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Do you have any tips for someone like me who wants to play darkest dungeon but has trouble with it because of anxiety? I enjoy it but the stress makes it hard to keep playing as much as I'd like...

hmm, I’d say a big thing is that pacing is important? Like, don’t force yourself to play past your stressing points. when you feel yourself getting burnt out, stop playing for a bit. there’s nothing wrong with taking breaks.

another thing is turn off the music and maybe sound effects or narrator. maybe play other music in the background. I know that if im stressed but i still want to play, i listen to Songs Playing From Another Room cuz its really funny, to me, its like youre looking for the room that all the monsters are blasting music from. Over time, turn the game music up a little bit, more and more, and acclimate yourself to it.

Also? there’s nothing wrong with using guides and tips to make it easier! there are combos of heroes that work WONDERS and will make different areas easier, and if you’ve got anxiety its ok to lean on guides! the darkest dungeon wikia has a huge list of curios also, so you can plan expeditions ahead of time based on what you’ll find.

and, i know this wont mean much? because i know what its like losing a loved hero but?? you can always replace that hero with a near identical one. quirks come and go but the hero types themselves are forever. also theres a town event that happens rarely that lets u revive people so theres a chance your lost are not lost forever

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