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*whispers* Patrons favored by a god also get powers from them sometimes (like the cool fire thing in CK) or little gifts like an enchanted Flower or coin, or even a small boon. The highly Favored Patrons often will seem their deity in their mortal forms, usually unaware of it. Sometimes in their God forms multiple times. The more you're exposed to a god, the less they can accidentally kill you I suppose.

i cant believe pan was actually the vines that merle seduced way back in pttm

hi its almost 3am and my internet is still broken but ive been playing in a save that i dont post and having sooo much fun with it and simultaneously having a mental breakdown bc i feel too old to be spending all of my time on the internet but im too shy to actually speak to anyone irl so thats how my absence has been going!!! i hope ur all doing v well and staying happy and hydrated ❤️❤️❤️ be kind to each other my friends

okie dokie, so since some want art and some want an amv, ill just have a giveaway where you can choose between the two :’D

and i believe im going to pick three winners for the giveaway: would you guys like for me to have an art/amv giveaway to celebrate? ;u;

also thank you guys…so much?? i just recently hit 15k followers and im just…i still can’t believe that you guys would follow such a silly gal like me with my weird little blog. ;u; thank you guys so much for all the support and being your lovely and beautiful selves! ill try to make a little giveaway post asap if people would like me to! :’D

           stop      talking  about     the  nasty      when  kids  can   see  it     !   !   !   !   !     

OUR GOLDEN AGE - timeline: special forces training (26)

fandom: captain america (mcu)
pairing: steve rogers / james “bucky” barnes
Wherein Bucky is the crown prince and Steve still becomes a hero.
tags: alternate universe - modern setting, alternate universe - royalty, pining, chronic illness, mild gore, hospitalization