u trying to be smart

genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫


okay! I’ve been stealing bottles of alcohol from grocery stores for about a year and I think my tips could be useful
1• be familiar with the grocery store. please do not walk into a store that u have never been in before and try to lift. this is just not smart for anything.
2• have a buddy. it’s comforting to have a friend with you for moral support and a second body can make a useful blind spot. liquor isles usually have a lot of cameras so this is ur best bet.
3• be quick! SAs notice almost right away that teenagers are probably planning to steal bottles when they are in the booze isle. so u can’t be too picky with what u get. just grab what isn’t capped usually this would be Smirnoff or McCallibers. leave the store as fast as possible with out basically sprinting out. be calm and casual because if u are still in the store they will find, chase, and bust you.
4• Have a way to hide the bottle well. if your a girl a purse is of course and option. if ur a guy or u don’t have a fit purse/ purses don’t fit ur gender normalities my friend wears a sweat shirt/hoodie (not as sus in fall and winter because it’s cold anyway) and tucks the bottle into his waist band of his pants and hides the bottle under the sweatshirt 5• Make sure the store your at doesn’t have an individual small liquor store. I know some grocery stores do like Hyvee (this store might be exclusive to my region) and some Krogers. honestly Krogers is the best best bet but make sure that you know for sure u won’t be approached. Good luck and Drink Responsibly!!!

i keep designing dumbass Gemsonas for OCs because im bored….

ofc dollface’d be a diamond, but they’d immedietly break the entire story if they like. Existed. Within that universe. they wouldn’t stand for ANY of the earth bullshit and would personally go down there and try to destroy them? like u know, a SMART antagonist who actually wants to get rid of the protagonists?? because i dunno… the protags are trying to stop them?????? ALLEGEDLY???

kind of pathetic that an active villain would fuck up ur show like that but im just some random shmuck on the internet what do i know

The Human Ragdoll: Children’s Access to Pornography in the Digital Age

Pornography has been a part of culture for thousands of years, and has evolved over time to adapt with technological advances of the digital age. We’re long past the point where renting tapes to of-age consumers is the only way to find it, and as the internet becomes more vast and more accessible, pornography will grow with it. As an industry it is like liquid — constantly flowing, constantly adapting to conform to the shape of its container. What does this mean for kids who are getting an earlier start on the internet?

Rules for texting a Girl

1. Use good grammar.
(otherwise she’ll correct u first)

2. Ask questions.
(cause she love to talk)

3. Use smiley faces.
(means alot)

4. Don’t take 40 minutes to reply.
(or better ready for world war 3 )

5. Don’t even dare to show that you are busy somewhere.
(Or u would be dead)

6. Call her sweetie honey etc etc..
(u can add more to this list)

7. Don’t try to be over smart.
(or no guarantee of what happen afterward)

GIRLS Time To Smile, and
GUYS Remember All This Rules!!