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I hope it’s cool if I submitted it instead (didn’t want to seem like I was just using you, ya know?)  I changed from Maxine to just plain ole Max cause I could find the ref picture I used.  Finally though I finished it!  Not happy with how the background looks but it is what it is I just want it out of my wip folder.

HELL yeah! it’s fab dude, thanks for sharing : D

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Hi so I live in Huntington and I have never really heard of these McElroy brothers can you explain to me what they do exactly? Like it is so surreal for me to see anyone from here doing anything. I'm in total shock! They seem pretty cool though!

haha it’s funny that you ask this because there is so much that they do i can’t really give you any ‘exact’ answers. i’ll try my best tho:

so the McElroys are three brothers (Griffin, Justin, and Travis) and their dad (Clint) who are from Huntington, as u know. 

like… 6 years ago they started making a podcast called My Brother, My Brother, and Me where people send them questions and they give very shitty hilarious advice. MBMBaM is a really funny podcast and the brothers often talk about growing up in Huntington on it. early on, it got picked up by a podcast network called Maximum Fun who also hosts many of their other podcasts which i’ll get into in a sec. MBMBaM updates weekly and is on episode 343 now!

two of the brothers, Griffin and Justin, work for the videogame website/channel Polygon, who you may know from when a bunch of shitty gamergate boys got mad at them because Polygon docked Bayonetta 2 points in their review of it because the game sexualized women so heavily. Griffin is the Senior Editorial Producer and Justin is the Editor-at-Large. you may also know Polygon from their hilarious Monster Factory videos where Justin and Griffin push video game character creators to their ridiculous limits

if you’re in Huntington, there’s a chance you’ve heard their dad Clint McElroy on the radio! he’s been doing radio since the late 70s and he’s, to my understanding, on 103.3 with Judy Eaton in the mornings? he’s also a published comic book writer and freelance editorial writer! Clint McElroy does a lot of cool stuff. him and Justin are the only 2 McElroys still living in Huntington

when Justin had to take paternity leave off a week of MBMBaM, the brothers replaced that week’s episode with a pre-recorded episode of all three of them and their dad playing dungeons and dragons because they’d been dying for an excuse to play dungeons and dragons FOREVER. enough people liked it that there was precedent for them to release a few more episodes, and soon enough Griffin dropped the pre-written campaign, wrote his own storyline and his own NPCs, and took Justin, Travis, and Clint through a wild fucking campaign that’s still ongoing in the form of their podcast called The Adventure Zone

those are the boys’ main projects right now but there’s so much other shit that they do! but, as you know, MBMBaM recently got a TV show and filmed their first season in Huntington! their show will be streaming on Seeso in like 3 days. as well, The Adventure Zone has a graphic novel adaptation in the works!

here’s a breakdown of some of the other stuff they do:

CoolGames Inc - a Polygon podcast series Griffin McElroy hosts with Nick Robinson where they take suggestions for games and flesh them out but the games are often goofs, like “Fifty First States”, a VN where you date each of the 50 states of america, etc.

Car Boys - a moderately esoteric adventure Griffin and Nick go on weekly where they play a game called BeamNG.drive which basically lets you do body horror things to cars

Sawbones - a podcast Justin does with his wife Sydnee, who is a doctor! together they talk about ailments from history and the terrifying ways people tried to treat them! this podcast is REALLY good and has garnered a lot of critical acclaim

Rose Buddies - a The Bachelor fancast Griffin and his wife Rachel do which is amazingly smart and funny

Shmanners - a podcast Travis and his wife Teresa do about etiquette and manners!

there’s a ton more podcasts they do, honestly, but i’d be here for hours just trying to explain ‘Til Death Do Us Blart’

fundamentally, they do comedy podcasts and video games series, but bc of their popularity and genuine nature they’ve started to branch out into other formats!

trans dipper

ford finding TOTALLY LEGAL ways to get dipper T without having to pay a dime

lee finding ways to make dipper pass better by tricking other people’s minds

wendy telling dipper all about how cis boys act so that dipper can imitate them

mabel knitting her cool bro sweaters with the trans pride flag on them

robbie sitting down and talking to dipper and saying “hey dude, even though i like, hate your guts, i still support you all the way. dork.”

fiddleford scrambling through the junkyard and finding anything that could possibly work as a binder and giving it to dipper

thank u

Can someone explain how exactly u whitewash ur own character though like,. she’s chino’s character and quite frankly just because she’s like half a shade darker in the old sprite doesn’t mean she couldn’t have been white?? tan white ppl exist and also look at her parents lol

Like, personally I don’t headcanon Jade as white, but if chino comes out and says ‘hey jade’s white’ like yeah fine cool his sprite’s p ambiguous in my opinion so you do you and I’ll continue to have my headcanons and everything’s good

If she suddenly made, say, Priya or Kim or Dajan white then that’d be An Issue because none of them are white in canon but Rosa was never given a canon race and quite frankly her old sprite could be interpreted as extremely pale brown or tan white so Chino can draw her however she wants, you can’t whitewash a character that was never given a canon race unless that character is Explicitly Said To Be Not White

your headcanons don’t really dictate canon, just because I say Castiel is genderfluid that doesn’t mean Chino has to write him that way, just because I say Jade is Indian doesn’t mean Chino has to make that canon, they’re her characters and you’re allowed to be disappointed that ur headcanons aren’t canon but don’t attack her for that

I have no idea how long this whole thing’s been going on or even if it still is since this is the first I’ve heard of it but I just wanted to say some Things about it

I'm team

I want Genji to be happy so no matter what ship he gets (although I really ship McGenji) I’ll be there.


“I’m gonna leave overwatch if Gency is canon and Pharmercy isn’t”

LIKE BITCH THATS UR WASTE OF MONEY THEN. Also can’t we all just happily ship these FICTIONAL characters in peace???? Honestly attacking Gency shippers is not cool at all. Ur fucking trash if you shit all over them for something THEY DIDNT HAVE A SAY O V E R.

Ya get what ya get and ya don’t get upset.

And we got a great game with a CANON LESBIAN

So idk about u, but if Gency becomes canon, I’m cool with that (even though I’ll still ship McGenji)

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What houses do u think the characters for acotar would be placed in?

For some fandoms I have clear ideas for which houses they’re in, but apparently acotar is not one of them >-< But let’s give it a try please don’t kill me

Feyre: Slytherin? though I think she could be gryffindor too.
Rhys: Honestly I’m not sure… I could probably be convinced of him being any of the four houses. But wouldn’t it be cool if he was hufflepuff omg. Because he literally sacrificed himself to Amarantha to keep the people he cared about and his court safe. And the way he helps Feyre throughout the series, even though it could cost him his life. And when Cassian and him met they hated each other, but then he saw Cassian alone outside in the cold and he realized his privilege and invited him in T.T And I believe he befriended Tamlin through similar empathy at first… He’s a really caring person, he just hides it a lot lol. And I’m just really excited about slytherin-hufflepuff relationships lmao. But he’s probably one of the other houses idk…  (I just need more hufflepuff main characters >_<)
But moving on~ 
Mor: Gryffindor
Azriel: Hufflepuff
Cassian: Gryffindor
Amren: Ravenclaw
Lucien: Not sure… Slytherin? Gryffindor? He wasn’t much in acomaf so I kind of forgot what he’s like
Tamlin: Gryffindor
Nesta: Slytherin
Elain: Hufflepuff

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Ok so I had an idea! Who would like to be a part of a really cute group chat with around 10-15 (maybe 20?) other gals!? ✨

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It would also be cool if we could all be from kind of a similar time zone (i live in Europe) bUt if ur not in that timezone then that’s fine too!! 🌷

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[ill be adding people today already, but u can keep “entering” for maybe a week or so until we reach a maximum]

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Close Call

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

Words: 597

Warnings: Depression, attempted suicide

Request: Requested by @risingteeas: Hi! Could you do a Modern au where reader wants to jump from the top of a building and A.Ham is trying his best to talk her out of it and she eventually listens? It’s totally ok if you don’t want to do this ;u;

A/N: I will 99.99% of the time be able to right a fic for any of you guys because I love and treasure you all! (I just don’t know how well I did, I was never suicidal but I do have a bit of depression, even though it’s sort of mild)

You stared down at the cars driving by, the cool wind stinging your face. A soft sigh escaped your lips as you observed the people walking by, some of them rushing through the streets of New York on their way to do something important. Something significant. Unlike you. Your legs dangled carelessly over the edge, leaving nothing between you and a 50 story drop from the skyscraper.

Slowly, but not too carefully, you stood from your seated position. You glanced over the edge, oblivious to Alexander’s car parked by the road. From the height, it looked like any other vehicle. You stood at the edge of the building, gathering your breath to prepare for the long fall. Slowly, you inched closer, peering out to see if anyone were walking by. The streets were fairly empty, due to the fact that the majority of people were starting work around this time.

The sound of a door being pushed open, and then a voice calling your name startled you out of your thoughts. You nearly stumbled over the edge, not that you’d mind. You turned, and froze at the sight of your friend standing helplessly by the entrance. “Y/N… Please…” Tears were starting to form in his eyes. “Please step off of the ledge, ok?” You stayed silent, staring into Alex’s eyes. “Please.” He repeated, his eyes pleading.

“I-” Your voice cracked. “I can fix this.”

“No, Y/N this isn’t going to fix anything!” He yelled, your eyes widening at his anger. He suddenly calmed down when he saw your surprise. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to- to scare you.” He took a careful step closer. “Y/N.” Tears stung your eyes when you finally got a clear view of his face. The new angle he stepped into showed you how tired he was, and the light illuminated the tears that flowed down his face.

“I can make it ok. I can-” You took a deep breath. “It’s ok.”

“Y/N this isn’t going to make it ok.” He tried his best to keep his voice calm and level. “This will make things worse, trust me I would know. My cousin-” He cut himself off. “Please, Y/N.”

“It’s different. He was family. I- I don’t have any family left.” You cried out, tears flowing freely down your face.

“This- it is different. Because-” He added quickly when he saw the look in your eyes. “-because I’m in love with you.”


“Please don’t jump, Y/N. I need you. So much. I need you so much.” He kept repeating, taking careful steps closer. Soon enough he reached out, a pleading look in his eyes. Without realizing, you extended your arm, gently grabbing his. Without hesitation, he pulled you into a tight hug. You held onto Alex almost as if your life depended on it, openly sobbing now.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…” You whimpered, muffled by Alex’s jacket.

“It’s ok. You’re ok.”

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Hi, my beloved Bonney😘 are u okay? Just have seen ft spoiler and is like 'what the actual hell'😁 i find them pretty cool with the mention of gildart's fail and acnologia appearing. But i freaking screaming about Gray-stupid-idiot-Fullbuster. Thank u Natsu!!!!😂😲😬

Hello, my dear! I’m fine, how about you? 

The spoilers didn’t please me at all and right now I’m pretty salty with Gray (even though I love him, damm it). I know we still have a lot to see of the actual chapter, but so far we have one certainty: he was ready to either die or to be wiped of everyone’s memory.


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@xmenxmasxchange gift for @bikenesmith who wanted some magnet family stuff!!! i drew a terrible holiday family photo and then ran it through a staples holiday card creator for kicks ha ha. I wish i could find an uglier template… people actually make nice cards nowadays can u believe. anyways, your original secret santa couldn’t make it :( BUT ITS COOL BCAUSE IM HERE AS A SUBSTITUTE SANTA I’m only sorry it had to be a little late.

THOUGH THANKS for posting that family tree as i was drawing this lmao that was like…super convenient reference

ok i see your jimon and jeliorn headcanons and i raise u

[whispers] jimiorn

jace and meliorn start dating first. jace is heads over heels and so is meliorn even though he tries to act cool (he doesn’t succeed)

then jace meets and falls in love with simon, and he feels awful bc doesn’t that mean he’ll have to break up with meliorn? but he loves meliorn!

so he talks to izzy (who btw isn’t dating meliorn but is dating clary and/or lydia) and she gently tells him that he doesn’t have to breakup with either of them, he could just talk to them and…see what happens. maybe they’re cool with it who knows

so he does, and meliorn is poly anyway so he’s got no issue with it. he’s just careful to make it clear that it’s fine for jace to date both of them, but he doesn’t want to date simon. simon feels the same way; it’s all good as long as jace doesn’t expect simon to treat meliorn as his boyfriend too

and so that’s how it goes down; jace dating them both, but meliorn and simon not dating each other, and it’s all nice and good for a few months. and then…somehow.. meliorn and simon spend more time together, probably because of jace. just lowkey things, like maybe jace invites them both to movie nights and they sorta begrudgingly agree, and then that happens a few times and suddenly? they’re not so begrudging anymore. they’re actually initiating seeing each other themselves. they bond over both being downworlders and the struggles that come with that, and while there’s still a barrier between them bc vampires and seelies aren’t the best of friends, but then again vampires, seelies and shadowhunters don’t have good track records either, so they work through it

so one day they sit down with jace and say “let’s do it” and he stares at them like “do what” and they explain that yeah okay maybe..possibly…they’ve started liking each other more and maybe they could try dating? all three of ‘em? and jace is really happy but tries to disguise it with teasing but obviously his boyfriends both see through it bc they know him so well

and that’s how they all start dating each other and it goes super well and they’re all super happy the end

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i gotta say tho i love your blog.. do u have a fve cryptid? i rlly like fresno nightcrawlers just bc theres fairly recent sightings, and theres sort of tribal shrines of stuff resembling em from ages ago!! i think that stuff is super cool

My favorite cryptid is La Bête du Gévaudan because she’s a mystery to me. (Don’t mind me as I link things to you because I could talk about her for literal DAYS). I have a page here for historical documents that I’ve quoted from letters from the time of her killings and events, my theory about what she was (though there are dozens of different theories), the newspaper I bought from the time of her attacks. I have a small obsession. I’ve been studying her far too long.