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How did you make friends with people like drpuffles??? Like, she's your partner in crime??? And you call her unnie??? How did you get so close to her I'm so curious

this is cute and it made me smile www yES @drpuffles IS SHE’S MY PARTNER IN CRIME AND MY PRECIOUS UNNIE AND MY JIKOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA AND MY GOLDEN TRASH QUEEN AND THE MAMA JIN TO MY MAKNAE JUNGKOOK AND I LOVE HER TO THE BOTTOM OF THE TRASH CAN AND BEYOND she’s the unnie of my life and i would give up every bertha in the world for her canadian ass 

we first talked because of how much of a fan i was of her comps and humor and we had a mutual friend-my wifeu ami-and then somehow we started talking about jikook and bOY DID THE CONVERSATION GO FROM THERE DOERHFG LIKE IT WENT FROM “haha yeah me too” TO “tHE FUCKIG G A Y GOOD GOD” I CRY ERRDAY AT HOW BEAUTIFUL OUR RELATIONSHIP IS,, bless her entire existence oeirghry. tbh though once we hit that first long talk we just….never stopped lmao. i actually can’t remember a single day in the past month and a half or even two months where i haven’t talked to her for at least one hour. literally just trying to find something from like two days ago requires intense scrolling of the chat LMAO but long story short i was extra and she noticed so we became extra t o g e t h e r like true partners do+my constant enabling of her poor soul caused a suffering that causes two people to bond deeply (sorry for always laughing at your struggles unnie i’m a bad dongsaeng but i really do love you) 

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actual footage of me admiring unnie and the two of us being dorks 

i remember this one time an anon came in asking how everyone is so accepting that Ehaan is trans when ‘it wasn’t very common’ back in the days, like hate to burst ur bubbles Becky but trans folk have been around longer than the time wypipo discovered what a washcloth is, i’m talking bout First Nation communities, South Asia and South East Asia here

like gee :) wonder who came into other people’s land uninvited :) and decided to enforce disgustingly inhumane laws on people who aren’t cis :) 

also ending ur message with ‘not being transphobic here’ made us roll our eoc (eyes of color) 

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This blog is so nice oh my gosh! I wanted to kinda mention my one ironic ot3 of Phara/Mercy/Genji because I think it's really adorable? Gency is my top ship but I really enjoy poly ships for more love to go around^^ I honestly think the tags need more love instead of the hate I see :c

Thank you for your kind words <3

That’s an interesting poly ship tho, I don’t think I’ve come across anyone that poly ships the three of them ouo It kind of seems like the perfect solution for the whole pharmercy/gency war, haha xD

I agree with you - the tags needs more love, so I’m glad you’re around to spread some \o/

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describe yourself in three/four characters: johnny, mello, july
how old are you?: 16
current job: neet
dream job: i like singing
what are you talented at?: nothing
what is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?: graduating
what’s your aesthetic?: i dont know
do you collect anything?: lighters, napkins from different restaurants
what is a topic you always bring up in a conversation?: i dont know
what’s a pet peeve of yours?: when .. a song comes on in the car and everyone starts singing along that really annoys me
good advice to give?: nothing real
recommend three songs: 1, 2, 3

i tag @8rei @micolas @gyuswife @mingyuslibragf @keiongaku but you dont have to