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Pizza Boy!Vernon

a/n: for sunflower anon! hope you don’t mind that i made it bulleted!! also this is like my second time writing a bulleted scenario so pls have mercy on me i’m trying to expand my capabilities  

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• okay but like does anyone remember that jonas brothers song
• i fell in love with the pizza girl ,,, now i eat pizza every day,,,
• BC that’s what i think it would be like if vernon was your pizza delivery boy
• okay from the beginning
•you’re a university student and exams have been destroying your happiness lately
• you want to die basically
• like you work so hard at your job and at studying that you NEVER get a break and it’s so,,, stifling,,, you just want to graduate and LEAVE
•so when you finally get a day without exams where you can just chill, you order pizza
• because why not??
• and since you’re ordering it online it has that lil box at the bottom that asks for special instructions
• at first you were gonna write the classic “send ur cutest delivery boy”
• but you didn’t really feel like fixing you hair and outfit to impress some pizza boy that probably wasn’t even cute in the first place tBH
• so you go with your second option: “pls tell me a quality pizza pun when u arrive. thx.”
• most of the time those pizza places don’t even pay attention to the requests unless it’s like an allergy mention or smth so u don’t really expect anything
• when someone knocks on your apartment door you get up and head over w ur money
• you probably forgot that you even requested a pun lol
• you open your door to see a really cute delivery boy with a smile on his face

• “Why was the pizza shop not doing well?”

• u pause bc first of all what the heck
• then you remember your request and you excitedly ask him why
• so the boy just sort of gives you this dorky, satisfied grin and answers
• “They just weren’t rolling in the dough.”
• cue crickets
• bc like it was a good joke but it wasn’t /that/ good
• suddenly he’s embarrassed and red and he’s like “rlly let me try again i have better puns i prOmiSe!!!”
• since you’re feeling nice you let him try again
• “okay okay what did the angry customer give the pizzeria owner?”
• “wut”
• “a pizza his mind.”
• “that one was worst than the first one tbh”
• “NO WAY my puns are good”
• “mediocre at best”
• and the pizza delivery dude is not expecting a tip at this point bc you’re so freaking brutal abt his jokes that he searched the internet for on such short notice
• “pls im a college student w debt just have mercy on me”
• and now you’re actually giggling a bit bc did he think you weren’t gonna pay him??? like some kind of hooligan???
• please,,, you have class
• so you like hand over the money w his tip like “what’s ur name pizza boy”
• “it’s vernon”
• “makes sense. u look like a vernon”
• “is that an insult?”
• so he leaves and you’re happy bc of your pizza but also you’re kinda sad bc,,, dang,,, the pizza boy was cute and you didn’t even get his number,,,
• gUeSs yOuLL hAVe tO bUY mOrE pizZAs!!!1!11!1
• so that’s what you do and you don’t rlly know what to put under the special request to make sure you get vernon so
• you just kinda
• “send the boy with horrible puns pls”
• and everyone once again knows this is vernon bc no one tells horrible puns like he can
• so he’s back and you take more time to study his face bc he’s handsome obv 
• like just imagine his black hair tucked under a red pizza cap,, and his eyes are really dark in contrast to his boyish smile like wow. a visual.
• “who did your eyebrows?”
• “uh,,, myself? wait what does that mean??? what do they do to your eyebrows?”
• so you explain eyebrow beauty to him
where is this going destinee pick it up 
• and during this time he’s actually pretty fascinated but then gAsP he forgot to open with his pun!!!!!
• “What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?”
• “…”
• “my pizza jokes can’t be topped!”
•“pretty sure they can be topped”
• “next time i’m going to conveniently forget your garlic sauce”
• “who said i was going to call you again, delivery boy??”
• hE cAnT wIN
• lowkey thinks you’re cute so he puts up with ur incessant teasing
• “what’s ur name anyway?”
• “y/n”
• “well, y/n, since we’re friends now do you wanna listen to my mixtape”
• he’s already pullin out a blank cd with some horrible handwriting on it
• nd you accept it but like,,,, what are you supposed to do???
• thank him??,??,,?
• anyway vernon leaves bc he is on the job and has to deliver other pizzas before they get cold ya know
• so,, since you’re bored,,, you listen to the mixtape while you eat ur pizza
• and like some of the songs are lowkey cringe but some of them are highkey good
• now what do you do
• tell the pizza guy you like his rap??
• is that too far?? like he said you guys were friends but,,,,,
• the next time he comes you tell him that you rlly liked his mixtape and behold!!!
• lil vernon is blushing!!! bc you’re one of the first people to compliment him on his songs and it makes him super happy and mushy inside like what a dweeb
• you and vernon keep this delivery boy/customer friendship or whatever up bc it’s fun and you guys kinda sort of think each other are cute
•like ObViOuSlY bc vernon is a d o r a b l e
•and you’re practically an ANGEL
• *20 starts playing*
• anyway yeah one day you’re craving pizza again so you make your order
• and when it asks for any special instructions
• you type in
• “send the cute pun boy”
• as a joke but gET THIS
• so like while you wait for vernon to arrive u r freaking out and sWeAtiNG bc vErNoN cAnT kNoW yoU liKe hiM !!!1!1
• that’s weird !!!!!
• your doorbell rings and you’re shaking as you open the door bc you’re sure you’ve just ruined ur friendship w him
• but like when you open the vernon is just,,, leaning against the doorframe,,, w a smirk on his lips and red ears to match his cap,,,,
• “you…called…me…cute…”
• nd suddenly he’s getting closer to you and his smile is widening like where did he get this confidence from???
• skkahdhs and just when you think he’s going to kiss you he whispers
• “d’you wanna hear another pun?”
• but you gotta keep ur composure right so you reluctantly nod like yeah vernon!!! listening to your stupid puns is how i want to spend my time!!! definitely not kissing you!!! that’s for sure!!
• but this meme:
• “How do you know if you’re in love?”
• nd you stutter out a lil “what” bc is this just a joke or is he on to smth
• and he kinda smiles shyly and opens his pizza box
• “if they steal a pizza your heart!”
• you look down and the freakin pizza is shaped like a heart and has “will u go out w me?” written in pepperonis
• and it’s so cheesy
hehe get it?
• that you can’t help but laugh like “ofc i’ll go out w you dork”
• and you invite him in to share the pizza
• luckily you’re his last stop for the night so the two of you can stay up all night talking and laughing and sharing puns over pizza
• goals tbh

The new Jelix collab
  • “I moved office again… as you can see… it’s definitely my place.”
  • why u fuckin lyyying, why u always lyyying
  • YoU pIcKeD tHe WrOnG hOuSe FoOl
  • J: “This is my padded cell.” F: “I knew you were insane.”
  • “5 weird stuff online… with jackspedicey.”
  • “Green PewDiePie”
  • F: “Item number one.” J: “What are you gonna start with?” F: “I dunno.”
  • “Oh my god, Santa-sama!”
  • “What’s it calle- AIRZOOKA”
  • “Are you ready to get airzookad bro?”
  • “I can see your stupid face through here as well.”
  • Them breaking the airzooka .1 seconds after touching it for the first time
  • “You BLINK, you LOSE”
  • *c o s t u m e  c h a n g e*
  • F: “Your outfit…” J: “Really nice!” F: “Very nice.”
  • F: “So I was like well it’s not mine, so should I remove my underwear?” J: “What!?”
  • “Don’t you worry jackspediceypie!”
  • Them yelling as they try to tame the Robotwist
  • F: “It’s not stopping!” J: “It just wants to keep on twisting!”
  • Felix putting the twisty thing on his nips
  • F *whispering*: “Fuck jacksepticeye. I can play myself.” J: “Are you cursing me out?” F: “No?” J: “Bitch.” F *very softly*: “He’s a bitch.”
  • Jack threatening Felix with a screwdriver
  • “So what’s more annoying than two loud ass YouTubers?”
  • *Otomatone noises*
  • “We have to play something together”
  • Spoilers: they fail
  • J: “Aren’t you Sweden’s number one orchestra player?” F: “That I am, thank you.”
  • *OtOmAtOnE sCrEeChInG*
  • F: “Jack, do you like reading?” J: “No.” F: “Well I have something for you.”
  • Them trying the mirror glasses oml
  • Seriously they look terrifying
  • “Now we’re just holding hands.”
  • Jack *softly, still playing with the last item*: “That’s fucking cool.”
  • F: “Are you ready?” J: “I am.”
  • J: “This is an actual bra?” F: “Yeah, I didn’t know about your size, so I went with A cup.” J: “Yeah, that’s probably accurate.”
  • Felix blurring out Jack’s chest
  • *grunting noises as they try the bras*
  • F: “Well this just became really gay.” J: “PewDiePie channel, 2017.”
  • “Do you need help with that?”
  • “This is YouTube 2017. Loud noises and nudity.”
  • “What does it sound like when a thousand jacksepticeyes get together?”
  • *MoRe OtOmAtOnE sCrEeTcHiNg*
  • Them looking at each other intently while trying to figure out how to play Darude - Sandstorm on the Otomatones
Appliance Shopping

request: I second the formal request for an imagine where u buy appliances

“We need to go shopping.” Shawn glanced around at the bare walls of the soon-to-be house you two were having built. “Like, major shopping.”

“Yeah, I made a list.” You unlocked your phone and opened the notes app. “Um, well, I found a nice washer and stuff online, but I wanna check the store to see if they have it in stock. And we can look at the refrigerators while we’re there, too.” You looked at Shawn, who nodded a few times.

“Do you wanna grab lunch while we’re out?” He asked, slipping on his shoes.

You nodded, grabbing your purse. “We’ll be near the mall, so I think that’s a great idea!”

You watched as Shawn talked to an employee at Home Depot about two different dishwashers. “So, this one’s faster?” Shawn asked, looking at the more expensive model.

“Yeah, and it comes with a six-month supply of dishwasher packets. And if you sign up for a card you can take an extra twenty percent off on your purchase today.”

You smiled at the employee, but pointed to the cheaper model. “Thank you, but we’re just looking at the moment.” You took Shawn’s hand and dragged him over to the fridges. “Look at this one, babe.” You started walking to the fridge you wanted, but sighed when you saw Shawn was distracted by another one. “What are you doing?”

“it has a touch screen! Look, it’s full of notes! I can leave you notes when I need to leave early!” Shawn giggled, drawing a smiley face on the screen. “And wifi!”

“Shawn, sweetie,” You dragged him away from the Samsung fridge. “We’re not getting a four thousand dollar fridge. Look, this one’s half the price and it’s rated better.” You pulled him over to a French door-style refeigerator, and read little information listed on the sticker along with the price. “Ooh, I like this one!” You typed the model into your phone and looked at your husband. “What’s next?”

Shawn shrugged, looking at the variety of appliances. “Oven? We need an oven.”

Two hours and three stores later, you and Shawn were sitting in the back of a small diner, munching away on lunch. “We had a productive day today, babe.” Shawn said, drinking from the iced tea he had ordered.

“Yeah, we did.” You agreed, looking outside. “I think I might talk to our parents before we order anything, See if they have any advice on what brands to buy, stuff like that.”

Shawn hummed, smiling when the waiter brought over your food.

a/n: last night on that samsung fridge i wrote a note to buy bad reputation on itunes :D more writing coming hopefully tonight 

QUESTION: should i answer the requests when they come in so you guys know what’s gonna be posted? 

Sydney fan meet and jackbum moments fan acc

Hi everyone. I have been really busy lately and havent been able to be on tumblr much but just wanted to say a few quick things and jot down the very few jackbum moments i noticed at the sydney fanmeey b4 i forget . I will try to do a full fan account later on when things are less busy not this weekend unfortunately as i always enjoyed other fan accounts so thought i would try to share mine.

The first thing i noticed is the boys all seemed tired. The second ofc is how good looking they are better in real life than online. I know alot of people say this but it really is true. They all did really well ( especially given some of the lame questions and games they had to do like foul ball ) but u could see they were tired but giving their best for us.

Bambam really saved that fanmeet so many times and was the entertainer/ most energetic of the night .He was so funny and quick. (Are you guys on the 2nd floor dead? Lol)

Jackson was really low key. Not sure if that was bc his brother was there or what ( btw i got to sit nearby winston and cute aimee) he seemed to struggle singing live and gave up a few times in the middle of his part and let the recording of him play on but then he would try again bless him. What he did in his husky voice was good tho He seemed to tire quickly too dancing. I really think he is not recovered properly. But he still was witty and did his part.

The dancing and singing was lit ( but i really missed youngjae ,he looked so pale and sick in his video message they played to us😔). It was fantastic to see and hear them live. Jb especially sounded so great singing live not lip sync.

Jinyoung was so unintentionally? cute which i did not expect, like when he lost rps and had to do the aegyo dance he did this frustrated tantrum thing that was so cute and him dying of embarrassment after he did it was soo cute too. Also when they were deciding who kissed jb (ME PLEASE) jinyoung kept putting his hand up and even got up and stood behind jb and raised his hand but everyone ignored him????????!!!!!!! In fact jy started a few jjp moments thru the night. Also how cute was he when they asked him to do his closing ment in english and seeking to hold jacksons hand for support. He honestly was being so cute all night .

Yugy was cute too ( his English ment 💕). He was willing to do whatever was needed no matter how hard. Inseperable yugbam . Eg bambam walked over and helped yg off the floor after the photos.They really are a close duo. Yugs is so tall.

Mark was so manly. His deep voice! and he kinda took charge a few times when things were stalling ( instructing yugy how to kiss jb lol)

Jb was really really quiet. He hardly spoke. He has this presence tho and when he speaks everyone listens. He suddenly came to life and went hardcore at the end of the ball throwing game and furiously full force pelted balls at the innocent board everyone was shook. They still lost ( mark : why am i teamed with the 2 worst players jb & bambam, i give up !!lol) really he just needs to stand there looking amazing i suppose,sing and dance when required ( he danced and sang hard) and produce his smooth as closing ment ( “aghases outshine the city nightscape”) and all is good.

So to jackbum. Sadly not much jackbum. In fact they hardly even looked or stood near each other at all. The one time jackson ended up standing next to jb in the middle for a bit ( but no interaction at all) he realised and walked away to his spot at the end ending my hopes again 😢 jb really didnt look to js hardly at all. Js did to jb sometimes.

However these are the small crumbs i spotted for my starving jackbum heart:

1. When they were deciding who had to do the aegyo dance someone said jb and js said instantly no, kinda defended him against them all saying no not jb not jb and something else i couldnt hear properly and everyone simply did what js wanted no argument! Jb just sat there no expression while they decided his fate ( or he had faith in jackson to get him out of it lol?) so they went to rps again to decide. Then there was this brief kinda" i saved you’ vibe body language exchange btw them. Jb sat while everyone else stood bc they were all gathered around him when trying to get him to do the aegyo dance and as they were getting in a circle to do rps js quickly put his hand on jb shoulder like a quick pat then he moved away to do rps.

2. Who to kiss jb? . Believe me, I was yelling out jackson name at the top of my lungs on behalf of all jackbum shippers ( then jinyoung when i saw him trying) but i was too far away .They all ignored the crowd and jy and decided bam first but JACKSON SAID NO then they said ok then yugyeom which was yes. ????Again the others did what JACKSON said regarding jb. Again jb said nothing just sat there while they decided ( again trusting JACKSON to sort it??)

3. The only real skinship of the night.😭 When deciding another victim for an activity via rps, jackbum + another member got free the first round and they celebrated and jackson kinda chased jb who was heading to the back of the stage with his victory antics and while laughing his hyena laugh he kinda hugged jb in happiness. It was quick and jb didnt really respond but it happened!!!
BUT I DIDNT GET IT ON CAMERA. It was when i wasnt filming cos they were just arguing sbout who to do it so i thought nothing much was happening and my battery was draining fast 😭😭😭😭😭😭so i reeeally hope maybe a jb or jackson focused cam did cos they were to the back of the stage while the others were still doing the rest of the rps.

But that was it for jackbum.
I will look at whats on my camera and post what i can find worth posting. Tho i sorta gave up filming and just enjoyed myself in the end.

Overall though there where ALOT of problems at the fanmeet ( esp the organisation staging and some fans) I had a good spot and lovely aghases around me and I was still so thrilled seeing got6 live in the flesh especially their performances and really enjoyed myself. I miss them already.


Fandom:   DRRR
Pairing:     Heiwajima Shizuo/Orihara Izaya
For:           @shizuos (because of that terrible ask I sent you)
Summary: College au: Izaya is asked to find a proctor, and really, really needs to sleep more.

Note:         I’m really tempted to write a part two to this, so there might be a second part in the nearish future… a more mature part.

Despite being given a full scholarship and having all of his living expenses paid for, Orihara Izaya was hard at work. He’d been forced to trade what was supposed to have been a relaxing day in his too-large apartment for this, whatever this was, and he resented every second of it.

His smile never faulted despite the horribly graphic thoughts circulating throughout his mind. Did his professors think he was a joke? He wasn’t even studying medicine, and yet he was going to be graded on something like this? With no training or experience?

Izaya was self-assured enough to believe that he’d pass the exam despite the lack of training, and if he became desperate then he could always ask Namie to help him. She was studying some sort of scientific thing, to do with chemicals and (most likely) torture, but even she must have been forced to take this test. His professor had said that each student at the school did, and that “You aren’t special enough to get out of it, Orihara. Get looking.”


Despite the ludicrous demand, Izaya had decided to complete the task as best he could. He decided that, even though this was so fucking stupid, he would be the best in his year. If he had to find a proctor, he would find the best one and perform the greatest prostate exam his school had ever seen. He would not only excel in his own field, but surely have the medical department begging him to change his major.

All he needed to do was locate the best patient for the job.

He needed someone healthy, someone attractive, and someone who looked as though they weren’t backed up. Meat eaters were out, because who knew how awful they’d smell from down there, and anyone who was eating junk food was also a no go. He needed someone who looked as though they cared about their body.

That’s when he saw him. A blonde man, most likely the same age as Izaya, was sitting on a bench beside the library. He was alone, which made him an easy target (because no one would want to agree to such a request in the presence of their friends), and he was eating an entire head of lettuce.

Obviously, this was a man with healthy movements.

Izaya took a deep breath and readjusted his face, hoping that his smile would be enough to cover the heavy bags under his eyes. He needed to look cool and calm, as asking about a stranger’s prostate was nothing out of the ordinary, and needed to look capable of performing the exam professionally.

He shook the sleep right off his face and smiled a little wider, then strode confidently toward the stranger. He was unnaturally close to him, but that was only because he wanted the conversation to be as private as possible.

The stranger looked up from his lettuce, a questioning look on his face. “What?”

“My name is Orihara Izaya, and I need to examine your prostate.”

The stranger choked on the mouthful of lettuce. “You w-what?”

“It won’t take long. I’ll find it in no time at all.” Izaya boasted, full of false confidence. “If you need references that can back up my level of expertise, I’d only be too happy to oblige.”

“References?” The blond’s eyes widened as a faint pink touched his cheeks. He looked around wildly, trying to spot the hidden cameras. “Is this a joke?”

“I can assure you that it’s not, Prostate-san.”

“Pros-? Oi, my name’s Heiwajima Shizuo, and I’m n-”

“Fine, Shizu-chan.” Izaya waved a hand dismissively then took a seat beside Shizuo. “It won’t take long, and if you require compensation then I suppose that could be arranged.”

The lettuce fell from Shizuo’s hands and hit the ground with a soft thud. “Why me?”

“You look healthy enough. You’re even eating lettuce.”

“Bu-What?” Shizuo’s mind reeled at the non-answer. He’d only been eating that lettuce because he was too poor to afford anything better, and now he was being hit on for it. He made a mental note to look online about this to see if it were a common happening, and tried to work out what the strange brunette’s angle was.

Izaya only looked at Shizuo sweetly, trying his best to look professional and appealing. “If you’d rather not, I won’t force you.”

“U-Uh, will I be finding yours as well? I mean, uh…” Shizuo ran a hand through his hair, feeling stupid for even asking. “Just… I’d feel stupid if it were only me?”

Izaya frowned for a second as he thought, then nodded his head. If he were to perform the exam, then Shizuo would most likely need to as well. It only made sense that they partnered together. “You can if you would like, do you have much experience?”

Shizuo blushed and shook his head. “I uh, that is-”

“Ah, well it’s my first time as well, so we’ll learn together. Mine is likely quite easy to find, so you shouldn’t have much trouble.”

“R-right.” What?

“If you aren’t busy, would you like to come to my place? We can begin there.”

“Huh? Wait, can we grab a coffee or something first?”

“That sounds fine, I haven’t slept for more than an hour this week, so that would do the world of good.” Izaya rose from his seat and walked a few steps away, then turned back to face Shizuo. “Are you coming, Shizu-chan?”

Shizuo looked around for the hidden cameras one last time before he stood, then quickly followed Izaya. It had been quite a while and, if he were being honest, the brunette was quite attractive. Maybe being too poor to afford anything better to eat wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Seventeen’s Reaction to Having to Work with An International Celebrity!

“How would 17 react to being told that they will be working with an important and really famous international celebrity, please ? Thanks and have a great day ! :)” - anon

So this will be my first post after my mini-hiatus, and I got a lil carried away. I hope you’ll all enjoy it! ♡

S.Coups - he would just be so thankful for the opportunity to work with an international celebrity. he’d know how famous you were and would really want himself and seventeen to impress you, he’d be one to organize a special “welcome” for you when you come to korea. he’d want you to feel comfortable around him so he’d try his hardest to form a real friendship between you two :)

Jeonghan - jeonghan would probably handle this the most calmly? like he wouldn’t freak out or anything but he would definitely be super excited to meet u and work together! and the whole time when ur together he’d just treat you like one of his best friends and would always go out of his way to make sure u had anything that u needed :)))

Joshua - he’d be S H O C K E D . “no way. no way. they’re actually going to work with US?”  he’d probably be a fan of yours prior to finding out you were going to work together, so he’d be pretty nervous to meet you. Joshua would be shy at first, but then you two would find out that you had a similar interest and then he wouldn’t be able to shut up. He’d be so happy to know that someone so important was actually super down to earth^^

Jun - he’d be so impressed!! he’d be like “an international celebrity working with us?? with me? how do they even know we exist???” like jun ur famous too lmao once he met you he’d be a lil nervous, but that wouldn’t stop him holding back with his normal personality, but at the same time he’d just be so kind and caring and would want you to know how much he appreciates you doing this w/ them, also expect some flirting tbh

Hoshi - AHHH lil hosh would be rly happy!! he’d try to make you feel welcome right away and would just be the friendliest lil bean. if you guys had any free time he’d like to show you around Seoul and treat you to some Korean food! he’d definitely want to stay friends with you after you were done working together!!
how cute is that gif omg

Wonwoo - Ahh he’d be all excited and would be like “yeah I got this,,” but then he would actually see you in person and *gif*. he’d honestly be extremely nervous around you but wouldn’t let it show and would always have his blank stare on his face, but once u talk to him he’d be a smiley blushing mess omg

Woozi - awww woozi would be such a sweetheart. like s.coups, he’d be really thankful that you were working with them, and would just be super respectful towards you. if you were having any troubles with any of the materials you guys were working on, he’d personally go out of his way to make sure you got it down ;;;

DK - he would be SO excited, once he heard the news he’d be exactly like the gif, he wouldn’t be nervous at all. he’d probably hug you meeting you for the first time, and once u two hit it off, he’d want to spend every second he could with you!

Mingyu - omg he’d be adorable. once he found out you’d be working together, he’d like look you up online to find out more about you so he could impress u even more, he might come off a bit strong but he only has good intentions and just wants to be your friend ;;

The8 - he’d probably be the most shy tbh, he’d probably be a really big fan of yours and would just be so overwhelmed that he’d be meeting someone so big and important. anytime he’d talk to you he’d be so polite and would smile at you softly. He’d hate that he was being so shy so he would try to break out of that shell and be more friendly with you~

Seungkwan - THIS LIL ANGEL OH MY GOD. he wouldn’t even believe it when he was told. he’d be like “ok where are the cameras, am I being punk’d?” but then when he actually meets you, he’d just be speechless? for whatever reason he’d think you didn’t like him until he made a joke and he heard you laugh and saw u smiling at him, his heart would jump out of his chest right there. he’d feel so special that he got to work with someone as famous as you and would make sure u know that ;;

Vernon - HE’D BE SO HYPE. he probably dreams of collaborating with an international celebrity and would be so pumped that it was you. but like he can be really awkward at times but he’d want to impress u so bad that he would hold back his normal personality, but after hearing you make some sort of stupid joke or something, he’d know he can be himself around you lmao

Dino - ANOHER SHOCKED LIL BEAN! like when you walked into the room for the first time he’d straight up just go “wooooaahhh” and anytime you’d talk to him his eyes would just widen aw  he’d be another one that would be really concerned with impressing you so he’d probs try to show off a lil with his dancing or singing or rapping golden maknae???


Hypocrites *rant*

Okay. I’m gonna give a rant y'all. I’m gonna be a meanie. Lol

Y'all know as better than anyone that we’re called abuse apologist for shipping SasuSaku, mostly by people that ship other Sasuke pairings or ‘fluffy unproblematic ship’ and only like 'fanon SS’.

I’m gonna have some lulz right now:

*If you say SasuSaku is abusive because Sasuke is an abuser towards Sakura, what makes other Sasuke pairing shippers assume that their ship is exempt from this 'abuse’ title?

Sasuke was a brat 'abusing’ everyone. No one got especial treatment, Naruto and Karin got the most shit tbh. So seriously, when the haters say SS is abusive, we all know they got a bias towards SAKURA and are doing 'victim blaming’ while claiming that their ships got some kinda free pass.

Rofl. No. They. Don’t.

If YOU say Sasuke is an 'abuser’ he ain’t gonna be selective in a relationship. He’s gonna keep up with his chidori stabbing, 'back offs’, demeaning insults and punching the gut of your 'perfect Sasuke partner’ with a smile on his face.

So by all means continue with your 'Sasuke is only abusive if he’s paired with Sakura’ crap. *sips tea*

*There’s no proof that Sakura is being physically or emotionally abused in her marriage because that’s all based in 'telenovela’ fanon speculations.

People that make up such headcanons to run with 'SasuSaku is a potentially abusive relationship’ forget the following regarding the Naruto verse…


Why can peeps like Gaara and Obito be forgiven/redeemed, but not Sasuke with SAKURA?

Why can former villains in the Naruto verse become good guys, but not Sasuke towards SAKURA?

The answer: SHIPS.

If Kishi has this kinda unrealistic turn around crap in his manga, what makes you haters assume Sasuke is any freaking different? Lmao

Oh… Its S A K U R A. If he were paired up with YOUR chosen characters the unrealistic redeemed 'bad guy’ trope overused in Naruto would make sense to YOU.



*'Fluff shippers’ and/or 'fanon shippers’

Dear children,


I know you’re insecure and butthurt and suffer from some especial snowflake complex, but that doesn’t take away the fact that you jumping on our cases doesn’t protect you or your ship from our own criticism.

All. Ships. Have. Flaws.

Your 'unproblematic ship’ can be torn to shreds in a matter of seconds just like anyone else’s.

You’re not immune to criticism of your shitty online behaviour because of what you ship.

In fact. Nearly all canon ships are unrealistic save one, but I won’t say the name of that one since y'all attacking everything that threatens your 'alpha ship complex’.

And btw, the most realistic Naruto ship ain’t even my otp. Can you believe that?! Unlike certain fluffers I don’t put my ship on a throne of infallibility.

SasuSaku is my preference. I already know its flaws and have had them drilled into my brain many times already. I don’t need some bratty child online thinking theyre 'speshull’ doing the same shit ASSes do while claiming to ship 'fanon SS’ or a certain other ship.

Calm your tits and hop off SasuSaku with this insecure bs. Our pairing doesn’t cause a conflict with yours, in fact its completely separate, so all I see from a small select group is Sakura-hate, and straight up fandom jealousy. You’re jealous of numbers, or what VAs freaking say about our ship. Jfc. As soon as we get something, we don’t have just NS or SK crosstagging hate… We get people from YOUR FANDOM putting Sakura and SS hate into our tag as well.

So chillax with your salt. And I’m not targeting the whole fandom, but just like ten people outta the hundreds doing this childish temper tantrum routine. Its not my fault they’re not as special as us.

For the most part, we only gaf about OUR ship and our goodies. We only talk about how magnificent our ship is to US in OUR fandom, but a handful of little kids see that they’re not the center of attention and wanna make everything about them.

*end rant*

anonymous asked:

Here are 2 of many reasons I left the Janoskians fandom: 1. (most of) People in the fandom were rude and it was turning into online highschool for me. 2. They started to disgust me. It all started with the public wanking video. I am sorry but I honestly think they aren't anything but trouble. You can't help but wonder how they're going to turn out.

i feel u but now that the tumblr fandom is like 95% gone, it’s more quiet and chill and theres remotely no drama whatsoever. im not saying thats the same with the twitter fandom though (((note why i never go on twitter))))

i do agree with you on your second point, i feel like they have sort of gotten better if that makes any sense?? idk. their latest videos havent had much sexual reference and except james im sorry but hes the only one i dont like and i remember when i used to stick up for him so much but his personality is actually so disgusting i find his humour really gross and hes just perverted and im sorry but i just dont like him anymore but that aside idk i know theyll always think what they do is funny but i think that over the past few months theyve realised that not many people like the content they were providing and that their “”“not a boyband”“” image wasnt going to get them very far so now theyre just trying to mature (((i think))) but i could be completely wrong, i reckon it’ll be interesting to see them int he future and how they turn out in all honesty.