and I opened it up, my eyes scanning over the words:

‘Due to certain circumstances, everyone had to return back to the Demon Realm. We don’t know how long we will be gone, but it will be a while before we return. We have sent a resignation letter to your boss and this house his set to explode at 5:00 p.m. So please be gone by then. Please move to another city or country where no one can find you. It’s for your safety. In the sack is enough money for you to start a new life, put it to good use. -Shiki’

I quickly opened up the bag and inside was a load of cash. There’s at least 10,000,000 dollars in there!

My knees turned to jelly and I fell to the floor, what could be so serious that they had to leave on such a short notice?! My heart was broken to pieces, so much for not leaving me Shiki. I have to find a new job.. Oh my god… I’m going to have a baby in 9 months..

I was so overwhelmed at all the sudden information that was thrown at me. Okay.. I calmed myself down, first things first, this house is going to explode at 5:00 p.m. I looked at the clock on the wall, it’s 12:00 p.m. now. I need to get all my stuff packed and take a shower.

~4:30 p.m.~

I looked back one more time at the demon house while I got in the taxi that had been waiting for me. Goodbye everyone, I hope I will see you soon. I put my suit case in the trunk and got in the back seat, “Where to miss?”

“The train station.”

As we rode along, there was a sudden explosion. That must of been the Demon house! The driver of the taxi was so concentrated on driving he didn’t see a thing.

Finally, I arrived at the train station and got out of the taxi with my luggage and purse. I made it to the ticket station and looked up at the train time arrivals. “There’s one to Tokyo… Leaving at 5:10! That’s right now!”

Thankfully there hardly wasn’t anyone at the ticket line so I got my ticket and quickly boarded the train before it left the station.

Looks like I gotta start over, without Shiki. Life is going to be so different now that I can’t see him anymore. Now I’m going to have a child… What a sudden turn of events.

~Tokyo/8:00 p.m.~

I walked out of the train station after the 3 hour ride, the chilly midnight air hit my skin, making me feel refreshed. I need somewhere to stay, eat, and sleep. For now I better look for a restaurant, I’m starving.

I walked around a bit, mesmerized at all the fancy shops and hotels. I have enough money to stay in all of those! But one place got my attention.

There was a restaurant called, “Long Island, Sports Drinking Bar.” There also was a sign that said, “Help Needed.” I wonder if I could apply for a job there? I can eat too!

I walked into the bar, wow! It’s totally empty except for the guys at the bar. There were 5 guys sitting at bar and one making drinks for all of them. They are all so handsome!

The one making the drinks looked up at me and smiled, “Looks like we got a beautiful woman with us tonight boys.” All the men turned to look at me, shit! What do I say?

“Nice to meet you!” I tried to sound cheerful. “I’m Yuta!” A dirty blonde stepped in front of all the other boys and suddenly held out a hand to me, “My names Anny.” He smiled at me, “That’s a lov- Whoa!”

Before he could finish his sentence he was pushed out of the way by the famous writer, Saeki Takamasa. “You look beautiful tonight, would you mind having a drink with me?” I didn’t want to say no, but it might be bad for the baby.

“You guys calm down!” A brown headed male intervened, he has on a lawyer badge! He must be a Attorney!

“Here Miss, take my seat.” Another man with a red tie said and stood up.

“Thank you.” I calmly sat down and the man handed me a glass of wine, “Drink up. It’s on the house, you came here with a suit case. Something rough must of happened.

Rough doesn’t even describe what happened to me. “I’m sorry, but I don’t drink.”

"Why not?” The famous author questioned me.

“U-Um… I’m pregnant actually.”

The whole bar went silent, I was getting stared of confusion from the boys, “Then shouldn’t you be at home with your husband?” Suddenly, a blonde male spoke up, his emerald eyes looking my way. He’s.. So handsome..

“Anny?” I was brought back to my senses my Yuta. “S-Sorry!” All the guys chuckled and waited for me to answer the question. Looks like I gotta make stuff up!

“My husband divorced me after he found out I was pregnant with his child two weeks ago. I got fired from my job, lost my house, and lost my husband. It’s a complete disaster.”

All the guys eyes looked like deers in headlights, “Wow.. I’m so sorry.” The male behind the counter said and I smiled, “It’s okay! I came in here looking for a job.”

“Your hired. I’m Kunihiko Aikawa.” I was flabbergasted at his sudden agreement. “Thank you so much!” I clapped my hands together happily but it quickly faded away when I realized I had no place to stay.

“There a apartment upstairs you can use. It has a bathroom and bed room.” We shook hands.

“Now let me introduce you to my friends. This is Yamato Kougami.” He pointed towards the man with the red tie and hazel nut hair color.

“You already know Yuta Kajima, that’s Saeki Takamasa sitting right beside him.” The two waved and smiled, “That’s Takao Maruyama, he’s an attorney. Sitting next to him is the quiet one, he’s a Prince, Ren Shibasaki.”

~1 Month Later~

“You want your usual?” I asked as Ren came in through the LI bar door again. He smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

Ren and I had become close, he would come in every day and talk to me. Somedays he wouldn’t come due to work, but he would always come and visit. We would talk constantly about the most random things, I think it’s because I love science and so does he.

Of course I miss Shiki, but I’m afraid to say I’m falling for Ren since he’s not here. I haven’t confessed my love to Ren yet, but I will soon. The only thing I can hope for is that he will love me back.

My baby bump isn’t that large, but all the guys are supporting me. They are like my family now, it’s like they replaced the Demons.

~3 Months Later~

Ren and I entered his apartment, I was still shaken up plus the pregnancy hormones made the situation much worse.

There was a robbery at LI and the criminal came through the balcony in my apartment. The guys and I were all down stairs and he ambushed us, using me as a hostage. Thankfully, the police got there in time and made him surrender.

“Just calm down, okay?” Ren sat me down on the edge of his bed and squatted down in front of me.

“I… I was scared too, alright? I thought you were gonna die.. A-And..” Ren’s cheeks turned a maroon color and he confessed, “And I love you, Anny.”

I was taken back by his words, he just confessed to me.. Oh my god.. “Ren, I love you too!” I blurted out. Ren shot up like a rocket, his eyes practically bulging out of his head.

“Oh thank god..” He hugged me tightly, although my baby bump was sorta in the way. “Ren, will you still stay with me, even though.. I’m..”

“Pregnant?” I nodded shyly and Ren chuckled, “Of course I will. Why would I ever leave the woman I love?” He suddenly kissed me, his lips conquering mine over and over again. I can’t believe this, this is the best day of my life!

“And I promise that I’ll take good care of the baby too.” He caressed my stomach gently, looking at me lovingly. “I love you, Anny.”

~2 Years Later~

“Daddy why are you carrying a bunch of roses?” The dark colored headed little girl giggled as she pranced around us.

Ren and I were walking through the park, hand in hand. “It’s your mother’s and I’s wedding anniversary, sweetheart.” Ren chuckled and brought the back of my hand up to his lips, kissing it gently. “I love you, Anny.”

Shiki’s and I’s child turned out to be a girl with jet black hair like her fathers and emerald eyes like mine. She was a spitting image of me, only smaller, and cuter. Ren and I decided to name her Megumi, which means blessing and kindness.

Ren and I had also gotten married a year ago, which was one of the most best days of my life. He’s a great dad to Megumi and I know he will be to our other one on the way.

~No One’s P.O.V~

Shiki watched his girlfriend from a distance, she was walking across the park with another man, he could see the gold wedding band on her finger, he could see his little girl frolicking around them.

His heart was broken, “Looks like Anny found someone else while we were gone. Sorry Sheeks!” Haruhito patted his back, trying to comfort the heart broken male.

He had waited two years to see her again, but the woman he loved probably didn’t recognize him. It saddened him, he wanted to go up and hug her… But he had to sit in his own misery and watch them walk happily across the park.