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[SUBMISSION] that shoujo theme ending tho

hi. first of all, forgive me if i have made some grammatical errors in this.

anyway, so after the recent events that happened in opm, particularly the part where everyone seems to be spazzing about genos living with saitama,i thought i’d like to share something i have been keeping since seeing the ending theme song. it could be the most amusing and/or misleading ending song/theme i have seen in a supposedly 100% badassery goodness series. 

and yeah. this is may be saigenos heavy (platonic, romantic, etc.) and possible spoilers.

*ahem* so…yeah, lyrics aside, i also noticed the visuals that were used.

External image

External image

External image

so yeah, they’re in pairs. it could be implied a symbol of a typical couple but then there’s this:

External image

there’s a pair of stuffed teddies sitting under a freaking umbrella on a rainy weather. sentimental. romantic maybe right? 

(and i can’t help but laugh because the timing of the lyrics too. “ the person i love is so strong it worries me”)

notice the smaller, lighter colored bear:

External image

check the arms/limbs. broken. and as far as we know, there’s a certain character who just loooooves to get disarmed in almost every fight:

External image

this guy.

(a strange, crazy thought also came to my mind when i saw this. i wonder if this is an imagery of how Genos was before he became a cyborg. during the time his town was attacked. )

and who could be the bigger brown bear i wonder? it could be anyone. but, knowing Genos (even more so for manga readers) there could be only one person he regards as a bigger and stronger figure (hence the bigger brown teddy). 

External image

this egghead guy.


External image

bromance/romance aside. i think it’s amazing how much thought and effort it was put in this ending theme. some people would consider this trollish or perhaps a “chill pill” after all the adrenaline inducing episode. so they would just skip this song/ending and maybe miss out on some possible hints hidden here. 

ah, and no. i’m not saying it’s hinting a possible saigenos romance (but wouldn’t that be interesting if it did). i’m talking about the possibility of saitama and genos having crossed paths before the incident. before genos became a cyborg. 

i’m gonna stop here now so i wouldn’t spoil any further but if you want i can pm you about it if you’re interested. sorry bout this spam but i have been dying to share this thought to someone since i’ve seen the ending theme. anyways, i am happy a lot of people are starting to see how opm’s amazing and garnering more fans. i look forward to fanworks and discussions about this series in the future. 

p.s. also check the lyrics for the opening. not sure how accurate it is, but what freaking coincidence that it has “A lonely hero”  and then the ending theme song has “ the person i love is so strong it worries me, so show your weakness to me alone . amazing how they resonate each other it seems. how saigenos this is