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If you're still doing the clothes meme thing, could I ask for Miami Morty in D3 😱 (I know, it's nothing like his style but... I'd love to see him in it haha) (and if you're not doing that meme anymore... Then sorry, please disregard this haha)

Okay he’s probably melting under the warm outfit but y o ,, cute outfit

tfw the entire fandom forgets soul has admitted hes socially anxious

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why do people accuse Damian of being sexist but they don't do the same with Tim???? Tim literally said so many sexist shit and you know.... He was not ten years old back then

tims white 

Regarding last post I really think if you want to tell a Full Picture type story of the last days of the Roman Republic Cicero or Antony should be the main character because each are highly involved for a long stretch of time (depending on exactly when you want to focus/where/on which events/ which sphere of power)

i was going to write an actual not snippet thing for the genderfluid tsuna au but i have work early again and now i’m anxious that someone will get mad at me for having nothing but stone cold hate an d posting abt it there goes my evening

eeee finally gonna have some content of @jchnmulany and i together 

hi im kiwi (19, est) and im pretty psyched to be here ! ive been eyeing this sumumabitch™ since it opened and ive been a lil nervous to jump in w/ it being open as long as it has (@me pipe down its been a week), but everything looks promising so i bit the bullet. anyway, im rambling fgddsiupoi. below the cut is info about me and my [goofy vc] Muffin, gia bae ! *whispering* like the post rah rah rah

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