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Simblr crushes tag game 

I was tagged by @boocreek to post my simblr crushes (there are actually 10 in the rule but I made my current blog crushes so 9 only :3). I decided to make a scenery graphic set. So sharing some love by this looong post ♥


I came across this video on YouTube and the way Deedee was carrying her son Brycen looked awfully familiar!~ I just had to put these next to each other. I’m dying from the cute ♡♡♡ ;v;

hey guys!! it’s been like, forever since i did a celebration to thank you guys, so i thought i’d do some user aesthetics for hitting 900!! 


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  • tell me your name for a name aesthetic
  • get this to at least 20 notes or i’ll cry

blograte format under the cut! blacklist #dd brs

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