u steal the watermark is back

poor baby boy
also can i take a second to say i 1000% respect mars and their time and i respect that they have an actual life and can’t constantly break their back for our needs i love you mars please take care of yourself thank you for always being so kind and thank you so much for this comic i made all of my friends read it and now they’re obsessed <3 u bless my life

matrinthesquid  asked:

I'm sorry to report that people on the apps IFunny and Instagram are stealing your works and putting their own watermarks over it :( just thought you should know, is there anything I can do to help?

please report them
call them out
im jus t tired and sad this keeps happening
i honestly would care less if they just reposted smth i made in like an hour but animatics??? seriousl y??? are u trying to make me km s i spend so long on those and anticipate so much back pain making my scoliosis worse than it already is
so much time and effort and thought put into those and for what??? why are people like this im fukin g ughdhgnfb kill me