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OUR GOLDEN AGE - timeline: special forces training (26)

fandom: captain america (mcu)
pairing: steve rogers / james “bucky” barnes
Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.
tags: alternate universe - modern setting, alternate universe - royalty, pining, chronic illness, mild gore, hospitalization

anonymous asked:

Tbh im thinking of letting all that shit go anywhere the universe makes it move, ya know?? imma stop worrying soooo much

yessss! exactly. you even said so yourself that you dont really feel sad abt not talking much or at all.
(i think its only natural that u feel a little weird about it) i mean it doesnt mean u guys cant talk eVER again but i think you’d be a lot happier. you dont have to keep overthinking it, worrying about talking to him, wondering how he feels about you, if youre good enough for him, thinking about it all until you have a headache. it might be hard at first but if you think you’re over it just let it go. work on yourself like you said!! i’m so happy that you mentioned that. treat yo self! work on your confidence by spending time with yourself, doing good things for yourself. (1st step, getting over him) do things that make u happy!! concentrate on yourself and become a better u :-) if you need to vent more ever or want help on ANYTHING„„let me know!!!! as always, i believe in u