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more soft warren

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btw here’s my soft warren tag bc i love him sm, i think u may have noticed

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  • i’m dead at the thought of blushy warren?? tbh !! just imagine him getting flustered about tiny things like,, his crush touches his hand and warren gets all !!! (ꈍᴗꈍ) 
  • he’s not a fan of physical contact, it makes him nervous when people touch him, when they do it and he’s no seeing it freaks him out but he actually likes hugs? cuddles and all that stuff. not for much time but, it’s comforting and he’s not going to say no to a hug from someone he cares about.
  • he actually gets a dog and he names her Canela (Cinnamon in Spanish), she’s big and seems tough, just like warren, and people are scared of her but she’s actually a sweet cinnamon roll who’s super soft and loves when people scratch her stomach
  • warren’s s/o laughs and compares their bf to their cute dog 
  • “Canela is cuter than u tho” “shut up?? she is but-
  • HE’S THE WORST WITH CRUSHES !!! doesn’t even know what to say he just hopes the person will notice him and do smth because when they’re near he just !! can’t talk im sorry 
  • he’s hates crowds bc they remind him of bad times so when everyone’s out partying or smth he stays in with Canela, and a good book (eventually, his s/o joins those nights and he reads to them, their head on his lap)
  • also !! touch his hair and he’ll immediately calm down, just let him lay his head on your lap and play with his hair he’ll be the happiest man alive
  • he’s a complete sucker for Ed Sheeran and he has all his albums, his favorite is Divide and he listens to it while he reads, and sometimes he sings along in the car (his s/o joins and they end up screaming along the ‘Castle on the hill’ lyrics together)
  • he’s great at cooking? wow? 
  • Canela fell asleep on him once and his s/o took pictures of them and they’re now the x-fam’s groupchat icon 
  • he has a weird taste in music, it’s actually p open and he has a LOT of playlists, for everything (“Warren do you really need a playlist for-” “They’re all necessary b ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”)
  • he has like 4 playlists for his s/o 
  • he also has a make-out and a sex playlist,,,
  • he calls his s/o the cheesiest things, cutiepie, baby, babe, darling, my love, and anything he knows will make them blush
  • he’s not really talkative? spends most of his time reading and writing
  • he never shows what he writes to anyone, claims that it’s shit but his s/o knows that it’s not 
  • he has hard times accepting himself like he is, it took him years to get to like his wings and come to terms with his sexuality (our fave bi !!) and he eventually learns to love himself, with the help of people he never stopped and never will stop caring about
  • he loves fluffy blankets sm !
  • road trips with his pals are his favorite thing, and if they can take Canela, even better!
  • he prefers tea and hot chocolate over coffee and likes to drink them on mornings and evenings, probably with a good book for company 
  • his bookshelf is super organized if u touch it then he’ll try to get Canela to bite u (tho she won’t)
  • he’s really smart and likes to watch documentaries and talk about them with his s/o, lying on the couch with their feet on his lap
  • he likes museums, especially art and science museums 
  • he pays attention to small things, and it’s really helpful
  • for example, he’s the best at choosing gifts for his friends
  • he’s really good with kids??
  • his smile is never fake, he hates faking smiles and he only smiles when he truly feels like smiling. his s/o calls him sunshine, because he really lights everyone’s mood up with a sincere smile.

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things ppl need to stop bc it’s not 2007 anymore:

  • putting characters in belly dancing outfits, taking mena culture, and then giving them a white ass name all while thinking ur being “original”
  • “belly dancing” outfits in general bc it honestly looks ridiculous and no mena person in their right fukin time period 
  • writing it off as ‘theyre a healer’ that makes no fucking sense janet

middle eastern magic, specifically Zoroastrian (where magic and magical lore originated Mind You) wasn’t for healing it was literally fire worship so ………

genuinely! the more confidently you present yourself, the more everyone - including you! - will begin to see the positive aspects of you! keep trying! fake it ‘til you make it! 💕💫


okay! I’ve been stealing bottles of alcohol from grocery stores for about a year and I think my tips could be useful
1• be familiar with the grocery store. please do not walk into a store that u have never been in before and try to lift. this is just not smart for anything.
2• have a buddy. it’s comforting to have a friend with you for moral support and a second body can make a useful blind spot. liquor isles usually have a lot of cameras so this is ur best bet.
3• be quick! SAs notice almost right away that teenagers are probably planning to steal bottles when they are in the booze isle. so u can’t be too picky with what u get. just grab what isn’t capped usually this would be Smirnoff or McCallibers. leave the store as fast as possible with out basically sprinting out. be calm and casual because if u are still in the store they will find, chase, and bust you.
4• Have a way to hide the bottle well. if your a girl a purse is of course and option. if ur a guy or u don’t have a fit purse/ purses don’t fit ur gender normalities my friend wears a sweat shirt/hoodie (not as sus in fall and winter because it’s cold anyway) and tucks the bottle into his waist band of his pants and hides the bottle under the sweatshirt 5• Make sure the store your at doesn’t have an individual small liquor store. I know some grocery stores do like Hyvee (this store might be exclusive to my region) and some Krogers. honestly Krogers is the best best bet but make sure that you know for sure u won’t be approached. Good luck and Drink Responsibly!!!

NCT Reaction:Them being at work and you texting them that you have really sad news and you just really need them at home right now (Hyung Line)

A/N:can you guys suggest me any good dramas idc if it’s chinese,korean,vietnamese,filipino,japanese,thai etc. i just really need a new drama to watch.also this was only requested for the hyung line so pls send in if you also want to have this reaction for the maknae line!!also i didn’t mention what ur bad news is bcs u can decide that for urself this is actually really just a reaction also if this is bad i’m sorry i’m so tired rn


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Taeil would try to finish his work asap so he can go to you.He would probably buy food that makes you happy on his way home.When he arrives and sees you blankly staring into space.He would ask you if you’re okay and when you attack him with a hug,he’ll probably bring you to bed so you can cuddle and eat and you call him what happened if you want to and I promise you that he will try his best to help you.


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Alright so I actually got help from my mother @h-aechan pls follow her she’s amazing hey mom how you doing are u enjoying dad’s company anyways so Hansol wouldn’t be the one that would,like,panic that much.He would probably try to calm you down by calling you and telling you that everything’s gonna be alright.


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Would immediately rush over to your house with food,drinks and everything he needs to cheer you up.When you open the door for him,you can expect a very big bear hug.


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For one time,he would actually want to skip work because he’s worried about you.I think that if TY really loves a person, that he would do a lot for them.When he comes home and he sees you crying on the sofa,he will run to you and snuggle you to him and you can cry all  you want and he’ll try to calm you down by humming soft melodies.


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Inside,he would be v worried.But he would try to cheer you up by sending cute messages and by counting down with you till he’s done with work/practise.When he comes back home,he’s gonna HUG YOU AND KISS UR FOREHEAD AND HE’S GONNA TELL U THAT HE’S HERE SO NO NEED TO WORRY.i’m sorry my caps lock was on.


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kun would first of all wonder what’s wrong and try to finish work asap so he cam come see you.when he’s finally done he’ll come home and lay you down on bed so you can cry on him and sleep.


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bunny would first of all panic and then ask you so many questions when he’s on the phone with you.he’ll make sure that you’re not starving yourself bcs of the bad news he got and that you’re drinking water.dongyoung would look so stressed at work tbh and when finally gets off he’s gonna run to your house to make sure u were ok and not doing anything stupid


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i don’t think he would immediately panic.like,he would tell u to not do anything stupid but he’s not gonna panic on the line just like with dongyoung.ten will probably buy you something to eat on his way home and when he’s home he’s gonna sit u down and hug u and maybe feed u if you’re hungry


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he’ll tell u some weird stories on the phone to try cheer u up and if he has some wifi probably face time with u just to make sure u okay and when he’s done with work h won’t run home he’ll walk calmly and when he’s there he’s just gonna hold u in his arms until u fall asleep he’ll probably sing u to sleep tbh


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he’ll be worried but he won’t like show u bcs he doesn’t want u to cry even more and he’s gonna look so chill but rlly inside he’s all like ‘!!!!!’ and yeah he’s pretty much gonna try to comfort u with some smart words but then he uses a wrong word so u pretty much end up laughing

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The Human Ragdoll: Children’s Access to Pornography in the Digital Age

Pornography has been a part of culture for thousands of years, and has evolved over time to adapt with technological advances of the digital age. We’re long past the point where renting tapes to of-age consumers is the only way to find it, and as the internet becomes more vast and more accessible, pornography will grow with it. As an industry it is like liquid — constantly flowing, constantly adapting to conform to the shape of its container. What does this mean for kids who are getting an earlier start on the internet?

Rules for texting a Girl

1. Use good grammar.
(otherwise she’ll correct u first)

2. Ask questions.
(cause she love to talk)

3. Use smiley faces.
(means alot)

4. Don’t take 40 minutes to reply.
(or better ready for world war 3 )

5. Don’t even dare to show that you are busy somewhere.
(Or u would be dead)

6. Call her sweetie honey etc etc..
(u can add more to this list)

7. Don’t try to be over smart.
(or no guarantee of what happen afterward)

GIRLS Time To Smile, and
GUYS Remember All This Rules!!