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hey do you got any trandoshan headcanons? like their culture, anatomy, etc

DO I!! :D :D :D

i’m ill and brainfoggy today, but i like to keep word docs of headcanons for species i like lmao… here’s some trandoshan headcanons i’ve been sitting on. :>

  • females are significantly bigger than their male counterparts in terms of muscle mass.
  • trandoshans develop far quicker than, say, humans. they are full-fledged adults by ten years old. this rapid development doesn’t come without drawbacks; trandoshans hit middle age in their thirties, and are venerable by sixty years of age. it is exceptionally rare to meet a trandoshan over seventy years old.

  • trandoshans are not as social as, say, humans, but still social enough that they can and will form close bonds with a select few other beings. females and males traditionally lived apart, coming together seasonally solely to reproduce. they would tend to live in social groups (or ‘hunting parties’) of ten to thirty individuals for males, twenty to fifty for females, and could be very territorial towards close neighbours. females would generally occupy larger territories (what with their numbers and higher metabolisms necessitating higher prey counts), and would actively oust males from bountiful territories. in contemporary times, large settlements have cropped up wherein trandoshans live more similarly to social mammalian sapients like humans, making trade and whatnot easier with the wider galaxy; there is still a fairly large tendency towards sex segregation, however. many trandoshans across trandosha still live in their smaller hunting parties, albeit with enhanced technology.

  • they are an egg laying species (thus, females lack mammary glands and the species lack nipples and navels entirely). traditionally, fathers had no involvement in their offspring’s upbringing (rarely sticking around past confirming that a mating had been successful in terms of reproduction). female groups would communally rear offspring, with fledged male younglings being obligated to leave upon coming-of-age and female younglings being given the choice to stay or go. in contemporary trandoshan culture, influenced by the behaviours of common sapient species like humans, some trandoshans choose to form pairs and rear children as a ‘nuclear family’ (to very mixed results).
  • adult trandoshans generally shed their skin twice yearly. newly shed trandoshans are very glossy, whilst trandoshans due a shed have a very rough, almost matte look to their skin. trandoshans are typically very irritable whilst shedding, and are best avoided for the three-to-five days it takes them to complete the process. additionally, trandoshans can regenerate lost limbs; this is a slow process, and requires the regenerating individual to up their food intake significantly.
  • despite being predominantly reptilian in appearance, trandoshans are warm-blooded.

  • they’re obligate carnivores. their high metabolisms necessitate a high food intake; it’s thought that this requirement is what led to their species-wide high prey drive and cultural obsession with hunting (for both food and pleasure). trandoshans can consume every part of a carcass (from hide and hoof to organ and bone), but they will usually keep trophies from impressive kills regardless (usually pelts, horns, antlers, etc.).

  • as with most peoples, trandoshans may observe one of many different faiths. the religion with the largest following across the species is the monotheistic faith centered around a goddess known as the scorekeeper. the scorekeeper tallies each individual trandoshan’s hunting abilities throughout their life; successful hunters will be welcomed into her hunting party in the afterlife, whereas those who failed to hunt enough or who disgraced themselves (e.g. by being captured or preyed upon themselves, etc.) would forever be doomed to serve as prey for the scorekeeper and her hunters. (this is extrapolated from eu canon. a trandoshan character in the old republic game talks about the scorekeeper a lot.)

  • trandoshans generally aren’t very empathic, tending to be emotionally self-involved at best. they’re pretty blunt and pragmatic as a rule.

  • their native language, dosh, is very difficult to learn for most mammalian species, as it requires layered growls, hisses, and grunts. these tend to carry over when a trandoshan learns another language (i.e. galactic basic), leading to an undertone of repitilian noises when they talk.
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U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives: Class all furry activities as Zoophilia
Furries are individuals with a sexual attraction to animals. Currently it is only illegal to actually perform the act of sex on an animal. While in some states pornographic material of actual animals is illegal in some it is not. All cartoon images/videos of pornographic animals are not illegal. this...

There are still causes worth fighting for :^)

The vast majority of the American people agree on common sense gun safety legislation. It’s time the Congress move forward in response. - U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders

At a time when 35 million Americans cannot afford the medications they are prescribed, Pfizer’s merger with an Irish company will allow them to dodge $35 billion in taxes. If Pfizer wants to pretend to be an Irish corporation, it could at least have the decency to charge Americans the drastically lower prices it charges Irish consumers. - U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders

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Why don't presidents come from Virginia anymore?

The easy answer is that the United States is a completely different country now. During the early years of the republic, Virginia was the most populous state and one of the largest states by area. Today, it’s not even in the top ten when it comes to population, and it’s ranked 35th in area. Every aspect of the United States has changed from the era when the Virginia Dynasty dominated the Presidency. (And that’s without even going into the fact that the South was virtually shut out of the Presidency for the century following the Civil War.)

But there’s also a politically scientific reason, as well. Since 1830, Governors of Virginia have been barred from being re-elected to consecutive terms. They are not prohibited from seeking re-election, but they have to serve non-consecutive Gubernatorial terms, and that’s a very difficult way for Governors – who are often seen as politicians with Presidential potential – to build a strong political base. Because incumbency (another useful tool for potential Presidential contenders) isn’t something that Virginia’s Governors can’t count on, Virginia politicians tend to look towards the U..S. Senate and U.S. House. As I’ve mentioned before, the U.S. House of Representatives isn’t an ideal place to seek the Presidency from – James Garfield is the only person elected to the Presidency directly from the House (in 1880) – and, to be honest, the Senate isn’t a traditional launching pad for the Presidency, either. Only Warren G. Harding (1920), John F. Kennedy (1960), and Barack Obama (2008) have been elected directly from the U.S. Senate. So, Virginia politicians with Presidential fever are hurt by their state’s election laws – especially since Virginians who get elected to the Senate tend to hold on to their Senate seats as long as they can.