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cute couple things — p.p.

summary : extended dating peter would include… ft. a bunch of random thoughts i had about peter being a cute soft boyfriend !!!

  • reads your favorite books and memorizes lines from them that he can sneak into conversations to make you smile :)
  • it’s v hard for him to not look at you when he’s with you he just always wants to be looking at your face
    • “it’s, like, really hard to stop staring at you”
    • “huh?”
    • “you’re so pretty i can’t stop looking wow”
  • lights up !!!! when you walk into a room even if he’s just seen you two minutes ago and you were only in the bathroom for like a second
  • kisses you all of your face whenever he can just infinite amounts of kisses pressed across your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids 
  • he doesn’t really do nicknames like he’s not a darling sort of person
  • if he’s gonna call you anything it’ll probably be babe/baby/pretty girl or something of that sort
  •  (i started the pretty girl trend on the low don’t @ me)
  • sometimes you call him bro and he gets so offended 
    • “listen,,, peter,,, bro,,,,”
    • y/NNNN i’m not bro!!!!!!”
    • “k bro”
    • “you’re the worst” 
  • his face resembles that of a disgruntled pouty kitten whenever you call him bro
  • in school he taps his cheek lightly while facing away from you until you give him a kiss there and does that periodically throughout the day until MJ throws a pencil at him
    • “peter enough she’s kissed you like fifty times in the past twenty minutes haven’t you had enough”
    • “it’s never enough”
  • hands down gives the best hugs ever!!!! sweetest, softest, warmest hugs that you never wanna leave and they leave you a blushy mess for hours
  • nerd who tells you that you’re prettier than any star in the sky
  • will fight for your honor even if it means getting punched in the nose by one of flash’s bigger friends because flash won’t take on peter himself
    • “fuck peter why would you even call flash a giant dick??? like i know he is one but why would you ever you know his friend is like some sort of mutant tree”
    • “he said your butt was nice i can’t just let that sort of comment slide babe it’s unacceptable”
  • always knows he can rant to you about science bc you actually listen!!! and you care!! and you ask questions and you make him SO HAPPy!!
  • asks for permission to do everything
    • “hey would it be cool if i held your hand right now”
    • “yes of course”
    • “oh awesome!”
  • you send him selfies and his replies vary but they’re usually along the lines of
    • “oh my gosh you’re so cute i’m coming over”
    • “i love you you angel let me kiss you tomorrow”
    • “wow i have a real liFE ethereal as the love of my life i love the world”
  • sends a goodnight/goodmorning text every day with each heart emoji he can find 
  • his entire recently used section is just different colored hearts and rainbows and sparkles because he uses emojis obnoxiously
  • he’s convinced that the worst thing in the world is having to leave you after a long day of hanging out on a saturday or something
  • will 10/10 complain for hours to may about going home because he’s not with you anymore and he’s clingy
  • you’re his best friend and he’s not afraid to scream about it
    • “my best friend is dating me!!!!!!! i’m so lucky i love them so much” 
    • “peter we know”
    • “well now you know just a little extra all right?”
  • wishes you were able to fall asleep in his arms more often but you’re still young and he’s like oh well we have forever to do that
  • you insult each other all the time basically but??? you both love it banter is everything
      • “penis parKER flash is clever tbh”
      • “you’re such a little shit i’m actually going to fight you”
      • “seriously i dare you put your fists up now”
  • if you post a selfie and he doesn’t like it right away you’ll text him seven times in a row hinting that he should go like and comment 
  • texts at four am about random conspiracy theories or weird facts that only you two would find interesting 
  • shoulders = pillows on the train/bus most of the time
  • he is such a slut for having his hair played with ngl
  • it makes him so happy n calm he could lie like that, with your fingers just raking through his hair, for hours on end
  • he’s never felt more at home than when you’re sitting with him at his kitchen table eating mushy mac and cheese that he tried to make himself because may wasn’t home to help him out as you playfully make fun of him for ruining pasta
  • listens to ed sheeran songs with you because he’s an ed lover honestly and every song makes him think of you
  • hand massages when you’re cramping up after long tests or in class essays that leave you super stressed n anxious (fuck u ruby thx for the idea that murdered me n my soft spirit)
  • knows how to settle you nerves better than anyone else and vice versa
  • puts his hands on your cheeks before he kisses you 
  • you always joke about spidey in class and no one gets what you’re saying but he does and freaks out
    • “that’s a sticky situation”
    • “y/n” 
    • “don’t worry i found that on the web
    • y/n
    • “do you think spiders are men
    • “oh my gOD”
  • he doesn’t care at all if you take one of his sweaters or all of his sweaters he just gives zero fucks you could take them all and he’d love you for it 
    • “here take this one too”
    • “peter i have too many and it’s almost april”
    • “but you’d look so cute in this one” then he pouts and you’re a goner
  • peter writes you tiny notes in class that are his weird thoughts and ramblings and feelings but you save them all and put them in a memory box
    • there was one and it said here’s a concept : you have a bright future ahead of you, and i’m there. i like that concept.
      • you did, too
  • watches every cheesy romantic movie on netflix with you not just because you want to, but because he does too and he can’t help it that’s just how it is 
  • matching ugly christmas sweaters at christmastime because peter parker is an annoying headass and refuseS to go anywhere without one during the holiday season and if he’s wearing one he’s making you match
  • super spidey strength allows him to give you piggy back rides all throughout manhattan when you guys head to the city 
  • makes you kiss him in the rain even though there’s water up your nose and your hair is matted to your forehead 
  • one text makes your heart go !!!!!!!!! because that’s your boy!!!!! and you love him so much because he’s a lovely beautiful person that deserves the world !!!!!
  • making out is rarely super fast n intense like it’s still intense but you go slowly and you can make out for hours without a c are in the world
  • makes sure his hair looks nice before he goes out on a date with you
  • tells you that he loves you and that he’s happy you’re a part of his life as often as he can manage 
  • just wants to love you unconditionally forever
  • texts you at 11:11 every night and says something cheesy as fuck like “you’re my wish tonight babe” or “11:11 is always for you” and sometimes he’ll @ you on snap and you’re like wow we’re That couple 
  • but honestly???? you don’t care that much he’s so cute
  • knows your order at every restaurant/fast food chain/coffee shop imaginable and if he happens to pass by a mcdonalds or dunkin donuts while he’s swinging around queens he tries to pick something up for you 
  • you love his eyes you could probably get lost in them they’re gorgeous
    • “peter your eyes are so lovely i hate you”
    • “aw i love you more babe you say the sweetest things to me”
  • you think his smile is the prettiest thing ever
  • and when his face scrunches up when he’s super happY???? amazing you kiss him immediately everywhere and he gets so flustered and he giggles and tries to squirm away but not really
  • cause he loves it
  • and he loveS YOU
  • i love my boyfriend goodnight to all

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my fave merthur fics, all first time/getting together

Long Canon Era: 

  1. The World I Built For You: 32K, T, If I told you to execute Mordred, would you do it? Merlin wondered, losing himself in the blue of Arthur’s eyes. Can I save you like this, even if it damns me? you didn’t think s5 could get any more emotional but u were wrong
  2. Touch My Skin To Make Me Whole: 64K, E, The Kingdom of Essetir has once again fallen under new rule, and Arthur travels to visit its new king, determined to make peace. Unfortunately peace is the furthest thing from this new king’s mind. Arthur and Merlin are forced to navigate his every attempt to make Arthur a scapegoat in starting a war between Camelot and Essetir. The new king is treacherous though, and he may have just found the one weakness that will force Arthur’s hand. Note: AU Post Season 4 the ultimate hurt/comfort

Short Canon Era: 

  1. Visiting Hunith: 9K, T, Five times Ealdor had visitors.
  2. Wager of Battle: 12K, M, When a knight-in-training mistakes Merlin for a common servant, Arthur is Most Displeased. Trial by combat ensues…but Arthur isn’t the one who takes up the sword.
  3. Beauty in the Ashes of Our Lives: 22K, T, After Merlin is executed for Uther’s murder, Arthur’s world falls apart.
  4. Apotheosis: 9K, T, magic reveal, love vs destiny
  5. Dying to Return: 20K, T, after Merlin leaves, a mysterious sorcerer comes to Camelot
  6. The Coming of Spring: 10K, E, Kings, even new ones, were not supposed to long for their menservants.
  7. Golden Threads: 12K, E, When Arthur drinks enchanted water Merlin does everything that is in his power to save his king, even if it breaks his heart.

Modern AU:

  1. Serious Eyes, Suddenly Smiles: 11K, E, When you are young everything seems definite. You are either in or out. Finishing up at university or messing up your whole future.
  2. Unsteady: 10K, T, merlin is a private investigator for arthur, who’s dating sophia
  3. Perfect: 15K, E, infidelity, internalized homophobia


  1. Do Not Go Gentle: 5K, T, “Don’t you understand?” He shakes her. “I cared more about him than I did about his kingdom, more than I ever cared about magic – or anything. I didn’t care about Arthur the legend; I didn’t care about Arthur the King of Camelot. I only cared about Arthur the man.” His chest is hurting. He can’t get enough air. “I fucked up, Gwen, and I’m sorry. Do you want that in writing?” 
  2. The Heart You Call Home: 16K, M, Arthur writing about stories he can only barely remember, Merlin, depressed and with major survivors guilt, finds them, much angst

Historical AU (honestly i love historical aus, that’s why there are so many here):

  1. Gaudy: 6K, G, political AU in the 1960s thru 1997, honestly the best characterizations of all time
  2. A West-Country Romance: 91K, E, Poldark AU
  3. True Heart of Wexford: 21K, E, Wexford, 1798, Merlin is the Catholic groundskeeper on a manor belonging to Anglo-Irish aristocrat Arthur Pendragon. While Merlin’s day job entails looking after Arthur’s property, he’s also involved with the United Irishmen. Political upheaval is about to plunge the country into turmoil. In the midst of all this stands Arthur Pendragon, who’s become Merlin’s staunch friend in spite of everything that divides them: faith, class, position, and obligation.
  4. Something Worth Fighting For: 21K, E, Set during World War II. Arthur is sent to the front lines to fight for Britain, while Merlin is left behind, struggling to cope with the absence of his best friend. Seeking to give Arthur some comfort, Merlin begins to send him pieces of a story, which tells of a legendary King and his devoted manservant.Through their letters, Arthur and Merlin grow closer, and perhaps begin to discover feelings that they could not put into words before. 
  5. Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart: 4K, M,  Mordred comes to stay at Avalon Hall and takes a shine to Merlin. Arthur is most unimpressed by this turn of events.


  1. Merlin’s Place: 3K, bath
  2. Brighter When We Come: 4K, bath
  3. Night Sky Changing Overhead: 5K, bath
  4. What I Want You’ve Got, It Might Be Hard to Handle: 3K, magic made them do it (100% consenual tho)
  5. The Dirty Little Things You Say: 9K, arthur gets so turned on from merlin’s dirty talk
  6. At Our Best When It’s From The Hips: 13K, loss of virginity
  7. Solace: 1K, bath

High school/Teenage AU: 

  1. Out of Body: 53K, E, Finding out that his best friend is gay shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, catching Merlin wanking to gay porn shouldn’t turn Arthur on, either. With his plans for uni in shambles and his position on the high school footie team lost to injury, Arthur’s determined not to disappoint his father any further. Running away from Merlin seems like the easiest thing to do, but his denial might cost him everything. the teenage au you’ve been dreaming of
  2. Should You Choose to Accept It: 11K, T, so pure, childhood friends to falling out in middle school to falling in love in high school
  3. A Personal History of Midwestern Running: 20K, T, hahah the ending kills me every time, the one where arthur teaches merlin how to run
honey | 1

honey | spice | everything nice

M: Jungkook/Reader; Genre: Underwear Stealer!+Model! Au, Angst, Smut; Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, anything else?Words: 5520

Synopsis : You hated Jeon Jungkook with all your guts; with everything you've got but he, on the contrary, despised you so much he was blinded by rage, determined to only get you out of your undies; what else was he expecting?

A/N:  This was the result of a long conversation about clothing war BTS! and how hot Panty Stealer Jungkook would look in lacy underwear. I’d like to thank @gukstudio the real gal to thank for triggering this idea, @itskimtaehyung for screaming about my indecisive ass about the ending of this first installment, and @badgalyoongi for beta’ing. I’m real excited and nervous for this new series and I hope you guys are too, excited that is; Enjoy;).

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Requested By: Anonymous

hi! can u do one where the reader is related to bucky or nat and the avengers know about peter’s major crush and sticks the reader and peter in one room until he confesses??

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: Everyone in the Avengers building knew you and Peter both liked each other, it was obvious, except to the both of you. It got to the point where everyone was just waiting for you two to get together, so Bucky decided to take matters into his own hands.

Warnings: It’s so dorky?? And awkward aw

Word Count: 2,311

A/N: AHHHHHH, this was so cute to write and aw it’s soooo dorky I freaking lOVE IT. I hope you enjoy :)))))

Originally posted by tomshollandss

You woke up to the sound of your alarm blasting your eardrums out, you had to put it on full volume, otherwise you would hit snooze and go back to sleep.

You groggily got out of your warm bed, mentally cursing school for ruining your happiness of what is sleeping peacefully.

You did your usual routine, not putting in much effort for school, because who was there really to impress? If someone did actually like you then at least you knew they genuinely liked you for you.

You walked out of your room, sweatpants and a t-shirt on, your hair in a messy bun, some mascara on your lashes and you were ready to go.

“Well doesn’t someone look happy to be alive today.” Nat teased, making you glare at her as you filled your mug with coffee.

You were a heavy coffee drinker, you tried to tell yourself it was because you were just a teenager and you needed it to stay awake, but you knew deep down it was because you lived at the Avengers building, and they weren’t exact the quietest people ever.

“How many cups do you go through a day? It can’t be healthy.” Steve commented, making you roll your eyes as you poured some cream and sugar into the mug.

“Enough to keep me awake and moving.” You added bitterly, giving them a clear fake smile as you exited the kitchen.

“See you later, gotta go.” You muttered, grabbing your backpack and leaving the house, taking a deep breath of the cool autumn air.

Autumn was your favorite season, it was when the colors of the leaves changed, when you could start wearing skinny jeans and warm sweaters, when you could wear cute scarfs, basically everything about Autumn was fascinating to you.

You walked down the sidewalk to the subway, your mug still firm in your grasp, you needed to wake up, you couldn’t afford to be moody at school today, you’d already gotten in trouble many times before.

You soon reached your stop, hopping off the subway, walking up to the school, taking a good look before bracing yourself to enter.

“Hey Y/N!” Someone shouted, you gave a brief wave, while sipping your coffee.

“Y/N, did you see that Carly and Eric are dating?” Someone else shouted, making you shrug and walk away.

You didn’t know why people were so intent on talking to you, you wished they’d just leave you all alone.

You walked into class, sitting down in your seat, placing your mug of coffee on the table, before resting your head against the cold surface.

“Y/N..” A voice mumbled, making you let out a groan and turn to see who was trying to interrupt your miniature nap.

“Yes?” You muttered, before locking eyes with the all too famous brown ones.

“I uh, um, you’re in my seat?” Peter smiled slightly, making your eyes widen slightly, as you sat up, and sure enough you were in his seat.

“Sorry, that’s so embarrassing.” You apologized, grabbing your belongings and moving to the other seat, yes, you both did next to each other, but it was still awkward since you were basically sprawled out on his side.

“N-No! It’s fine, I mean, it’s cool. N-No worries.” Peter stammered, his cheeks a light shade of pink, but you were too tired to notice.

Class soon started and you were bored out of your mind, normally you loved Chemistry, mixing chemicals together and creating something, but today all you did was take notes and you were doing your best to not fall asleep right then and there.

Peter could sense your tired state, in fact he knew just how tired you were since he was actually at the Avengers building those previous nights.

He knew you could barely get any sleep because Tony kept throwing ’friendly gatherings’ which is more a huge party.

“Y/N, hey.” Peter mumbled, placing his hand on your shoulder, shaking you slightly as your eyes reopened, your vision a bit blurry since you had been zoning out.

“Hmm?” You hummed, glancing over at him, your eyes locking for a brief second before he looked away.

“You were falling asleep.. Again..” He whispered, glancing at you as you yawned.

“Yeah, I know.” You sighed, rubbing your forehead, before continuing your note taking, there were certain moments you were thankful for Peter, and this was one of them.

He always seemed to know when you needed him, it was like he could sense it, sure you knew he was Spider-Man, but his senses were for when he knew people were in trouble, and the last you checked you were totally fine, except maybe sleep deprived.

You made a mental note to kill Tony later.

Your classes went by in a blur, you had gone to your English class, fell asleep there, went to lunch, took another nap, also where Peter once again woke you up as lunch was ending, then to History, where you once again found yourself sleeping, then lastly your Math class, where once again Peter saved you from being caught sleeping.

It was getting to the point where Peter was worried for you well-being, each time he saw you all day you looked even worse than before, he knew you drank coffee, but that didn’t even seem to be helpful today.

Normally when he saw you, you looked brighter and happier, of course with your coffee in your hand too, but whenever you’d see each other a huge smile would appear on your face, making his heart race.

But today was different, he’d spent the entire day worrying about you, making sure you were okay and not zoning out too much.

Everyone knew Peter liked you, it was as obvious as it could be, except to you, you seemed to be the only one who couldn’t see what everyone else did.

The final bell rang, meaning school was over, and you could go home and take the nap you dreadfully needed.

You were quick to exit the building, however Peter and Ned were right behind you, just making sure you were okay.

“Dude, what is with her today? She fell asleep during English and History.” Ned commented, making Peter’s eyes fill with worry.

“I know, she zoned out in Chem, and then fell asleep in Math.” Peter bit his lip nervously, watching as you impatiently waited for the subway.

“I bet you helped her didn’t you.” Ned wiggled his eyebrows at Peter, making his eyes widen, and hit his best friend.

“Why don’t you just announce it to the whole world Ned.” Peter whisper shouted, making Ned snort out in response.

“Bro, everyone knows you have a thing for Y/N, it’s clear as day.” Ned laughed, before walking to the subway that had arrived, Peter rolling his eyes as he followed behind.

You however were sitting on the subway, your head leaning against the window as your eyes fell shut.

Peter saw you asleep once again, and there was no way he was going to let anything happen to you, therefore, he sat down in the seat next to you, and rode the subway all the way to the Avengers building.

Once arrived, he shook your shoulder slightly, making your eyes slowly open, then look to see who woke you, a smile spreading across your lips as you saw it was Peter.

“We gotta stop meeting like this Parker.” You joked lightly, making him laugh with you as you both got up and off the subway.

You both walked into the building, your mind snapping into reality as you went on the hunt for Tony.

“I’ll be right back, make yourself at home, which you basically kind of are already?” You laughed, making him laugh too, before you disappeared down the hallway.

“Parker! Just the man I was looking for.” Bucky grinned, making him gulp nervously.

“Uh, yes?” Peter questioned, as Bucky wrapped his arm around his shoulders, walking him into the kitchen where Natasha and Steve were both sitting.

“So we’re just going to cut to the chase, you like Y/N, which is so painfully obvious so don’t even try to deny it.” Nat gave him a look, making his cheeks tint bright red.

“Therefore, you need to tell her already so she can stop talking about you all day long it’s extremely irritating.” Nat groaned, making Steve laugh while Bucky rolled his eyes, Peter however felt his face on fire.

“You see Peter, Y/N, she’s my sister, whether you knew that or not, but I like to protect my family, and since she’s the only family I have left, I will do whatever it takes to make sure she’s happy.” Bucky sat Peter down on a chair, him sitting across, watching Peter intently.

“I-I would n-never hurt her.” Peter stammered out, his eyes wide filled with fear, he wouldn’t ever admit it, but Bucky scared the shit out of him, he had heard of him when he was the Winter Soldier, which was even more terrifying.

“Good, as long as it stays that way, I won’t have a problem with you dating my sister. But if you hurt her, I will kill you.” Bucky threatened, making Peter’s heart stop for a brief moment as Bucky started to laugh, making Peter nervously laugh with him.

“Now since that’s over, we need to go, you stay here, okay?” Steve grinned mischievously, as they all stood up, leaving Peter alone in the kitchen.

“Bucky! Quit pushing me! I promise I wasn’t going to hit him that hard!” Peter heard Y/N yelling down the hallway, he chuckled to himself knowing you had found Tony and apparently got caught before you could act out your feelings.

“Go, talk, mingle, I don’t know what young teens to anymore.” Bucky groaned, pushing you into the kitchen and blocking the door.

“H-Hey Y/N..” Peter stuttered, making your eyes light up at the sight of him.

You weren’t going to lie, you had a thing for your brunette haired friend, he was super cute and adorable and you always wanted to squish his face.

“Hey, did they scare you at all?” You laughed, sitting down next to him at the table.

“A bit, not going to lie.” He chuckled, making you groan and laugh.

“But they did tell me a few things, which is why I need to tell you something.” Peter played with his fingers nervously, instantly making you anxious.

You knew you shouldn’t have trusted them with your secrets, you expected since they were Avengers they could keep a tiny secret, but nope, you were wrong.

“Y/N, I really like you, I have for a while, and every time I see you my heart races and you’re so beautiful and.. Will you go out with me?” Peter smiled nervously, making you blush and look at him happily.

“Peter, I really like you too.” You whispered, grabbing one of his hands gently, before giggling quietly to yourself.

“And I would love to go out with you.” You smiled, creating a goofy smile on his face too.

“Thank god, I was so nervous.” Peter blurted out, making the two of you laugh.

“Lord, that was long, so glad that is over, you all are terrible at hiding your emotions you know? Everyone knew you liked each other, except for you two, you were both so oblivious.” Natasha laughed, walking into the kitchen with Steve and Bucky.

You both just blushed, embarrassed, but you didn’t mind at the same time, you finally had your crush, and he had his, and you both couldn’t be any happier.

anonymous asked:

Isak eats really unhealthy! While his friends are all eating sandwiches at school he'll eat a bun or a Norwegian waffle. Like boy should not be living by himself, lol. I'm glad even makes him eggs for breakfast. And I wonder if even is good at cooking in general. At least he seems to be taking charge in the kitchen so far. I have a feeling Isak is the kind to just grab a handful of cereal out of the box before

FO’ REAL!! I doubt Isak has had a balanced meal since he ran away from home! And he may very well grab cereal from the box, assuming he has any at home, either way he’s probably forgotten to buy milk.

Even is definitely more interested in cooking than Isak, and given that he has some seasoning tricks to make the food taste better, I imagine he has some culinary talents as well. Isak however, I doubt could cook to save his own life! At least this is what empiric data tells me…

Because of course me being the weirdo I am, I’m physically incapable of speculating about stuff like this without researching and getting all the facts™ first, so I’ve gone through all the times (that I could remember) we’ve seen Isak eating and compiled some data.

In the words of Isak: NU KÖR VI~

We don’t really know anything about Isak’s eating habits at home (in S1). And aside from Even, the only one who’s made food for Isak is Eva. When they were at Jonas’ cabin she made them pasta and tomato sauce

She also treated him to a coffee at one point (not food but still!).

I didn’t remember seeing Isak eat anything in particular in S2, so let’s skip onto S3….

First time we see Isak eating in S3, is the bun you mentioned. We see him tearing the raisin out of the bun, which tells me this is one of those semi-sweet raisin buns. They are delicious but not exactly healthy. (somewhat related: after close inspection I’m 95% sure these are raisin buns with CARDAMOM ❤︎).

Next time we see him eating it’s the cheese toast with ALL THE SPICES and ketchup that Even made him. Not exactly balanced food, but alright for a midday snack imo?

Unfortunately I doubt Isak finished it… when their datehangout got interrupted by guests, you see Isak look down dejectedly at his toasts and tap his thumb against his leg. :( Once Sonja is introduced I imagine Isak made himself scarce.

When Even spends the weekend at Isak’s after Halloween, they must have eaten something. The flatmates didn’t see either of them until Sunday, supposedly, but the mug Even puts ash in suggests to me that Isak probably sneaked out and made them sandwiches & cocoa or smth (that or the mug was already in his room… but one entire day, they’d have to eat) at some point.

Isak isn’t really great at getting breakfast either. That Sunday he literally opens the door, gets asked about Even by Noora and Eskild, and then closes the door again. Wonder how long it took for him to dare venture out… boy must have been starving!

After the painful ‘breakup’ when Isak wasn’t sleeping well, I can’t imagine he was eating so great either. Especially not if you consider the sad sad toast he got from the canteen. One toast with only cheese, it seriously looks just as tired as Isak does!

Of all the foods Isak has bought, the kebab he ate with Jonas is definitely among the healthiest. I imagine he spends most of his allowance/the money his dad sends on snapbacks (he can’t have borrowed all of them!), beer and eating fast food.

Luckily, if it’s down to Even Isak gets to eat a sturdy breakfast. And that’s good considering how Isak hardly seems to be able to get himself breakfast at the flat. (does he even have any food there?) I imagine that Even realized this when he stayed over the previous time, and simply decided to take matters into his own hands, with a little help from the Noora (and Eskild), making Isak scrambled eggs after staying over the second time.

Isak doesn’t join the guys for pizza… but on Friday, Isak waits for Even at the KB. I only saw a coffee cup though, so who knows if he had anything to eat there? Once again Even makes sure they get some food, ordering burgers and champagne (and what looks like cakes? fancy smørbrød?) at the hotel. Isak doesn’t exactly lack appetite at that point ;)

We don’t know what or how he ate the days after… but on Tuesday, we’re back to Isak’s classic diet. He gets a waffle. The guy doesn’t even put jam or anything tasty on it (except whipped cream?). idk what is up with Nissen’s canteen, but stuff looks plain af. (I feel for norwegianall kids who are forced to pay for or bring their own school lunches….)

Now last food Isak prepared (as I am writing this) was a ready-made frozen Grandiosa pizza, which can hardly be considered cooking. And it wasn’t even his (he doesn’t have any food at the flat does he…).

In conclusion (TL;DR):

I doubt Isak knows how to cook. I’m CERTAIN he maintains a horribly unhealthy diet ever since he ran away from home. And I’m hoping that Even’s cooking skills extend beyond breakfast and sandwiches, but honestly I’m fairly certain it does? Even seems comfortable enough in a kitchen to figure it out and make them some healthy food. So with Even in his life…

Hallelujah Isak is saved!!

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okay so u know that one scene where shiro is doing all the work in season 2 (and not letting Lance shine) what if that was shiros like final point where he felt Lance or maybe even the other teammates were incompetent? Or maybe just lance, believing he is not enough for the job.but what I don't understand is W H Y shiro feels that way towards lance other than straight up bias? Like did something happen? ??

ngl, i think Shiro just hasn’t had the chance to really see Lance in action. he’s only seen Lance acting all silly and hyper and flirty, so he hasn’t actually witnessed firsthand how capable Lance is of getting things done and working together with his team mates. 

so…yeah, when he and Lance were on that mission together, he probably just thought Lance was gonna stand around and blab his mouth…

i don’t like thinking Shiro doesn’t think Lance is competent enough to handle missions, but his actions in that episode kinda make it hard to believe he thinks Lance can handle stuff.

i feel like maybe it’s more of a, subconscious thing for Shiro. he doesn’t mean to hurt Lance’s feelings when he does this, coming from his POV where he’s someone who suffers from PTSD due to being a Galra prisoner for a whole year and strongly dedicated to saving the universe, it makes sense for him to be paranoid and want to make sure things get done and all threats are taken care of. he doesn’t have time to wait around for Lance. and i know he really does try to be a good leader, he tries to praise his teammates when they do a good job

he did praise Lance at the end of the episode by saying “that’s why we bring our sharpshooter”

but yeah, i think Shiro has a bit of favoritism going on with Pidge and Keith because they tend to take things more seriously and he also has a personal connection to them.

we haven’t actually seen Shiro show that he has a close bond to Hunk or Lance like he does to Pidge or Keith, which is unfortunate to be honest. i really hope that if he does return in the next seasons to come, that he’ll have the chance to bond with Lance and Hunk.

y’know, Lance was very very capable of taking that sentry out with his bayard. in fact, it would have been a lot safer, because he could of just shot it down without having to get up close to it and risking getting hurt. 

he had a perfect shot, if Shiro would have waited…

me too Lance

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after watching the new episode i was wondering if it possible for TodoBaku or is there moment that show Bakugou doesn't really mind about Todoroki in the later chapter ? and what's your opinion in TodoBaku ? how do you see their relationship ? Thanx :)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a good great unexpected question - personally, I don’t ship it romantically one bit, but it is one of my favorite dekusquad/bakusquad relationships - I guess you might consider it something similar to an accidental sort-of-friendship neither of them seem to actually have noticed yet? It’s definitely a unique relationship for either of them, at least… they make it clear more than once that they Do Not Give A Fuck about the other’s personal struggles, I just can’t see them talking and finding sympathy in each other, but that just ends up giving them a kind of blunt and no-bullshit relationship that doesn’t stop them from working together when needed. I don’t know how to properly explain it, honestly, but they’re fun! 

I don’t know how much spoilers you want so I’ll keep this as vague as I can, but they do happen together more than either of them would like, and their relationship is a really amusing one for me - Todoroki actually cracks jokes with Bakugou around, though always with his neutral face and making fun of Bakugou himself when he does, and the way he has of just straight out ignoring Bakugou’s insults and fire-spitting and answering as if they were having a civil conversation is weirdly entertaining tbh

I wouldn’t say that Bakugou “doesn’t mind Todoroki”, but he does end up having way more important things to think about than his one-sided rivalry with him, and once he starts settling things with Deku the narrative mostly moves to push in that direction, which means that every interaction he has with Todoroki is either on neutral grounds or in the middle of forced cooperation, pushing any antagonism they might have to the background, really - also, the more the story goes on the more Bakugou becomes civil with the rest of the class, so there’s that too! Anyway, they’re fun to me, I wish to draw more of them in the future tbh

Anon said: I do laugh at Bakugou’s reaction on the podium bc visually its animated funny. But u r right that the whole thing is fucked. How is that even appropriate to do to him? And it takes until after his fight with deku many arcs later for All Might to say “we maybe sort of neglected this kid’s mental health.” Like wtf. It upsets me sometimes to think just how much All Might just doesn’t even *see* Bakugou. So much is wrong about this, from putting Bakugou on display to forcing the medal on him.

Blessed words all of them - it’s why I’m such a fan of the idea of Bakugou without even noticing switching his role model to Aizawa, actually? Aizawa’s the only adult figure in the whole manga who’s constantly been there for Bakugou, he has his future and mental health and reputation constantly in mind and works his ass off to try and help him along as much as possible, he takes note of everything Bakugou goes through, every switch in mood and worsening in personality and interpersonal relationships, and he’s always incredibly fast in nudging him towards the right path again - and Bakugou noticed. He trusts Aizawa to know him, follows his directions and accepts his advices, believes he’ll have his back without an ounce of doubt, that’s the tutor/student relationship Bakugou deserves 

I understand that All Might has a lot of problems of his own and he’s just learning to be a teacher anyway, but he found it in himself to be there for Deku, while Bakugou has been obviously staring at his back for the whole length of the manga and it took All Might 120 chapters to notice, that’s just plain sad

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so i just discovered your fic list and oh gawd u don't know how happy i am with this discovery. thank u for this. anyway i just finished reading ur alternate meets canon fic and. i want to roll and jump and. oh my gawd i really wanna know what happened next?? do u have some other headcanons/ideas for this? is it ok with u to divulge them? no pressure if u don't want to though! just really wanted to thank u for it! i adore alternates meeting with canons so it was really a joy to read. thank u!

[FIC LINK] [Additional ask]

Oh anon, thank you <3 I loved the idea for that fic, had plans for it floating in my head for months before the ask got me to write it down. It was going to be this huge epic, like 100k words probably, switching between Derek and alt!Stiles in the canon universe and Stiles trying to make sense of the warped landscape of the alternate world he’d been thrown into. 

Derek’s just standing there in his bedroom doorway, looking softer than Stiles has ever seen him: his hair loose and ungelled, hanging over his forehead.

“Hey Derek,” he says, trying to blink his way back from the visual. “You look…”

“What?” He seems totally lost on what’s making Stiles stare, and after a few seconds Stiles decides not to even try explaining it. You look nice keeps running through his head, but that’s not close enough. It’s not that Derek never looks nice. (Hell, Derek always looks nice, but that’s a whole other issue.) He looks happy sometimes too, and that’s the only other word Stiles can pull up that edges close to accurate. You’re in my bedroom is the third, half-formed option, but that’s happened before too. It’s just something about the combination of those things right now, and the comfortable way he’s standing in the space  –– hands not in his pockets, shoulders not slumping in like he’s offended by the general pressure of someone else’s air –– that’s catching Stiles up. And there’s no way to fit any of that into words.

“You’ve got flour on your shirt,” he says instead, and Derek glances down with a soft laugh. Brushes the powder off so it wafts out in a soft cloud between them. The open smile he’s wearing when he looks up again is enough to make Stiles heart tug with how devastatingly dreamlike this all is.

“I was making breakfast,” he answers, and Stiles blinks. Ok, yeah. So, definitely a dream.

I had an entire timeline listed out for the alternate universe –– how things had all gone differently, in a chain reaction starting with Laura surviving Peter’s attack (link to that scene, if you’re interested) and just cascading outward, through the fracturing of Scott and Stiles’ friendship when a very human Scott was lured into the Argent side of the divide (via his interest in Allison and, ironically, concern for Stiles and the dangers of “vicious werewolves”) and Stiles sided with Laura and Derek. 

“Wait… I still got with Allison, even if I wasn’t…”

“You two are so together it’s disgusting, alright? Apparently she hit a dog with her car and you guys got to know each other at the animal clinic and right after that you two were like, destined. A week in I could see like… wedding bells and white picket fences going on in your head. It was obnoxious and I was thrilled for you, dude. And then all the hunter crap happened.”

How Laura being alive kept Derek from being quite as dark and broken as he was in the first few seasons, how she made the executive decision to bring the Sheriff in early to earn his trust and support against hunters and supernatural threats alike, and how the town more or less broke down into a cold war zone between the werewolf and hunter sides of the conflict.

The tragedy is that somewhere in all that planning and preparation my detailed notes and timeline completely vanished. I have no idea how. Pages of details and alt!character development and plot planning… and all I have left is a page or so of scenes and stray quote segments, and I just don’t remember enough about the details to make it the way it originally would have. I can tell you a few details, though, and maybe throw in a few of the excerpts too.

I know that it still took a long time for Stiles and Derek to come together. Stiles had sided with the werewolves mainly because Laura had come to the Sheriff (and the Sheriff, remembering the fire and the lost kids the Hales had been when he’d told them the news, and appreciating finally being handed answers to all the mysteries that don’t quite add up in this town, agreed to work with them at least to stop Peter… and then the bond just built from there), and because it had been the right thing to do. And Derek wasn’t shattered the way he was in canon season one maybe, but he was still Derek. Laura’s skeptical, snarky, and untrusting little brother, the cynic to her careful optimism. And Stiles is sarcastic and blunt and, in this version of reality, also hurt and bitter from losing his best friend to the enemy, so he wasn’t exactly super open to bonding with one of the reasons Scott wasn’t around anymore. (It was easier to forgive Laura, who was more sympathetic, but Derek’s general if he sided with hunters he’s not worth having around anyway attitude did not help relations early on.) Stiles and Derek butted heads and snarked constantly at first but their alliance against Peter and the hunters, various life-or-death situations, and Laura’s friendship with the Sheriff (especially when he took her on as a deputy), kept them close, and eventually they fell together just like they’re always going to.

Beacon Hills is a constant danger zone, though, because the hunter threat still hasn’t died. Scott reaches out to Stiles from time to time, earnestly believing every Argent lie that wolves are dangerous monsters and that Stiles is going to get himself killed for being with them. But he’s basically a hunter at this point, believes their philosophy because he’s been on the Argents’ side in every showdown, and honestly thinks Stiles and the Sheriff have been seduced by the Hales’ supernatural wiles (Kate has indoctrinated Scott and Allison with a very different version of her history with Derek) and he needs to do whatever he can to save his former best friend from them.

“Scott’s not a werewolf?”

“What?” Stiles starts to laugh, before his brows arch sharply. “Oh my god, you’re serious. No. No, Scott’s practically married in with the Argents; he’d probably kill himself if he got the bite.” Bitterness floods his features; he fights and fails to smooth it away.

And Stiles is wounded and bitter and cuts off any attempt at contact from his old friend because they’ve both chosen their sides, there’s too much bad blood, and thinking about Scott as anything more than the enemy or the creep who’s allied with killers is too painful at this point.

Lydia’s also in with the Argents, from virtue of being Allison’s best friend and having been smart enough to catch on after a couple months that something decidedly supernatural was going on. She’s a very different Lydia, though, having never had her banshee powers awakened (she was never bitten by Alpha!Peter because… well, there was no Alpha!Peter) and is likely still more similar to her pre-Peter-possession self. I had a lot more details about all of the side characters and how they fit into the developing arc, but most of it’s sadly lost now.

autumnal equinox | joshua

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prompt: “Please don’t tell me you just watched me jump into that pile of leaves…”

characters: uni!joshua/photographer!reader (ambiguous), roommate!jeonghan, barista!seungkwan

genre: f l u f f, humor

wc: 1.4k

a/n: tumblr tried to delete this but luckily enough i had it saved on my clipboard. thank god. for @write-svt‘s september prompt!

other notes: josh is a dumb psych major who likes fall

“Fall already?” you asked your roommate, who was busy hanging up small orange and brown leaf decal stickers on the back of his laptop. With his hands on his hips, he sighed. “Actually, that was a few days ago. Normally I wouldn’t decorate, but Seungkwan completely covered the back of his laptop in these stupid little things, and I will not let his laptop look better than mine,” Jeonghan replied.

“You never did that before,” you snickered. “I’m going out for a walk, then. Kinda wanna see the leaves before they start changing.”

“He never challenged me before!” Jeonghan groans, watching you pick up the small bag containing your camera. “Fine, but you better be home before eight! And no boys!”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed the door open. “You’re not my mom, Han, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

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- dad captain
- ace or that one all round guy
- gets some sort of injury every playing season
- really good team talks, really embarrassing point celebrations
- probably one of the reasons why his team is very well known around the country
- makes sure everyone drinks enough water during any sort of resting break
- *jae gets called off*
- sungjin, from on court: stay hydrated!
- race between him and wonpil to lift spirits
- “they scored one point, we’ll score two more!”
- knows all the cringey lines
- blames himself for every loss
- never takes credit for any win
- friends with all the captains
- (”sungjin isn’t as scary as he looks. I watched him cry during ‘The Notebook’.”)
- spare kneepads for his team
- came up with the idea of having their names on the back of their jersey (brian sided with him immediately)
- seems calm on the outside
- danger sounds, clashing pans, red flashing warning lights on the inside
- only when wonpil is serving
- he’s been hit on the back of the head one too many times

- even though he looks like tsukki, he’s part of the pretty setter squad
- works best with brian
- likes to remind sungjin that, he, jae, is his hyung
- ‘accidentally’ hits wonpil with volleyballs
- just shows his accuracy, and so, why he’s a setter
- causes most injuries whenever he gets the chance to attack
- watch out for his serves
- chicken man is gonna send the deadliest of serves your way. spectators, watch out for the rebound
- superstitious
- ‘jae you don’t need your glasses’
- ‘we’ll lose if i don’t wear them’
- has to get a new frame after every 2 or 3 games cause they always break
- claims he taught dowoon all the tips and tricks
- his setting pattern varies all the time even his teammates get confused
- ‘i thought you were passing to brian!’
- ‘so did they.’
- says his cues in different languages
- ‘i told you to go left’
- ‘how was i supposed to know when i can’t understand you!’
- laughs when wonpil someone falls
- may be most confusing but makes the best plays. honestly.

young k
- ace, no doubt
- has YOUNG K (capitalised and double bolded) on the back of his jersey
- paid extra to get it done that way
- rarely washes his kit (pls shower)
- gets banned from matches by sungjin unless he showers and cleans his kit
- late night training
- followed up by completing his homework due for the next day
- usually forgets his water to practice
- steals wonpils
- finds any moment to snack
- ‘it helps me get energy back’
- ‘brian, thats a Super-Fruiter, Extra-Sour, Happy-Lucky-Trail, Wine Gum Mixture.’
- most likely to succeed in the sport but chooses academics over continuing with the sport at the start of one year
- immediately regrets his decision after one day and goes running back to the team
- poor dowoon had his hopes up for being the ace
- low-key the reason why people from other schools cheer for their team
- prime time for sweaty!brian and forehead!brian… maybe even bandana!brian if youre lucky
- sleeps after every game
- misses half of the warm up because he was asleep between matches

- libero or reserve
- team’s number 1 cheerleader
- #letwonpilplay
- first one to step forward when dowoon says he needs help with practice
- actually the one who washes brian’s kit so that he can attend the matches
- bakes treats and snacks for the team
- when he finally is on court, he can be a great setter
- but a terrible server
- which is why he’s a reserve (wonpil work on ur serve then u can be on the court team)
- lord save us all, who knows who’s going to get hit with his serves
- good thing he’s useful defence too
- team formation when he’s on : 4:2 (4 attackers + switching libero, 2 setters)
- makes other teams scared to hurt him
- used to get knocked over whenever he received a spike
- now he only stumbles
- hands out premade thank you cards to everyone on the opposing team after the game
- and congratulations cards if they’re beat
- once handed out ‘congratulations on your baby’ cards cause the store ran out of general ones

- the next generation’s ace
- seems quiet on court
- ‘big buff boy can’t do anything’
- boom, spike to the face
- highest jumper
- picks his own number cause he can get away with it
- sungjin goes against him saying it needs to be orderly
- dowoon got his own number
- most competitive. against brian.
- he just really wants to be ace
- tries to play mind games by shouting out things for the other team to hear (but rly does want the ball)
- other team easily catches on  that he’s being ignored
- but don’t worry that’s a secret team tactic
- dowoon doesnt know about it
- get dowoon rly annoyed so that he spikes the ball terrifyingly hard a few times when it gets passed to him
- now he needs to do that all the time without being provoked to become ace
- really just everyone’s favourite player and always gets player’s player of the season award
- can earn 10 points by making the other team continually make mistakes
- doesn’t go along with the receive plan. ever.
- legit just everyone’s favourite player, they will fight you if breathe the wrong way around him.

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nya headcannons!! :D

I love her??

  • Jay: Nya I’m thirsty can you get me some water-
    Nya: *fires a huge jet of water right into his face*
  • She makes a body for Pixal again so she can date her because she’s like pls I need someone else who doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes so hard they roll out of my head
    • Please these boys are insufferable sometimes, they have so many stupid competitions and ideas honestly it’s a surprise they’re not dead yet
    • In season 5 when she says “can you even count the times I’ve had to rescue the boys" it’s because she literally saves their asses all the time from doing stupid stuff like “who can somersault off the higher branch of a tree and land in a split”
  • Loves the beach pls take her to the beach
  • Deceptively strong??
    • Nya: jay give me that pen I need it
      Jay: make me
      Nya: well yeet I guess *throws jay over the table*
    • 5’1” ounces of kick ass
    • Quads second to none
    • Her goal is to be able to give cole a piggy back up the stairs
    • If you want to find her she will be in the gym or sleeping surrounded by her only true friend which is food
  • Nya: I’m going on a date
    Kai: I thought you said you didn’t need to be in a relationship
    Nya: I don’t I want the free food
  • Super fast reflexes honestly you’ll be shook
    • You know those scenes in movies or whatever where someone will knock a glass off the counter and the person will catch it and put it back on without even looking up from what they’re doing? That’s Nya
    • Cole: nice work nya! *Goes to pat her on the back*
      Nya: *twists his arm and jumps on him* WHY WERE YOU TRYING TO TOUCH ME
    • don’t sneak up on her you’ll die
  • Everyone is like how do you have so much money?? And she’s like “it’s called self control”
    • She actually gets a part time job at a restaurant and she is boss and gets hella tips but she gives it up when things get busy with the team
  • She totally knew Lloyd was gonna end up being the green ninja, she was just waiting for Kai to exit his emo phase before she told everyone
    • Which is why she’s the one that went up to Lloyd with the weapons to test her theory
    • Nya: I taught Lloyd everything he knows
      Lloyd: when I was a kid you locked me in the cupboard one time so you could go be samurai-x you taught me nothing
    • No but for real her and Lloyd are bros cause she had to look after him so much
    • She was like ew why do I have to look after him but then as time went on she was like oh no he’s a sad bean?? With no love in his life?? *in a Tarzan’s mum voice* well, I’m going to be his mother now
    • She gets super proud of him all the time she’s like heck yeah that’s my son
    • Was probably like “if you don’t tell anyone I’m samurai-x you can hide in my mech when I sneak out and I’ll buy you a ‘pick n mix’ tub of sweets” and he’s like HECK YEAH
  • She just wants to have sleepovers and gossip and wear face masks so her skin stays flawless but she has no girls in her life :// and when she tells cole he’s like um I volunteer as tribute
    • So they have sleepovers every Friday where they can just chill and talk
    • “The only thing stopping me from killing you cole is the fact that I will have no one to hang with until 4am on sleepover and chill day”
  • Is often on the receiving end of the boys pranks but she takes it as a challenge to improve her ninja skills
    • The only thing she will NOT put up with is them touching her food or interrupting her when she sleeps just. don’t do it.
  • She has no memory of her family and yes she loves Kai, but she really wants a proper family? So when she meets the guys she’s really happy that she can have people to call family even if they are losers sometimes
    • But hey what else are brother’s for, right?
    • Hates seeing them sad cause she’s like you guys don’t deserve to be sad, so she’ll do whatever she can to cheer them up
  • “Nya do you like girls or boys” “I like bikes”
  • The guys are torn between “mess with our girl and we will 5 v 1 kick your ASS” and “lmao it’s not us you need to worry about she will wreck u”
  • You know those scenes in movies where they’ll go up to someone and go “give me all your weapons” and they pull weapons from every conceivable place and then just smile, and the person goes “I said all of them" and they’re just like fine and hand over their last secret weapon that’s hidden like behind their ear or something stupid? That’s Nya
  • Ok please don’t condemn her to hell or me but one time she did reenact the parting of the red sea like Moses did in the Bible
    • Look if you could control water you would do the same I’m sure
  • She asks jay to play one of his video games with him cause she’s bored and he’s like “bless don’t worry I’ll go easy on you ;))” and she’s like “haha ok” but jay is a fool. Jay forgets that Nya has Kai as a brother so of course she is going to have been playing video games her whole life. get wrekt jay.
  • “Would you like me to shave your legs for you”
  • Don’t get me wrong she’s not straight laced (ha), she makes loads of jokes at the boys expense and she’s all for it if they wanna include her in a prank on one of the others
  • She’s a mastermind
    • She has so many blueprints of vehicles she hasn’t and will probably never make because she doesn’t have the money
    • and also she needs another brain as genius as her
    • Zane is smart but he’s always like “there’s a 0.00076% chance of that working” and she’s like that’s high enough for me let’s do it
    • But Zane is a COWARD and won’t do it
  • *While doing her eyeliner* “I’m going to make my wings so big I can fly away from my problems”
  • She is anywhere and everywhere, she will just show up out of nowhere it’s spooky
    • She hears all you can hide nothing from her
  • Her hair is cut so straight it could slice someone and she said she did it herself the way Mulan did
    • Did she or didn’t she I guess we will never know
    • “Long hair obstructs my vision and I want to see the terror in my enemies’ eyes as they see me running towards them”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Lorcisse was important because:

1.He,who did not care about anyone’s opinion of him, was hurt&angry when Lola told him “You are a dangerous man.”

2.When Lola backed away from his touch, he was HURT 

3.When Catherine wanted him to do something unforgivable, first he tried to give the impression that Lola isn’t important to him so Catherine would let it go. But she didn’t and he did something unforgivable, however that scene was AMAZINGLY important for Lorcisse because:

“Why are you doing this? You’re not the kind of person who hurt someone just for money.”

“I took advantage of the suffering of others. I blackmailed the king, and threaten the safety of everyone he loved, including you.”

“You’ve shown me that there’s another side to you.”

“Do you think because we shared a few nice moments, that you saw some good in me that no one ever seen before?”

“I can see the man in front of me quite clearly now.”

It’s Lola defending him, to HIM. but he insists that he is a BAD person.

But in fact yes, she did see some good in Narcisse noone ever seen before.

Oh and this is his face after she leaves (TELL ME HE ISN’T HURT)

4. “Lola won’t ever speak to me again.” Enough said.

5. “I am saying that should anything happen to either of us, i hope you remember me not as the man who lied or betrayed you. I hope you remember me as the man who would have cherished you if he had the chance.”

6.He actually cared about her. He warned her to be careful when he saw her leaving Greer’s place.

7.”You betrayed me yet when there was danger tonight, my worry was for you.”


9.Narcisse wanting to go rescue Lola at season 2 finale. (And he did)

10.How happy he was with her

11.“But the world is a dangerous place and one day you’ll wish you had someone like me to protect you from it" (after S3E18, i remembered this quote and i cried bc he couldnt protect her…)

12.He was hurt when Lola ignored him.

13.He kept writing letters to her.

14. She wanted to not get married and have an affair but he declined.

“I am yours this night.”

“No, not like this. I am going to marry you and i can promise you it’s not a mistake. Because we are right for each other.”

15. “What’s power without love? Without Lola?” And we all know how much Narcisse loves power.

16. “If Lola finds out i lied, she would leave me…”

17. During their fight scene, “Lola no, you don’t end this”



(I don’t know whose gif is this but if it’s yours tell me and i’ll give credits) 

19. S3E17, When he went to England for Lola, he said “I gained everything i wanted. But it’s all meaningless without you.”

20. At the same episode he begged for her forgiveness saying “I know i’ve made mistakes. I’ve lied to you. But you have to trust me when i say that if anything were to happen to you… “ HE COULDN’T EVEN FINISH THAT SENTENCE


THEN HE BEGAN SAYING “I don’t care how long it takes, whatever i have to do-” (here Lola kisses him) BUT U CAN SEE HE IS READY TO DO WHATEVER AND WAIT AS LONG AS IT TAKES FOR HER FORGIVENESS.

21. Last episode, he begged her to come with him… Also he said “I don’t want you to dwell in darkness. I want to protect you.”

And when Lola said “Go, when i can still say goodbye.”

He went “Goodbye? What do you mean?”

22.And that last scene….How he cried, his tears, the pain on his face, how he tried to save her, how they BOTH CRIED.


(These 2 gifs belong to http://bucknsteves.tumblr.com/ )


i am lost at words..when i look at their beginning, i could never imagine them ending like this…

PS:feel free to add to the list.

HWANG MINHYUN Messy Breakup Angst


anon asked: Minhyun Angst?

(this is my first angst thing ever its not v good im sry)

Summary: Minhyun “falls ill” and cancels on one of your long awaited dates. When (Y/N) decides to surprise him, she sees Minhyun, and he sure doenst look sick.

Your boyfriend was always busy. Whether it be work, school, events, work.

It was hard for you the two of you to find a chance to be together. So, you decided to work out a system.

“What do you say, we can plan out a couple days in the month only reserved for the two of us to have time together. This way I can see u at least a little" 

"I think that’s a great idea, (Y/N)” Minhyun agreed with your suggestion and everything seemed to be going well

It was only the third “fixed date” you two were having but that morning when u lazily turned off your alarm, you saw a text light up on your phone

Minhyun: Aghh fuck im so sorry I think i just got the fever!! I won’t be able to make it to the date today, i hope you’ll forgive me? I promise I’ll regain my energy and make it up to you soon though

You were a bit sad, but you optimistically thought of a loophole on how to still get some time with each other

“How about you surprise him! He’s sick anyways and lives alone,” you thought

Coming with your bag full of medicine and supplies to make him feel better, you used the spare key stored in the broken light to unlock his door.


You looked forward to see your boyfriend dressed normally with clean brushed hair.

“Wh-What are you doing here” he asked, startled

It was painful seeing the bad “I’m sick” act he was trying to pull. You let out a quick, but deep, sigh as you plopped a container of medicine and soup down to the floor

“I can’t believe you Minhyun. And to think, I thought I would actually come so you wouldn’t feel bad. I guess you don’t want to spend time with me huh” you couldn’t help yourself, how could you not be mad at him

“(Y/N), trust me it’s not like that” Minhyun nonchalantly assured you

“Then what is it? What’s it like?!” You said, starting to raise the volume of your voice a bit

“Come on, you don’t have to scream. I want to spend time with you, I promise, but I was just really tired- and oh shoot what time is it right now?”

“Minhyun,” you strongly said while shaking your head, “this isn’t a joke. I thought we agreed that we would find time for this relationship, even if it was hard. Do you even understand what I’m getting at here? Do you not have enough trust in me or something that you can’t even tell me the truth when you cancel?!”

“(Y/N) … Seriously can you stop yelling. I promise I won’t lie about our dates anymore so you can calm down okay?”

There was a small pause in the moment before you said “Wait, does this mean you lied about all our cancelled dates”

“Okay fine, yes. I get it I’m sorry! But i don’t understand why you’re being so clingy right now, I just get tired and don’t wanna go on dates sometimes. It’s no big deal I already if I said I would stop. Plus, you have my permission to hang out with Minki or whoever you want when we can’t go on dates”

“You give me permission? What am I, an object? What’s your fucking deal?! What bothers me the most is you never give a shit about me hanging out with other guys, ever”

“well, I know you aren’t gonna go for them when you have me. can you stop being ridiculous, we can have our date now okay“ Minhyun rolled his eyes as he slowly bit one side of his lips while sighing, as if he was trying to control his temper

you felt sournes surge over you you heard everything spill out

“Minhyun … “ he could obviously tell he was upsetting you

“(Y/N)” He groaned, before continuing

“Come on, don’t be sad, I know you’re sad over this whole date thing, but this is getting out of hand will you fucking forgive me now?? I’ll treat you to sushi or whatever“

You could feel the cold blue veins of your wrist start to pop out as his words filled you with more and more rage. Now you understood why so many dates were cancelled. Doesn’t a relationship need effort coming from both sides?

A part of you wanted a different response. Wanted Minhyun to genuinely apologize and tell you that he loved you. But he never responded that way

Clenching your teeth and trying to control your eyebrows from furrowing boiled your insides even more. Interrupting Minhyun’s sentence mid way, you quickly grabbed your bag and turned away to walk out.

Minhyun let out a scoff, then tried to grab hold of the bag to get keep u inside. But before he could, you yanked it by your stomach so his hand was just barely out of reach.

You saw him open his mouth to start yelling nonsense again but before you could hear the words, you slammed the door and quickly walked to your car. You needed him out of your life, you should’ve listened when your firends said it was a toxic relationship.

The last thing u heard before turning up the radio noise was Minhyun opening the door yelling for you to come back.

Without shoes on, Minhyun stood in front of his house screaming words you couldn’t hear. Before leaving him, you purposely made eye contact with him one last time. It wasn’t a sweet goodbye. It was a deep, intense look laced with anger that said leave me the fuck alone. What can you say? Actions really do speak louder than words sometimes. He wasn’t getting another chance with you, ever

aghh thank u guys so much for reading my first angst scenario ever! As you can tell this angst is more description rather than dialogue focused? Lmk if u would prefer more heated dialogue???? I didn’t include any crying because I thought I could save that for another angst? Please give input on what u thought whether it be positive or constructive criticism! I appreciate both just as much

Requests are still open so if you liked it feel free to ask for anything else!

(Also I wrote this on my phone’s notes before transferring to tumblr and I usually write on my laptop so pls excuse any weird parts)

Summer 2017 Anime Overview: My Hero Academia Season 2 and KiraKira Precure a la Mode

We return to our look at the summer 2017 anime. I’ve been reviewing the seven anime I watched from worst to best. Previously I talked about the two weakest anime I watched and an anime that was kind of mixed and middling. Now we’re going to talk about too anime I watched that I consider to be Very Good and would overall recommend (with some warnings and caveats regarding some stuff for one of them). Let’s dig in!

My Hero Academia Season 2

I found the first season of My Hero Academia to be pretty good but nothing to get excited about- but damn, this season officially sucked me in. I am now a Fan. Very unwillingly, I might add, but the show wrestled my doubting heart into submission with its endearing characters. fight-y fun and surprisingly good handling of growth and relationships (for the most part). 

The basic concept behind My Hero Academia is that in a world where most people have some form of superpower, superheroism is considered a legit profession. Nerdy teenager Izuku Midoriya really wants to be a hero, but he’s one of the few people born without superpowers. However, when he encounters his idol, the number one hero All Might, everything changes and he soon finds himself enrolled in the top-ranked superhero academy.

MHA sparked my interest by being a superhero show (I’m a huge comics nerd) and kept me interested by having a legit adorable and sympathetic protagonist (Midoriya is very earnest and also cries a lot, both things I find intensely cute and relatable), good animation and generally solid fights and storytelling. But it wasn’t really until this season that it came into it’s own as an impressive ensemble show. It subverted quite a few expectations I had, in a really good way and delivered on some pretty incredible character work and interesting world building. Also, it has a great soundtrack.

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Top 10 kpop songs released in August 2017

 It’s still busy on kpopland and I know there were other popular artist like Hyuna, NCT dream and Samuel releasing music but for me, this songs were the standouts in August.

H.M. Henry-That One. This song is technically not a kpop song because the lyrics are in english so even if Henry is part of the kpop music industry I’m leaving this one out of the list. Having said that, lately I like everything that Henry is putting out. I hope people pay more attention to him so we can listen a full album soon. He works so much, he deserves it. 

10. Jeong Sewoon ft Sik K- Just u. Another Produce 101 alumni. I wasn’t expecting to like this and even if the tone is recognizable I think it’s a chill nice song with a bit of edge provided by Sik-K and Groovy Room. 

9. Babylon ft Chungha - La, la, la. Babylon (aka that guy with nice vocals from Zico’s Boys and Girls) realesed a new song today. When I paid attention to the lyrics it threw me off because of all the tacky cliches like La vida loca. olé or talking about La Bamba which points to me they have no clue what La Bamba is (it gets on my mexican nerves). Plus I’m personally not crazy about the chorus because it’s the tropical house that has been overdone this summer in kpop, however the vocals and the beat save the song for me.

8. WANNA ONE-Energetic. Even though I still believe this song is not unique enough to make me excited I have to acknowledge that it’s really catchy and despite of my better judgement I’ve fallen into its charms.

7. Heize- In the time spent with you. A dramatic break up ballad with Heize’s special colours in them. Love the small rap in the middle.

 6. 10 cm - HELP. I don’t follow many korean indie bands but 10 cm came to my attention last year and for me there’s so many interesting songs by them. This one is no different. A beautiful slice of life song. As usual the lead vocalist voice shines.

5. VIXX LR-Whisper. This song was not what I was expecting from this comeback and believe me I’ve been fantasizing about this comeback for over a year. I just loved VIXX LR’s first mini album that much. I do like the song but the chorus was a bit like something I’ve already heard somewhere before so not my favorite of the album. For me, Beautiful Night, Chocolatier and Today were the best in the album. I wish it had donde better on the charts though.

4. 행주 - Red Sun (Feat. ZICO, Swings). Hangzoo was not on my radar of contenders to win season 6 of Show Me the Money -even if he did really well in the first couple of rounds- until this performance. The first part is so electrifying and when the beat hits it’s such a highlight. Swings gives it a nice change of pace. The track is produced by Zico and Dean. 

3. 행주, 양홍원(Young B), Hash Swan, 킬라그램(Killagramz) - 요즘것들 (Feat. ZICO, DEAN). For me this is the best song of season 6 of Show Me the Money. I get why Nucksal’s songs have done better but I personally liked this one more. Maybe I’m just biased to the chorus sang by Dean.

2. Taeyang-Darling. A straight forward break up song by Teddy with Taeyang’s beautiful vocals. I went back and forth between  this title and Wake me up because they’re both so good in different ways. Amazing and Tonight (ft, Zico) are my favorites of the album.

1. WINNER- LOVE ME, LOVE ME. So these days I might as well be an Inner Circle because I’ve been so obsessed with WINNER. Actually the only thing that’s preventing me from joinning their fan club is that being an EXO-L takes too much of my time. Joking aside, everything they’ve released this year has been amazing and this song is no different. A great catchy summery song that along side their other title Island, sticks with the tropical trend and makes you happy. Surprisingly, the japanese version also sounds really good.

It feels YG is doing what they did with BIGBANG’s MADE, instead of releasing a whole album they are giving us two songs at a time and since they’ve hinted they will be coming back in winter I’ll be impatiently waiting to hear more from them.

7x02 - “Second Chances” (2/18)
  • OUAT/Captain Swan
  • Alternative Season 7
  • Rated M: swearing, explicit sex
  • 9k words
  • Season 7 Summary:  “Once Upon a Time” returns to ABC one last time for its seventh and final season, in a journey where the most-awaited answers regarding our favorite fairytale characters will finally be unveiled. While sheriff Emma Swan and deputy Captain Hook try to conceal their lives as newlyweds with the challenging job of protecting Storybrooke, the startling presence of new residents Morgana, Ethel and Scott unleashes a series of heartbreaking and unforeseen events that will disrupt Emma and Hook’s Happy Beginning.
  • This Chapter’s Summary:  Emma and Hook’s responsibilities as Sheriff and Deputy of Storybrooke are put to test when they have to deal with a mysterious intruder with unclear intentions. Meanwhile, in Enchanted Forest and Maine flashbacks, two young couples struggle to adapt to unexpected circumstances, facing life-altering decisions.
  • This chapter includes many flashbacks related to new characters. With this being a Captain Swan story, these flashbacks featuring other characters will ALWAYS be relevant/connected to Emma, Killian and their storylines. Therefore, it is important to keep track of all the information the flashbacks give us.

Author’s Note: This fanfic is my attempt at creating an alternative OUAT season 7 that (hopefully) can help Captain Swan shippers get over the real season 7 in the same way writing it has been helping me. This is a continuation of season 6 and follows the adventures of sheriff Swan and deputy Jones. Every week I will be posting casting news, episode descriptions, episode stills, script teases and title spoilers. Visit my blog for more info.

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Forgiveness, One Step At A Time

For @crazyfangirl345 , I hope you like it, I probably had way too much fun writing it and got a bit carried away!!

Fandom: Agents Of Shield

Characters: Grant Ward and Y/N

Word Count: 1500

Request:  Yup - where you get hurt on a mission and Ward finds out, during season 3, and he begs coulson to see u and eventually begs for you’re forgiveness

It didn’t hurt anymore, but you could still see where the blade pieced your stomach and caused you to almost bleed out in the living room of the man you had been tailing. If Coulson hadn’t found you… It wasn’t something you wanted to think about.

You regarded May coolly from the medical bay as she talked to Fitz about something or the other, you could read Fitz’s lips easily but May’s back was to you. Fitz was talking about the Monolith, something you had only heard of in passing from your time locked up by Hydra when they first revealed themselves to S.h.i.e.l.d. Your at the time boyfriend Grant Ward had supposedly saved you from your confines and brought you back to HQ, only now you knew it had all just been a set up so they you’d tell him what you knew. When you found out Ward was Hydra it had taken a long time to process, you thought he had loved you, but he was just using you.

So you changed your name and moved to England to do contract work under the radar, that is, until Maria Hill herself had contacted you about joining the new S.h.i.e.l.d, it was also quite a shock to you to find out Coulson was the new director and that Fury had been killed in action. Part of you didn’t believe he was gone, you’d spent quite a bit of time with him the year he was your S.O, before you were handed over to Melinda May to be trained and assessed. Compared to Fury she was a treat.

But still, your years in the academy were some of the best in your life, you met great people, Grant included, and it still broke your heart to think about how he betrayed you. You’d promised him the last time you saw him that you’d stop him, whatever it took.

Which is coincidently how you’d ended up bleeding to death in an apartment living room in Texas, following a lead on Grant. He had been there, you’d seen as much, your heart had practically stopped when you saw him walking down the street, he had barely changed in the year or so since his turn to the dark side.

That was why it came as a shock to you when Coulson came in to deliver some surprising news. “Agent (Y/L/N)” He said, striding towards you as you were fastening your laces and putting on your black jacket. “I have a proposition for you.” That didn’t sound good.

“I’m flattered really.” You told him. “But I’m still recovering.” May walked in behind him and gave you a once over, for some reason she had grown cold towards you. When you had told her as much she had made a snap about Grant and you had almost taken a cheese knife to her throat, for whatever reasoning had, she still believed that you were loyal to him and as a result, Hydra.

“Melinda.” You nodded casually, her face was still blank and unreadable.

“(Y/N)” She nodded back, Coulson looked between the two of you.

“If you’ve got the reunion out of the way, I’d like you to look at this.” Coulson handed you a cream coloured file and waited for you to open it. Inside there was a list of names and places.

“What is this?” You asked, looking over the names.

“We believe we have narrowed down a list of possible places Ward could be.” Coulson explained, placing his hands behind his back.

“Based on what?” You asked, there must have been 30 to 40 names on this list, give or take.

“Based on the phone call we received from him moments ago.” May said before Coulson could. “After your little careless mishap over the border Ward decided to give us a call to see if you were okay. It seems the man who stabbed you, Kurt Kahn, was not authorised to approach you. He handed us the man at an anonymous drop off about 23 miles from here. One of our agents picked him up.” You didn’t know what to say, Grant didn’t care about you, not anymore, you didn’t even know if he ever did but still…

“Anything else?” You asked, taken a back. Coulson and May glanced at one another before Coulson drew a phone out of his blazer pocket.

“He said he’d call back on this and he wouldn’t talk unless you were on the other end.” He gave you the phone screen up. “Is that okay with you? I don’t think I need to remind you that whatever Ward did to you, he’s done much worse to other people and we have to stop him.” You knew. Turning the phone towards you you held it in your hand and waited. Just as you were about to ask when he had said he’d call back it rang. You almost jumped, but you didn’t want to give May the satisfaction of seeing you rattled.

“Hello?” You pressed the answer button and held it to your ear.

There was a relieved sigh from the other end and you instantly recognised Grant’s voice. “(Y/N). It’s good to hear your voice.”

“Grant.” You said as nicely as possible, though your tone still managed to sour and menacing.

You heard him smile, “I always liked it when you called me that, no one else ever did.” As much as you hated to admit it, hearing his voice was actually nice.

You looked to Coulson, who was tracing the call. It said two minutes on the screen, easy enough. “I was told you wanted to make sure I was okay.” You tried.

“I did.” He sounded sincere. “When I found out the agent on my tail was you I ordered my men not to make contact and to let you go one your way. Of course, someone was bound not to listen, but I didn’t think you’d end up in the state you did.”

“You care?” You couldn’t help the anger slipping out. He hadn’t said a word to you in over a year and now he calls and acts like he misses you? No, it wasn’t going to happen.

“I never stopped, I always did. I know you think I was using you to get intel on Hydra and I’m not going to lie to you, that’s what it was at first, but not for long. I felt something for you I’ve never felt before. When you called me a monster I didn’t know what I was going to do.” Another one of his pitiful sob stories.

“What do you want?” You tried not to dwell on what he said.

“I want to see you, face to face, I want a chance to explain what I did and what I’m doing now. I want you, just you.” Grant said in all honesty. And being honest yourself if you were alone you would have agreed, part of you had always wanted to know, what made Grant Ward work, what were his motives, his reasoning’s. It made you curious, and once upon a time he had made you happy. “I want your forgiveness.” He went on. “I want you to look at me the way you used to, I’m begging you for a chance.” You bit your lip and looked to Coulson and May.

“Grant-” You began.

“(Y/N). There are 20 seconds left till this call is traced.” Your heart stopped, how did he know? “I’m betting Coulson and May are with you now, trying to make you talk for time. If you let these last seconds tick away, fine, I’ll know I don’t deserve another chance, you won’t see or hear from me again. You have my word. But if you want to see me, like I want to see you. Then hang up now.” 5…4…3…2… You hung up and threw the phone on the hospital bed you were sitting on. Coulson just looked disappointed.

“That was our chance.” He snapped. “Do you know how selfish that was? We could have had him.” May was actually smiling, to your amazement.

“No, we still have him.” She said, your ears pricked.

“I don’t follow.” Coulson said angrily.

“She hung up.” May began to explain and I watched the situation unfold. “Now he’ll try and meet with her, we’ve still got a chance at catching him and now he thinks she’s on his side.” Coulson looked like a child at Christmas.

You held back the urge to scream, part of you knew that that plan was sound, it was one of the reasons you hung up to begin with, but another part of you wanted to look into those puppy dog eyes and never let him go again. You wanted to give him another chance, and that was what you were going to do.        

a rellamy/braven/ravenbell manifesto

oh boy, anon, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed here. you are giving me an open invitation to talk about why i love rellamy and that is so dangerous. before i start, i do want to say sorry it took this long to get back to you! i’ve had a crazy week at school in addition to a 24hr stomach virus, but i have powered through and am here to give you the answer you deserve.

so let’s start with their first meeting, in 1x05. within seconds of them meeting each other, we already have beautiful, beautiful tension:

(gifs: ravengifs)

do you see that tension!! do you see it!! and then we have the beautiful moment where bellamy thinks he can hurt her??? which is laughable and is shown as such bc raven gets the upper hand SO quickly and bellamy’s face is like. “shit. fuck shit. this girl is good. damn. hot DAMN.” and he looks down at her and just !!!!! anon it’s so beautiful already they are CRACKLING and they’ve known each other for like. a minute. tops.

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