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i heard you had rwby oc villains



@xevilbusinessx ( the dragon ). | cont.

Oh boy…

   ——  ❛ Darling… —
   You are more like  a
   princess to me…  Or
          a duchess.
   The ‘queen’ title is…
   Is  already  taken—

He knows a bomb is going to explode but can’t let her believe this.

May god have mercy on his soul.

♘ ┇ Princess? Duchess? And she couldn’t be Queen? Something was wrong. She would NOT allow this. A frown of dissatisfaction now plastered her once pristine features as her eyes narrowed and she approached Jack.

❝ Is that the best you can do? I tell you ‘no less,’ and this is what you give me? I should call you a fraud for those insults. ❞ Nadia hissed as she stood face to face with the Heylin Lord. No matter what his title was, hers would be GREATER.

❝ I could be your EMPRESS, I could be your GODDESS, and yet you choose something less deserving for me. ❞ Her hand suddenly shot forward and grasped his throat. She could not kill him, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t feel.

Long manicured nails slowly scratched his pale neck. Nadia’s eyes were not soft and bright as they usually were; now they were aflame with the look of a wild beast ready to KILL.

❝ Try again, before I take something of yours since you gave away what was RIGHTFULLY MINE.

if ur worried bc ur life isn’t going the way you planned or u feel like u haven’t got ur life well put together yet and u think it should be, today i was visiting my old college with my best friend and we were talking to two of our old teachers and we said “you guys really remind us of us just like…with ur shit together” and one of them literally laughed and said “that’s the funniest thing ive heard all day, you think my life is well put together wow”
so don’t worry, u can have a degree, a solid career, a house and family and still be ????? about what ur doing, bc the secret to happiness is realising none of us have any clue what the fuck is going on ever

ahahahahhaha apparently the NZ purebred dog group people cant even tell the difference between a doberman and a great dane good fucking god




I wanted to compile these in a photoset without text and in the order I actually drew them in.

I also like to imagine that these happened after these posts, because I never actually finished them (They got really heated after that tbh, and I’m still bummed that I never actually drew the whole thing out) but also to compare them artistically. The “You did too” comic was actually one of my favourite things I’ve ever drawn, (Right now I look back at it like “what were u doin mate”) and it took just as much time as thi did despite being smudgy and having no bg.

I’m babbling. I’m proud of myself for once. Also my wrist hurts. So I’m going to be AFK. That was my 500th post on this blog.

Also excuse me again for the overly genuine Boat Scene esque Hans

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hey, uh, i'm sorry if this is an odd question, but can people who aren't Norwegian wear bunads? I am Scandinavian - Danish, to be specific, but I don't think I have any Norwegian blood. So is it ok if I wear a bunad? Obviously I'd learn about where it originates and stuff like that beforehand. just wanted to know. :)

I’m rly drunk right now so idk if I actually understood your question but guck if you can wear whatever u want !!!! Duck everyone and do what u want mate

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I'm... I'm confused? I didn't go on tumblr for a week because of exams and when I come back there's all this rant about Sue and Russia and a fucking sword/umbrella??!???? I don't understand a thing can u explain what's going on 😱

mate there’s no way i can explain to you a week’s worth of conspiracy shit but today the russian dub of tfp leaked and they’ve advertised the fact on social media, everything is on fire, i genuinely think someone hit me over the head sometime early december and this is all a hallucination

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Hi! I would like request an Exo wolf!au story. U got drunk at a party where U met Suho. He knew U were his mate. What U thought was a 1 night stand was more to him as he claimed U as his mate. While he slept U left the hotel U were at. Once U are claimed by a werewolf U cant be seperated to long or U will become ill. He found you days later. U couldnt believe it. Happy ending. Thanks so much!

Why hello anon! I could not be more sorry for how late this is, I swear! But, not being familiar with this AU made it hard for me and I had to dive into some research to at least not make you laugh at it. I’m at least now happy with the end result, and I hope you can forgive me and can cut me some slack. It’s really not all that bad, I promise! I changed up the scenario a bit, in a cabin instead of a hotel, so I hope you don’t mind that. It seemed to fit the wolves idea a lot better. Also, since this is current, I’m leaving Kris out of this one. You’ll see why later :D

This is a Suho piece in the Wolf!AU, angst/slight smut, and long in length

Enjoy everyone!


You Have 11 Visitors

You walked into a house you didn’t know who owned it. And at that point you really didn’t care. Parties where you didn’t know the hosts were always best. No loose ends to have to tie up. You already had a bad week, and you at least needed something alcoholic to ease your pain. It’s what you get for having an office relationship. Things were going so well, and then you just broke it off. There’s nothing wrong with breaking off a relationship that you just weren’t happy in anymore. You’d be leading him on if you kept it up, and that just wouldn’t be fair for the both of you. But the main thing you loved about him, his love of being on top, took a 180 and was used against you. Now you were the one to avoid at work. It even got you demoted. Harshly.  You were being given the short stick, but not here. All you want is some booze and maybe a one night stand. You didn’t even want to have morals for a night. You just wanted to have some good old fashioned fun. Maybe changing it up would make it easier for you. You asked around for the where you could get a bottle of beer when someone caught your eye from nearby. He seemed totally out of place for a house party like this one. He seemed to belong somewhere in a big city with the attire he was wearing. It was just too formal, but it sure matched his face. His face, it seemed worth millions, billions, he looked that good.  You wondered still as to what he was doing here of all places. Sadly, you thought, that was totally out of your league, so you kept looking, but right before you looked away from him, he looked up in your direction. You two made eye contact for a split second before you looked away. You were then occupied by looking at the other men who were all a major step down from the first guy you noticed. In your daze in the sea of other men, you heard a male moan very loudly. The party hadn’t even started and people are already fooling around? you thought. It wouldn’t be surprising, but it still seemed unlikely.  You looked over in the direction of the noise to see the eye candy struggling to stand up. The other people he was socializing with helped him stay steady on his feet. They were tossing questions at him left and right, but only for him to respond

“Look, thank you everyone for your concern, but I was just, out of it, for a moment. Don’t fret, I will be fine.” He then started to stumble away from them but quickly regained his footing and in an instant, he was by your side. You didn’t even see him come over to you he was so quick. But there he was, in front of you and pleased to see you. He was smiling more than you’d expect for being strangers and all. But, you were glad he came to you first. None of the other guys there were worth it, only he was. You would have had to have gone home empty handed if he didn’t choose to show interest first. You give him a small smirk and say hello. He was already close to you, but he went a few steps closer and leaned in to give his own greetings.

“Why, hello there. I’m Suho…… And I need you.” Wow, he was also the bossy type. This was going to be a fun night, you thought. But you weren’t going to obey so easily. You’d at least like to know something about the person you planned on having sex with before the sex even happened.

“Well, that’s quite forward of you, but let’s at least share a drink first or something. It’s only polite……” You then started walking your fingers on his upper right thigh, and they were as most would describe as “honey thighs”. They were perfect and firm, like how you were hoping something else was going to be. He was quick to abide your request and went from a suave man you wanted to get with to almost like a puppy that you wanted to get to know. He seemed to change so quickly, but you didn’t mind it. Only gave you more of a challenge and surprise to see if he was really worth your time. He has the face, alright, but does he also have the intellect you always desire? You were about to find out…….

This man was surely all you needed, because after a few drinks, you realized that he was worth it. He has a large investment sum, he’s good with taking care of people, he’s a leader, and he even has a black card. He must be ranking it in, which only shows what good progress he makes. Everything your last guy wasn’t.  You had then decided; you needed him too. Sure, you were somewhat intoxicated, but that how most of the fun times begin. You threw away your 6th bottle, he had barely finished his second, and you just spent so much time listening to his smoky voice. You could listen to someone like him speak all night long. But, there weren’t going to be big plans of anyone talking after this, so you enjoyed it while you did. You put your hand near his belt and tugged it. You nodded your head in the direction of the main door. You looked down near his crotch to see that it was already bigger than when he first came to see you. You couldn’t wait any longer, and Suho seemed able to help you out. He grabbed your hand and led you out of the house and you led him toward your car. He said he walked there, but would love to take you to his place. On the drive there, the alcohol began to get to you more as you slid yourself over to Suho and start nibbling on his ear. You could hear that he liked what you were doing to him, but he needed to drive safely, so he slid you back into your seat. You made a couple more attempts, and he was persistent in making sure that at least the drive was safe. You began to notice that the city was behind you and you were going toward the outside outer woods. When it registered in your washed up thoughts, you turned to him and asked him where you both were going. He seemed hesitant to say anything, but he admitted

“I have a cabin out in this area. I thought it’d be nicer, cozier, quieter………..”  Oh, so he wants it that way, huh? Well, you intended to make good use of the ‘quiet’ he spoke of. When he led you into his cabin that you almost mistook for a mansion, it was so massive. You weren’t expecting someone so fierce to come out when he closed the door; he had you pinned against the wall. His mouth began to explore the unknown territory that was you. You didn’t let him have it easy as you chose to fight back, but you only made it worse for yourself. He became much more forceful with you. He then removed his hands from your wrists to only explore more of your body that he was after the whole night. He chose to first explore your back and pushed you closer to him in a forceful embrace. You could feel his erection against your leg. You now wanted to make a big deal about it, unlike before. You both were alone now, so it feels right. You broke your journey in each other mouths to make a comment while you cupped your hand over his member.

“Well, is that your thick, unlimited bank card or are you just happy to see me?” You put a little extra force on his member and he moaned almost as loud as when he did before he walked up to you. But this time is was a moan you wanted to hear. You suggested that this be taken to the bedroom, and he seemed surprised at first. He then stopped enjoying your body to look around. He walked up a large flight of stairs nearby to see up above the floor you were still on. He then pressed his ear against a door he stood nearby and stayed there for a few seconds, just listening in. You were hoping that there wasn’t any noise on the other side of the door, and he signaled you to come up the flight for you to meet him. Seeing him in a higher position than you only made you want him more, so you jolted up the stairs. Even in heels, you were able to make it up the flight without a single mess up. Until the final step. You started to fall toward the marbled surface, when Suho came and supported you. How could Suho be so fast, so quick and think as such on his toes at such a speed? You had barely even registered that you were falling before he was by your side once more. You grinned at him and he led you into the bedroom, leading you on top of him……

Now being underneath him, the heat was getting intense, so you began to slide off your clothes. He did the same for himself, and only both of your underwear was left. He examined your body when took his turn to nibble on your ear, and then lightly went down your neck giving small bites along your neck. He really knew how to make you feel good  as you moaned louder with each lowered bite. He then went to your abdomen area and bit your side with a force you didn’t expect. You moaned because it was so unexpectedly amazing feeling.  And an odd place of all places to want to leave a hickey, but at least it would be easier to hide than if it were anywhere else he had just shown his love to. You looked up at him and he was already waiting to make eye contact with you. Hey, at least he kept things interesting. It was unique, and you loved every moment of it. He then went even lower on your body until he was right in front if your entrance. As the alcohol began to really kick in, you memory was beginning to get very blurry and you began to space out…………….

You were dazed when you woke up a few hours later. There was an awful ringing in your head, it was painful to look around, but you didn’t remember where you were, so you had to gaze around to find clues. You looked down at yourself and noticed you were almost nude but your bra, so you took the covers and panicked to cover yourself. What happened…….You looked from your left to your right for more clues. Window. Clock. TV. Weird wilderness painting. Mirror. Door. The clock read 2:30 am. Oh shit, you thought. You needed to get back home. You looked over to the left side of the bed to see an attractive man lying next to you with a covered up bottom half by the sheet sand you noticed his handsome face and toned upper body. How the hell did I get him? You didn’t have enough time to try to remember how. You needed to get to your car. Who knows, this guy could be a serial killer who takes his victims after he has one night stands with them. With an isolated area and his constant biting from last night it now caused some suspicion. You shoulder been concerned last night, but sadly you weren’t. You were dumb, but no time to dwindle on it, you needed to bail. You looked around for where your clothes were and you saw them by the window ledge. You were quick to remove the sheets from yourself and wiggled out of the bed without waking him up. What was his name again? Started with an S…..You couldn’t even remember, what was wrong with you? What even made you have this idea in the first place, but you needed to go. You quickly located your clothes again in the almost dusk through the window blinds. You slipped your dress over yourself and slipped your panties back on with heels in hand and went for the door knob. It opened with silence, much to your relief. You went through the door frame and closed the door as quietly as you could. You were happy again to almost not hear a sound as you closed the door. So this was it, huh? You never had a first night stand before, not like this. Normally he would be the first to leave. But you pondered this as you ran down the stairs, making sure to fall this time, and checked the front door. It was locked. You spazzed around, looking for the keys. You saw some keys on the side table, so you tried them. The 3rd key was the key you needed. But you noticed your key ring set on his key ring as well. He was trying to keep you trapped after all, you accused of him internally. You were glad you noticed as you unlocked your car and hopped inside. It reeked of a stench that a lot seemed like……… what was the smell? It was vaguely familiar to you. It reminded you of the times when you washed your dog when you were younger. Was that it? A wet dog smell? When was any type of animal even in your car? That’s what you get for being in the woods. The windows were still up though……. Why did your curiosity always have to get to you at the worst of times? It always did, but you quickly snapped out of it and backed up out of the drive and tried to remember the way you came to get back home. Why did you focus on him so much that night? Just another thing to add to your list of regrets. You were just glad you could go back home. You hit a red light a couple blocks away from your apartment when you suddenly started feeling a pain in your lower abdomen. It was almost like a slight pinch and it wasn’t too bad compared to some cramps you’ve had before. But it only got worse the rest of the way home and at its worse when you lied down in your bed. It became less of a pinch and more of a swirl inside of your stomach that was trying to rip itself from inside of you. It was becoming unbearable, and you even checked yourself. You got off of your period last week. And you were negative for pregnancy.

It has yet to lighten up, this pain of yours, and it barely ever eased off, so you were at a constant state of holding your stomach for slight comfort. You had girls from the office offering you painkillers but you were already using as many as you could legally use without overdosing. It did nothing to help.  Nothing ever helped. The females also would slide you pads and tampons at your cubicle. At least know you had a hoard for yourself if the time is coming close, but it shouldn’t be. You just got off of it, it still made no sense to you.

A few more days had passed before things became difficult for you to accomplish everyday tasks without asking someone for help. Someone would come and do as you ask, but not this time. On your way to get a printed copy of something, you collapsed onto the ground. You didn’t even try to get up, you just moaned in pain. Not like it even mattered, not like anyone really cared about you enough to even help you. You were quick to think this when you felt hands help you off the ground. They were strong hands and you felt, they reminded you of his hands when you entered his house. Started with a S, right? Suho, or something of the like…….It reminded you of that night. How his force turned you on more than anything else. You were disappointed to look up and it was your ex that was helping you. Well fuck, that sure ruined the fantasy, didn’t it? You were quick to throw yourself away from him, but you only landed back on the floor in pain. He helped you up again when you yelled at him

“Get off. I don’t need your help. And I never did.” You hissed your last sentence at him. Another coworker walked in on the scene and wondered what all the commotion was. After you and your ex spent minutes talking over each other, your ex ended up getting the first word in that was understandable.

“She’s been in too much pain for something she can’t just brush off with pain killers. I think she needs to go to the hospital.” You didn’t want to go. Of course you didn’t. You didn’t have the time, the patience, or the money to pay the bill. Even with insurance, you know there would be plenty of medications you would have to pay for, and you had no time to take those either. The pain killers you were already taking were bad enough. So your ex took you, kicking and screaming, to his car and drove you to a close health care facility. He left you there. He came by to visit every day after work. He’s update you on everything that would happen in the office, and that he had been covering all of your work for you. You were surprised he was being so helpful after the way he treated you before. You could almost blame him for getting this, whatever it was, in the first place. He brought you some surprising news on this 4th visit

“They are still clueless about what’s the issue. You’re all over the local news, you know. “Unknown cause of internal pains is puzzling doctors across the town to find a solution.” Not the best title, but it gets the point across. Everyone at work has been asking about you lately, so what should I tell them?” He gave a small smile when he asked, it was the first time you felt these visits were actually important to him. He’d bring cards or tell you when new shows were having new episodes. He still remembered the ones you liked, but it’d never seemed fully with intent until now.

“Well, just tell them that the pain hasn’t subsided, but sleep is the only thing keeping it at bay.” You were acting over the top with your message to your coworkers. He gave a small chuckle at your dramatic production of such bad news when you both sighed. Now, it was your turn for a question.

“You know, I’m glad for the help you’ve given me, but why are you? I thought you still had a grudge.”

“Well, I needed my time, like everyone does. Seeing you after a few days made me realize that things are different. You still need to rely on me to help you out, but at least its platonic now. Don’t worry, I just wanted to help you out.” You smiled; you supposed people could change for the better. Your nurse entered the room and said that his visiting time was over. The nurse walked him out and quickly came back to you.

“Yes, miss, you have a visitor waiting for you right now. He said you should remember him yet he didn’t give his name, sounded suspicious, would you like me to escort him out?” It could only be Suho. You were scared to see him, but at the same time you kinda wanted to see him, so you told the nurse to go on ahead and let him in. In he walked, in much more casual clothing than the first time you both had met. You were still freighted. He did try to keep you trapped in his cabin, after all. He simply went to the chair that was by your side. He had his hands in his lap, and looked around the room, and ended looking around the room to look at you. He didn’t seem mad, nor depressed, nor looking for revenge nor mysterious. He reached for your hand and grasped in to intertwine with his. You felt at peace with yourself, and so did your insides. You suddenly felt a wave of relief inside of your intestines. You looked at him with surprise, and he asked you

“So, how does the ‘puzzling internal pains’ going along now?” He smirked at you, and you kept taking turns looking at your body and back at him. How did he know that you were feeling better? Was he behind it? Was it some type of new date rape drug he was testing on you? You were too scared to find out. You tossed his hand away from yours as you scooted to the other side of your hospital bed and he scooted back in the opposite direction. What the hell was he acting so calm about? He just backed up as if it were nothing. He obviously has something planned, but you don’t know what it could be. He put his hands behind his back, and was hesitant to reply to you.

“I thought you understood. Do you not know yet?” Understood what? Did he rope you into something? How dare he if he did.

“Look, I have no idea what you could be getting at, but you are not taking me anywhere, you hear me? We can still interact, but I’m not becoming a, sex slave or something! It’s not happening!” You held up a pillow as your only defense. He walked slowly toward you, and you kept gaze with him as he took a hold of the pillow. He seemed gentle enough, so you let him have it. You still knew how to break a few bones, so you were still somewhat safe. He placed it on the ground by his feet, and rose back up to meet your gaze once again. He eyes were warm, and then he spoke to you.

“I thought legend in this town was common knowledge. I suppose not, but, when we were together last night, when I bit you….. I was only trying to keep you from being like this, I………. I know that you won’t believe me if I tell you. No one ever does believe us. It’s, it’s hard to explain without example. Can I, can I come later? Sometime this evening? It’d probably be really late, though.” You and him both knew that visiting hours did not go that late, and he hunched over in defeat with a sigh without you responding. You wondered how to get him in, and then you noticed the window. It was the only option past the front counter which he wouldn’t be able to get through. You were quick to agree to help, but it still didn’t seem worth it to you.

“I’ll see if my nurse can leave that window open for me. Maybe you can sneak through there if you need to. Only thing I can think of. If it works for you, I’d be willing to ask. You seem to really have something on your mind, and I’d like to know what it is.” He looked back up and smiled at you and nodded yes. You would hope your nurse would, but you’d doubt there’s a rule against leaving the window open for the night. He then bowed to thank you and kissed you before he walked out. It was sweet and what you would expect in such a setting. Your nurse came and escorting him out. When nighttime came, she had one more visit with you before she could head home. You then asked her about your window. It was an easy request. She asked you how far, and you said all the way. You should’ve asked if he needed all that room, but was too late now. Your nurse didn’t bat an eye, so there was small relief there. You were suddenly reminded of something that might be in the way of the plan. Alarms.

“Also, quick question, where is the camera in this room? Just curious.” She looked at you with weird eyes, and then admitted that there wasn’t one in that particular room. Some rooms had to have them removed for budget cuts. Also why alarms are only sensitive in hallways now because of said budget cuts. You tried to act as surprised as possible, and she left looking more suspicious than you wanted her to be. Wow, you were really surprised how easily everything was working out. You wished Suho hadn’t left so you didn’t have to feel the constant pain within you that most would describe as child birth, so you decided to let sleep help with the pain.

You were shocked right out of sleep when you heard a crazy commotion going on outside. Normally, the town was quiet, but now there were crazy noises going on outside of your window. Suddenly, a creature came through your window. It snarled, looking around the room, and when it saw you, it stopped. It was a rabid animal, if nothing else and you started to panic internally. You saw it get up on its hind legs. You saw it transform into, something. You saw such terrifying things that you’d only imagine in horror movies that you covered your face with a sheet. When you brought the sheet down, you saw Suho standing there. Wait what. There was a wolf looking thing there but a moment ago. How did…. What did…… Why did……..? It just seemed like too much for you to understand in one moment. He looked around some more and then went to the window and signaled something or someone in. Then 10 more of the same creatures you assumed to be more wolves came in at once. You were surprised they didn’t make such loud growls, but kept them down for at for you to hear them. When they transformed you covered your eyes again only to see 10 more handsome men standing in front of you. What they hell were they doing here? You needed an explanation and pronto.

“What in the hell is going on here?” You yelled, but only for everyone in the room to hear, but not outside the walls.

“You have 11 visitors, like how the doctors say around here. There’s me, and this is my pack. They said they wanted to see who it was I claimed. It’s what we have to do, anyways. It’s tradition.” The rest of the ‘pack’ was just staring at you, with amusement. Almost in disbelief.

“How did you get this one? She seems too good for you.” One member said, and he had really big ears compared to the others.

“That’s for me to know and for you to never find out.” He joked while he walked toward you, sitting in the chair he sat in a few hours earlier. He held your hand again and you were glad he did, because you needed some comfort. You looked at all of them, and you registered a possibility of all this.

It was really a wolf pack, and you admitting this out loud.

The one who seemed to have a lot of eyeliner on spoke up.

“Yes. We are a wolf pack where Suho is our alpha.” You looked up to Suho with pride. You knew he was the leader for a reason, but not like this. Not what you expected. You looked back to the man speaking.

“And it seems he finally imprinted and claimed his mate, and he did a good job at that.” There was another man with really dark skin that spoke up after that.

“Is your internal pain still there? It’s because you and Suho were apart. When he claimed you, it creates a bond that you cannot escape. You both can’t be apart long or you will stay the way you are, or even worse. And Suho wouldn’t want to do that to you. Know that, if nothing else. It’s the reason we had to steal the keys from inside of your car and put it on his key ring. It was so you wouldn’t suffer.” You looked up at him again, surprised. You then thought there was only one thing that the wolf idea hadn’t explained.

“Well, this all seems very fitting, but what about you’re stumbling at the party. Did that have anything to do with this?”  Suho was quick to reply.

“Actually, yes. That was because I imprinted you. When we do that, it’s almost like an out of body experience, and it can take it right out of you. But, I get the woman of my dreams in the end, so it’s worth it for me.” It was cheesy, yes, but it made you melt. You then just pondered what to do now. You already had a life and you couldn’t just give that up to reside with a bunch of strangers. But, if Suho were there, it might be worth it. You asked him about what happens next.

“Well, I’ll stay within the area so you can say you’re feeling fine and get yourself out of here. And we’ll figure it out from there. Some of these guys have made it work before, and I’m sure we both can too. I know it” He cupped your face in his hand and kissed your forehead as his pack made noises of disgust and mentions of ‘grossness from leader’, so you both laughed and he got  out from the chair. You guessed that the pack had to leave to tend to things as each member of the pack left out of the window, changing form as quickly as they did the first time. Suho and you watched them leave. He took your hands and pecked them. He lingered with them until he released his grasp as he walked toward the window. You saw him sigh happily as he lifted himself out of the opening. You turned around and told yourself that you really needed some sleep. Whether this was reality or some kind of dream……

Things were about to get interesting


Trust me, I know this one isn’t the best, but I gave it my best shot. So, did you love/hate? If you liked this one (or want to see me do MUCH better), then follow me for more content. Still taking requests, so send one in if you’d like one, and have a good day everyone!