u swirl



HAHA YES AFTER ALL THIS TROUBLE I CAN UPLOAD IT uh have this "nice" flipnote in another celebration of 460+ followers! Characters: swirl-me palette-angexci g...

ah yes one way to celebrate 460+ followers is to make a flipnote XD

enjoy le vid~


goth- @nekophy

palette- @angexci


more smol animations will come soon too!cuz I has free time now X3

listen to me.

you are ethereal.
you are beautiful.
you are handsome.
i am so proud of who u r.
u r not a mistake.
u r always #1 and if someone doesnt treat u like it, screw them.
u r incredibly important.
the universe looks upon u w loving eyes.
the wind gently blows for u.
the birds sing their morning songs for u.
oceans churn and their depths swirl for u.
flowers bloom in ur presence.
you r a god, and u r humble.
the sun shines everyday in ur wake.
i couldn’t ask for anything else but u.
i love u so much.
please don’t hurt urself, please remember u r wanted.
i want u.
please take care of urself and do the things u love.
u r good enough, u r special enough.
u r ur own individual person and u r perfect just the way u r.
u r valid, and u r supported no matter what.
the sky is calling to u.
spread ur wings and take flight.
thank u.