u should see my bulge in it 0:)

Yoongi’s Thighs and Legsss

anonymous asked: pls do a YOONGI thigh appreciation post it will save my life thanks

guess ill be saving ur life then hehe

so much beauty in one pic

dam get away from me

quality shit


wat a nice bod

dam got those jeans rolled up who do u think u r

what r u posing for some shit

nice butt too



three great legs/thighs in this pic

i see u like converse yoongi

dam i want some ripped up jeans


idk y i find this so funny lmao

yoongi thighs ft a yoongi bulge 

IDK Y but i dont like sitting in this position lmao i just dont cnsdjkcnj


jordan air

he should be a supermodel tbh

omg i love thighs 

i hope u liked it!

gifs and pics arent mine